I Know Everything Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: The Strange Behavior of The Superstars.

Kobe and Iverson came to China in advance.

They came several days earlier than before the negotiation of Nike and Reebok plans for the training camp.

Nike and Reebok both were very stingy.

They didn’t choose to cooperate but had a tacit understanding of competing.

The training camp of Kobe and Iverson this time would be in the same city and next to each other, this also could greatly stimulate the attention on it.

They didn’t know why Kobe and Iverson requested to stay in Huhai for five days but Huhai was a super metropolis no smaller than New York and there was plenty of money there so they didn’t refuse however they had to change their planning.

Nike and Reebok had to carry an emergency meeting and staff mobilization due to the change of plans as their headquarter in the US and China got very busy.

But it had nothing to do with Kobe and Iverson as the two of them as the two of them chartered a plane to Lin’an with their team after drinking their last soup.

Kobe’s wife Vanessa really couldn’t wait to have them scram.

Drinking that decoction made the house smell really bad.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Vanessa noticed the change in Kobe’s injury and overall physical condition, she would have thought that Kobe was led astray by Iverson.

They lived in a five stars hotel that was less than 500 meters away from Mingde Alley. With plenty of money, they reserved an entire floor but their two teams had only around twenty people. Each person had a room for themselves but there were still a few that remained empty.

Of course, the one with plenty of money was Nike and Reebok, those expenses were all paid by the two companies.

It wouldn’t be good if they just stayed in Lin’an without doing anything so Chen Huan planned for them to do children basketball camp in Lin’an.

This wasn’t in Nike or Reebok plans but Kobe and Iverson told them to not worry about it as they would have their own team link up with Big Yao’s.

It happened that Big Yao was the most influential in China’s basketball industry and he was also the host so it was quite nice to have his help.

So Big Yao came to Lin’an yesterday.

They were still representing Nike and Reebok but it wasn’t as intensive as it would be later.

The visit of Kobe and Iverson would still cause a sensation without being promoted by Nike and Reebok. They had 6 billion fans and among them were 3 billion super hardcore men, this wasn’t some empty reputation, as they would all come like a flood.

But everyone felt puzzled on why they insisted on doing a camp there instead of a bigger and more prosperous area.

The two big superstars didn’t give a reason but they went to eat in the small noodle shop for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sometime they would enter the courtyard at the back of the small noodle shop to rest for a bit.

Strangers wouldn’t know about it and even those aunties or chefs didn’t know why either.

 Only Xia He knew why they did it as she was responsible to heat the decoction but she was only aware that the decoction could have some therapeutic effect on their sports related injuries.

Chen Huan would come back every other night to make two days’ worth of decoction so those two NBA superstars could eagerly come to drink it.

Even when Xia He asked them about the nauseous smell of the decoction, they just happily drank it like some Cola.

Then Xia He would prepare an ice bag for them with decoction in a sealed bottle when the two superstars had to go to Shanghai.

When it was time to drink it, they could warm it up with hot water.

Xia He told them they could do the same at night but they refused as they always came back at night on time to drink their decoction.

The media was at loss regarding this.

They say they had a good relationship with Chen Huan but it was too good, right? They were like brothers at this point.

No, it looked like they were family!

Otherwise, why would they eat there every day?

They even took a high speed rail for three hours to return there to eat even though they had a training camp in Huhai.

What kind of mindset was that!?

Was it because the dish in the small noodle shop suited their tastes? Was the dishes especially suited to the taste buds of those superstars that were accustomed to good foods?

Unintentionally, the small noodle shop became trending again.

Many people in Europe and America saw this weird news and decided they must visit the small noodle shop if they ever went to China in order to see what attracted Kobe and Iverson.

The small noodle shop was about to explode even if they didn’t come.

Because Kobe and Iverson ate two of their meals in the small noodle shop so they had the opportunity to meet them in the morning or night.

They wouldn’t be able to even get a glimpse of those superstars usually but now they had the chance to see them closely. All they had to do was to queue up to eat noodles… and watch them while eating noodles.

They had to pretend to have a meal there in order to prevent more people learning about the decoction.

Except the first time, they all ate boiled eggs or boiled chicken made by the small noodle shop’s chef. Only god knew how they were able to eat them as they still happily gulped them down and chatted lively.

But this also hurt the pride of the five stars hotel.

Because they also ate in the small noodle shop before and except the noodles that were quite good, there was nothing special about the other thing.

The small noodle shop’s chefs wouldn’t even qualify to be a sous chef in the hotel.

Kobe and Iverson didn’t care about that.

This was a plan they came up with. Even during lunch time in Shanghai, they would close the door in their room and heat up the decoction so they could drink it. Their closest bodyguards or other member of their teams didn’t know anything about it.

Why were they keeping it a secret?

Wasn’t the reason simple?

If Kobe and Iverson were stupid enough to let everyone know about the decoction, wouldn’t all those NBA players drink the holy water three times a day and become ten times more ferocious that than what they used to be?

If that was the case, what was the point for them to recover their physical performance?

It would be useless!

At that time, they would be brutalized by guys such as Lebron, Durant or Curry who were more talented than them… it was a scary thought.

Therefore, they must keep it as a secret and not let the other people know of it!

They shouldn’t be blamed for being selfish, there weren’t many people in the world that weren’t.

Iverson had been living with a tight budget these past two years and would not miss an occasion to make money, let alone ask him to play basketball.

Kobe’s mind was very simple. He was an obsessed man but his hope of catching up to Jordan’s six rings was gone but an opportunity suddenly came so how could he not cherish it?

The two of them didn’t know why Chen Huan helped them like that but if it was possible, they wished that Chen Huan wouldn’t share it with the others.

But they didn’t speak their mind.

Because the holy water belonged to Chen Huan as well as the formula and the two of them were just beneficiary of it so they didn’t have the right to ask Chen Huan to do anything.

They were also worried Chen Huan would get pissed off if they talked of it.

So the two of them discussed how to repay Chen Huan’s back and make their friendship stronger.

They greatly benefitted this time but they were bound to get injured again if they kept playing.

When that time came, wouldn’t they be able to use the holy water from Chen Huan?

They felt quite anxious about it.

So when the two men finished their training camps and it was also when Chen Huan finished filming ‘Young Di Renjie’, Chen Huan requested something from them and they agreed without hesitation.

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