I Know Everything Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Hip-hop and Street dance.

Chen Huan somewhat knew what Kobe and Iverson thought.

It didn’t have anything to do with their status as NBA superstars or because they were foreigners.

They were similar as long as they were humans.

For example, just now.

It had to be said that Kobe and Iverson wouldn’t talk so much with Chen Huan or try to please him before they came in contact with the decoction.

It wouldn’t be the case right at the beginning.

But they gradually felt the benefits of the decoction and thought how much they could get from it so became more and more excited.

There would be a gap to take advantage of as long as people had greed, no matter what type of greed it was.

This was how Kobe and Iverson were now.

However, they were people with a lot of pride and wouldn’t kneel to lick someone’s boot no matter how much they desired it.

“Hey, bro, let me tell you, you found your guy for this matter!” Iverson excitedly said as they sat in the car, “When I was young, I went to learn some hip-hop! My voice, my style, if I didn’t play basketball, I’ll be a genius rapper!”

Kobe just looked away while scratching his head and didn’t say anything.

“You can sing some hip-hop but what about Kobe?” Chen Huan thought for a bit and said, “How about he won’t be on the stage until for the last photo?”

“No way, that’s too embarrassing.” Kobe quickly refused, “I think I can do something.”

“Are you going to say ‘I like China’ or ‘I like it here’ in some broken Chinese? That’s meaningless.” Chen Huan already denied one of the possibilities.

“It’s not that.” Kobe said, “Because I wanted to increase my flexibility of my muscles and joints, I received some simple street dancing moves from my fitness coach… so when Allen sings, I can do some simple dance moves…”

Iverson looked at him with a horrified expression.

Was this still the strong willed Kobe?

Kobe, who never admitted defeat and gritted his teeth through pain, would actually be willing to be a dancer?

Iverson and Kobe were good friends but good friends in the US and good friends in China were different. They talked less about personal life.

So Iverson didn’t know much about it.

But Kobe had a very thick face outside of the court.

Otherwise how was Kobe able to handle those cases back in the time?

Kobe already comforted himself that he was just helping Chen Huan so this was no big deal.

Kobe didn’t feel any hint of reluctance with such a rightful reason to do it.

Then it was decided.

The two good friends had a meeting to discuss about the performance for a ibt.

The car was now heading toward West Lake.

There was a temporary set up stand as it was a celebration today for the official debut of Meteor Girls.

This was something organized by Shanhai Streaming.

It was estimated that the number of fans that would come was around ten thousands.

Meteor Girls would sing a dozen songs to thank them for their support and ‘Burn My Calories’ would make its debut there.

The name’s song was originally ‘Calorie’ but Chen Huan felt that ‘Burn My Calories’ gave a better impact so changed it.

The whole celebration would be broadcasted live on Shanhai Streaming so they prepared plenty of audio and filming equipment to transform this place into a small concert.

This was a plan made by the princess.

The usual singers like Guan Yili would first release a single. He released ‘Tolerance’ that broke the online sales record at that time and also sang the song on a TV show, it was considered as his debut.

But Meteor Girls who had received a lot of attention didn’t do it like that.

They would throw their own celebration party to celebrate their debut. The potential of exposure was much greater.

Especially when Shanhai Streaming was the second largest video streaming website in the country and the live broadcast was equivalent to having a dedicated TV program to them.

The manpower, material resources and effort spent were all terrifying.

But the princess didn’t care about this as long as she could see the Meteor Girls succeed and cause a sensation, it would accomplish her purpose of forming a girl band.

It was even more impossible for them to fail with the other song Chen Huan especially wrote for them.

This was nothing to Chen Huan.

But when Chen Huan finished with his filming and returned to Lin’an, he remembered that the next day was Meteor Girls’ celebration for their debut and at the same time he was meeting with Kobe and Iverson so an idea suddenly came up.

These two bros had finished their camp in Huhai and were resting in Lin’an for two days to finish their 11 days of decoction drinking.

They had nothing to do anyways and if they wanted to repay him, they could help out those girls for him!

So he gave a call to Aunty Cui, who was handling the celebration, and asked him to set aside 5 minutes for ‘Burn My Calories’ as he wanted to give the nine girls a surprise.

Cui Zhong readily agreed.

When Chen Huan arrived 20 minutes after the celebration started, Cui Zhong almost drooled when he saw the two superstars.


Having two NBA superstars be guests of a newly formed girl band, which other band in China could pull that off?

Aunty Cui wasn’t bragging, even Su Mo who was doing his very popular concerts wouldn’t be able to get Kobe and Iverson.

The influence of both parties was just different.

Those were two NBA superstars, one would rap while the other would do hip-hop dances.

“The girls don’t know about it, how about we tell them during the pause?” Cui Zhong asked excitedly.

“No, they must be genuinely surprised if there’s a surprise.” Chen Huan said with a laugh, “Just let them get shocked!”

“That’s good too!”

Cui Zhong agreed, “They are at their fifth song now and it’ll take 20 minutes before they finish their ninth and final song so you can ask these two super VIPs to get some makeup and other preparation done.”

“Do you think they still need to put on some makeup or prepare?” Chen Huan pointed toward Kobe and Iverson.

Iverson was usually dressed like a hip-hop artist with a big gold chain, rings, sunglasses and hat. He was a bit more casual in China with a simple jersey, t-shirt and jeans.

However, he still had those accessories and put it on before coming.

Kobe had his own basketball jerseys and some hip-hop dancers danced in basketball jerseys so it wasn’t much of a difference.

Cui Zhong burst out in laughter and said, “I forgot they were black people and have natural talent in rap and hip-hop!”

“How about you guys get some practice first so we lower the risk of mistakes on stage?” Chen Huan said to the two Superstars, “Kobe, Iverson, my bros, I’ll rely on you guys to help my students!”

“Hehe, for sure.” Iverson punched Chen Huan’s shoulder and gave him a smile filled with innuendo.

Kobe also gave a rare smile, “I didn’t expect an honest kid like you would know how to play too…”

  ⊙ 0 ⊙

Chen Huan walked away without saying anything.

So shit.

He almost forgot that there were two old perverts here.

They saw the group of singing and dancing girls on the stage and thought he was trying to pick up girls while using the excuse of being their teacher.

Although Kobe and Iverson joked around with Chen Huan, they took things seriously.

After singing their ninth songs, the girls weren’t as tired as people thought.

The reason was very simple. They were 9 girls and if they allocated each singing time in a reasonable way, they would only sing two or three sentences sometime per song and that wasn’t tiring at all.

As for their sensual dancing, what kind of dancing didn’t last an hour during their training?

They had long been used to high intensity dancing.

Otherwise, how could they stand out from the dozens of candidates?

They didn’t go down off the stand and stood aside to see what kind of mysterious guests would come to hype up the atmosphere.

Then two tall dark men rushed from the otherside.

The Girls: “…”

What is this?

Black rappers?

What’s so strange about this?

Just as they were looking at each other, the fans who were already excited, suddenly started to shout in a frenzy.



They screamed so loudly and with such a high pitch voice that they scared away the birds near the lake.

Half of the fans were around sixteen or fifteen, but there were some seventeen-eighteen years old.

Basketball fans regardless of their genders and ages.

Some people with sharp eyes would know at a glance and then the rest would know it.

Hearing the yells, the girls finally realized why these two looked so familiar.

The renowned Kobe who had 6 billion fans!

The NBA legend Iverson who claimed that nobody could beat him!

Compared to them, their little girl band was as little as ants.

They watched Iverson rap without understanding what he was saying and also saw Kobe awkward but a bit cool dance, the girls felt touched.

They weren’t stupid and already saw pictures of Chen Huan dinning with the two superstars previously.

They knew Chen Huan were good friends with them.

Having the two big NBA superstars forget their status and help them hype up the atmosphere was a huge favor, a favor that was beyond the ability of the girl band.

Only the most handsome teenager had that ability.

Originally, they were complaining that Chen Huan didn’t come visit them on such an important day and didn’t even give them a phone call yesterday or today.

It really seemed that their teacher-student relationship was plastic.

Unexpectedly, Chen Huan used a favor to give them a great surprise.

“Later, we must try our best to repay Sister Xiaofeng’s help and encouragement!” Cui Huihan said to herself.


The nearby that heard it hummed in agreement.

A move like that by Chen Huan caused a bigger sensation than inviting Su Mo.

It was no surprise that the live streaming on the internet would explode in numbers and attract millions or tens of millions people to watch it.

It also happened to be their most trending moment due to their camp with Nike and Reebok so Meteor Girls would be the main focus of it when people saw Kobe and Iverson went to the debut celebration of Meteor Girls.

With so much coverage, if they still couldn’t do well with their original song given by Chen Huan, they would have wasted all of Chen Huan’s effort.

The girls didn’t know what would happen to them in the future.

But they knew that they must work hard for Chen Huan!

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