I Know Everything Chapter 301

Chapter 301: The familiar decoction, the familiar taste.

The next morning, the entrance of the small noodle shop was filled with people.

The business of the small noodle shop was still very good and there was a queue every breakfast, lunch and dinner peak, it took generally half an hour to get in.

After all, the country was very big and anyone that had seen ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ would come to the small noodle shop and feel the atmosphere of the story when they passed by Lin’an.

And when Chu Liuxiang’s ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ exploded in popularity, this short story of his was also appreciated by numerous foreigners.

Especially the Japanese and the Korean as they felt the story resembled their cities’ streets and was also in line with their culture.

So many Japanese and Korean people could also be seen there.

Their attitudes were even more respectful while those youngsters from China laughed around and were very casual.

But the small noodle shop was crowded today not because of the people queueing to eat noodles but because the five people sitting inside were on the top researched topic last day.

It was Chen Huan and four other people.

Actually, more than one third of the people outside were reporters from various news outlets.

The remaining two third were people that came to eat noodles.

The customers that came to eat could go in and they even had the opportunities to meet some celebrities while they were at it but those reporters were refused entries by the aunties even if they were willing to pay for a bowl of noodles.

“We can’t let you guys disturb our guests during their meal.” Those aunties haughtily said.

 Although those few reporters put away their cameras and other equipment and pretended to be some normal customers to get, they could at most take pictures with their phone and couldn’t get close as there were some fierce aunties watched over after all.

But they could see that the group was having an enjoyable chat.

Especially Big Yao who was constantly trying to drag Chen Huan into the conversation and making gestures while talking. He looked very lively.

But the discussion wasn’t as pleasant as they thought.

“Little Huan, you must promise me and join the national team!” Big Yao anxiously said, “If Kobe and Iverson didn’t tell me last night, I wouldn’t know that you could already play at NBA levels! What kind of skill do you have when even Jordan was willing to offer you a contract? Who will take the heavy responsibility if you don’t enter the national team?”

Chen Huan didn’t stop those two excited guys from talking about this matter.

Now that the internet was so developed, Chen Huan’s training camp in the US would be revealed sooner or later so it didn’t matter that he knew earlier.

So Chen Huan ended up meeting Big Yao.

Big Yao had been talking non-stop from last night to now with one objective, have Chen Huan join the national team and gain honor for the country.

To be honest, Chen Huan didn’t hold much interest in that.

Especially team sports such as the Chinese football team as nothing could be done even if they called Messi!

Although Basketball wasn’t that deep in the dark, there were still many problems and conflicts in the team.

Back then with the golden generation of Big Zhi and Big Yao couldn’t make a splash so no matter how good Chen Huan was, could he beat five people by himself?

This wasn’t a training camp game!

It was a serious competition such as the Basketball World Cup or the Olympics where people all give their best.

So Chen Huan didn’t even think about it now.

Of course, it was also because the Good Lord didn’t make any move.

If the Good Lord gave out a mission when Big Yao mentioned it last night, maybe Chen Huan would participate in the national team training camp next month.

“Brother Yao, I’m very busy lately, I’m busy studying.” Chen Huan gave Big Yao a solemn look and said, “I’ve told you many times already. My Grandpa’s only wish in his life was for me to enter a university and become a great university student. How can I fulfill his wish if I go play basketball? Do you want me to be unfilial?”

Big Yao was speechless.

Chen Huan would give him the same answers no matter how he changed the way he asked.

He couldn’t say he was wrong, right?

In China, filial piety had already ranked first in priorities. As long as it didn’t go against nature or hurt anybody, any form of filial piety was commendable.

If Chen Huan really delayed his studies because he went to play basketball, Big Yao wouldn’t be able to shoulder the responsibility and Chen Huan would also hate it for the rest of his life.

It wasn’t that Chen Huan couldn’t get into a school while playing basketball but they would be at most some third or second rate school that Big Yao could pull some strings.

But could he settle for a university like that?

Would he fulfill his Grandpa’s wish like that?

It certainly didn’t.

So Big Yao didn’t get the answer he wanted from last night to now.

So his thick eyebrows frowned like the famous meme on the internet.

Big Yao felt that it was a shame. It would have been great if Chen Huan was born a few years earlier, he would have competed with him even if he had to endure it for two more years with his injured body!

Chen Huan thought that even O’Neil and Jordan acted in movies and felt that with Big Yao’s natural meme faces, it would be a shame for him to not make a few appearances in movies!

Chen Huan and Big Yao ate their noodles as they continued to chat.

Big Yao was from Huhai and Chen Huan was from Lin’an so their taste was about the same so they liked it whether it was minced meat soup noodle or scallion oil noodle.

Big Yao wouldn’t eat something like that when he was still competing but he was retired now so it didn’t matter what he ate. He was a big guy anyway and had high consumption so it wasn’t that easy to gain weight.

Kobe and Iverson were a bit more pitiful.

What they ate in the morning was a specially nutritious meal ordered at the hotel made of bread and some lean chicken meat.

Bu Yiyi , who was eating beef noodle, got curious at that and asked, “Mr. Iverson, haven’t you retired? Why are you still paying attention to your diet? You’re too restrained!”

Kobe wanted to laugh but it would be rude so he just focused on his own food.

Iverson rolled his eyes and said without shame, “I think people should have some self-control at all times and good eating habits can make me healthier.”

Kobe couldn’t help but purse his mouth at that. Who was always going to do some nightly activities back at the time?

Talking about self-discipline, which one of you had his self-discipline?

Wasn’t Allen wanted to play basketball for two more years so he started to diet and train again?

Kobe usually wouldn’t mind roasting his good friend.

But he was in a good mood today so he won’t cause any trouble today.

After all, he drank the decoction Chen Huan made this morning and felt his body stronger and stronger, as if his injuries didn’t exist!

He really missed the decoction and its taste!

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