I Know Everything Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Skipping work.

Chen Huan worked his hardest caught up to the scenes in ‘Young Di Renjie’ for five days straight. They filmed 10 episodes worth of scenes, which was two arcs.

Chen Huan was quite surprised by that.

But Zhou Pu wasn’t expressed.

The reason was simple. If they weren’t very about filming it and just went along with it, it was easy to film 50 episodes in a month.

All the plots would be stretched longer and more conflicts while the actors would have similar lines and acting… it was really easy to make TV series like that.

But there was a lot of work to do if they wanted to do a great TV series.

At least in Zhou Pu’s opinion, his work and the crews’ work in ‘Young Di Renjie’ was very good.

Although the lead actor Chen Huan wasn’t very experienced, he was talented. He even got a few small awards for his lead male role in ‘Love Letter’.

When he joined the cast of ‘Young Di Renjie’, Chen Huan didn’t show off any air and was very serious about his work.

Zhou Pu recalled the shock he received when Chen Huan showed how he remembered all the lines of the first arc ‘The Golden Hairpin’ on their first meeting.

Zhou Pu thought at that time it wouldn’t make any sense if someone like that still couldn’t succeed.

Chen Huan was also very serious and focused when it came to acting and that allowed him to enter into the role really quick so it was smoother to film their scenes.

The female lead Bu Yiyi was even better. She would reduce her greatness when acting with Chen Huan in order to not suppress him.

Chen Huan wasn’t as skilled and experienced as Bu Yiyi so it was easy to be suppressed by her.

The two of them were good friends and it was rumored they had an ambiguous relation so competition didn’t exist between them. Their performance together was very good and it was a delight for them to have fun and laugh around.

Zhou Pu saw the first cut of the footage and he felt that it was pretty good.

Had it not been for Chen Huan going to the IMO for two weeks in the middle of filming and those two bodyguards supporting roles injuries, Zhou Pu felt that the filming would have been finished already.

There were fortunately no more problems and the rest of the plots could be filmed within a week or at most ten days.

This was also thanks to Chen Huan for maintaining his state of mind really well so he didn’t have to adjust back when he returned so they could immediately start filming.

It was said that this young man was reading the script and did some practice of the scenes every day during his stay in the US.

So how could Zhou Pu still worry about someone like that?


But something unexpected popped again.

Because after shooting the two arcs, Chen Huan asked Zhou Pu for a leave again.

“I have two friend from the US who are coming for their vacation so I need to make some arrangements for them.” The teenager said to the director.

Zhou Pu was so angry that smoke almost came out of his nostril.

Just as I was getting into the rhythm here, you’re asking for a leave again?

You can maintain your mind state but what about the other!?

What am I going to do if the shooting fails after this!?

Zhou Pu fortunately remembered the status of the teenager in front of him before lashing out. He wasn’t an ordinary male lead but the future top star of Shanhai Streaming that the princess valued greatly.

He thought back on how the princess explained it to him at the beginning and Chen Huan’s seriousness and hard work, Zhou Pu relented, “You can go back tonight but you must be back before noon tomorrow! You can’t ask for more leave in the next few days!”


Chen Huan readily agreed.

Then it didn’t take long for the logistic director Old Guy that came to report to him in a hurry, “Brother Pu, not good, Chen Huan left in a car!”

“I know!” Zhou Pu said, “He asked to leave and will be back at noon tomorrow. Get prepared, we’ll film Yiyi’s scenes tomorrow.”

At that moment, Old Gu’s had a very intricate expression on his face and couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

Zhou Pu’s heart sank and asked, “Don’t tell me… Chen Huan not only didn’t leave by himself but also took Yiyi with him?”

Old Gu didn’t speak but he was friends with Zhou Pu for a long time so Zhou Pu could tell he was right.


Zhou Pu angrily yelled.

He swore before they finished filming the TV series, Chen Huan wouldn’t be able to even think of taking time off!

Then Old Gu handed him the phone during dinner.

The phone had Weibo app open and showed a picture. On the upper left seemed to be Big Yao.

It was him who posted the photo.

There were five people in the picture.

Four men and one woman.

There were two black bros in addition to Big Yao. Zhou Pu wasn’t a fan of basketball but still could recognize the two who smiled brightly. One was Kobe and the other was Iverson, all NBA superstars.

He was more familiar with the remaining two.

Weren’t the remaining two that were smiling brightly his male and female lead that skipped work?!

“I saw some old friends today and didn’t expect them to be friends with Little Huan!”

“They also told me some interesting stories, very shocking!”

After that comment, he posted multiple pictures of him with shocked faces.

Many people in the comments wondered what surprised Big Yao so much.

Even more people were wondering since when Teacher Lu had foreign friends and they were even two NBA superstars?

Moreover, it was a friends reunion but what was Bu Yiyi doing there?

It was obvious whose friend she was tagging along with.

So were Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi ready to announce they were together?

Or this was just to promote ‘Young Di Renjie’?

All those comments amused Zhou Pu.

He also understood how Chen Huan easily tricked the professional Bu Yiyi to skip work with him.

If Chen Huan said that he could take her to have a meal with Kobe and Iverson, Bu Yiyi definitely would agree.

Because Bu Yiyi liked sports and went to an NBA game last year.

Bu Yiyi was also photographed by people in Chen Huan’s final game in the high school league.

Zhou Pu went to Bu Yiyi’s Weibo after Old Gu left.

Sure enough, Bu Yiyi posted a picture on her Weibo. This was a picture with her standing in the middle of Kobe and Iverson with a smiling face.

“Today, I met two unparalleled superstars under the lead of Teacher Lu. They were very kind, I’m so happy~~~”

The photo was posted less than ten minutes ago but it had already 100k likes and 200k comments.

This was the popularity of a Small Flower Dan!

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