I Know Everything Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Lively.

The music industry at this moment was quite lively.

The summer was hot and the night was long.

Many singers liked to hold concerts during summer.

Even Su Mo, who didn’t like to make a lot of noise, held 12 concerts this summer.

They started in July and ended in August.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say for an emperor like Su Mo, less than 50k places wouldn’t be enough to meet the demand of the crazy fans.

One the first concert would be held at Huajin Stadium that had 50k places and the tickets were sold out in a minute before some of them appeared on the scalper market for double the price.

The price for the tickets wasn’t cheap for a concert on the scale of 50 k places. The furthest spot was 380 yuan and the best of them reached 3800 yuan.

The liquid flowing in for a concert was around 50 million without counting the advertisements.

And with Su Mo’s influence, plenty of advertisers would be rushing to him to give him money.

For example, the 50k or so cheering light sticks would have an advertisement along the line of ‘xx wish Su Mo a successful concert’, this alone would cost the company 2 million.

In addition, there were advertisements on the seats and various others around the stage etc… the operating company would get 10 million from that alone.

After the concert tour, they may get 700 or 800 million Yuan in total.

This showed how popular Su Mo was and it was indeed ‘Everyone Love Su Mo’.

Su Mo’s concert was naturally very lively.

Many singers wanted to make an appearance in it.

On one hand, they could have a good relationship with Su Mo and on the other hand, it showed their status.

How awesome would they be if they could be featured in Emperor Su Mo’s concert?

But Su Mo took his concert very seriously and didn’t care how many commercial spots they sold but he was the one who had the final say on who was featuring in his concert.

The number of people wasn’t too big as it was a maximum of three people coming as a guest in order to let Su Mo catch some breath.

Su Mo’s concert always lasted more than 3 hours so some rest was necessary.

So during the third concert that was held in Huhai, one of the guests was actually Fei Qingyang.

 Everyone knew that Fei Qingyang loved to sing but his songs were generally not popular and only his fans liked it.

Everyone thought it was another one of his songs but were shocked when they saw the title of the song.

Song: “Thank You For Your Love.”

Lyricist and Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

The audience booed as a joke.

‘Thank You For Your Love’ had been very popular on the internet but its popularity had faded quite a lot.

But the moment they saw the title of the song, they remembered Bu Yiyi’s demonic voice singing it in Yuzhou dialect and they couldn’t help but laugh.

But Fei Qingyang didn’t laugh as he started to sing along with the familiar music.

“The road stretches endlessly, I once walked in loneliness, fortunately I now have her to wander along with me. Despite a myriad of contemptuous gazes, we still maintained a relaxed outlook, no need to be worry or sweat about it.”


The fans that were about to sing with him were stunned.

Why was it different?

It was in Cantonese?!

“Dwelling in the midst of cold winds, together with her we rekindle the fire of love, using the brilliant flame to loudly sing love song, using the warmth to give my eyes a brilliant shine, brightening my hope, unwavering confidence, bidding farewell goodbye, all the feeling of frustration and loneliness, were replaced by love.”

“I am convinced that deep love is as deep as the sea, I believe in this kind of love, I also believe that love is understandable and patient, forever waiting with fervor!”


Everyone cheered when they heard the climax of the song.

The serious version was really different from Bu Yiyi’s funny song!

This must be Sister Xiaofeng’s original version, right?

The previous version of Yuzhou dialect was written by Sister Xiaofeng to please the beautiful woman, right?

The audience was excited when they thought of this.

That troll version certainly was funny but what touched people’s emotion was this kind of serious music!

The lyrics were written on the big screen and since they were already familiar with the music of ‘Thank You For Your Love’, they easily sang it.

Gradually, the Cantonese version of ‘Thank You For Your Love’ that first appeared in front of those fans became a ten thousand people chorus.

The concert wasn’t over yet before this version of ‘Thank You For Your Love’ was uploaded in the three major music streaming websites.

Fei Qingyang’s fans had learned of this news long ago so he organized them to buy it as soon as possible.

When the concert was over, the people released Fei Qingyang live performance of the song all over the internet. There was also a crazed discussion of it on the internet while the sales of the song soared.

“It’s really not a joke when a Heavenly King makes a move, Teacher Lu just forked a great song for him.”

“Haha, @ReluctantYiyi, Sister Yiyi, come see! Teacher Lu betrayed you!”

“I knew from a glance that you guys don’t understand the entertainment industry. Who doesn’t know how much Brother Fei took care of Yiyi when she just entered the entertainment industry and that the two of them are great friends? It wouldn’t surprise me that this song was obtained by Yiyi for Brother Fei!”

“What is said by the poster  above is very probable. I also think so too, otherwise how is it possible to obtain the song knowing Sister Xiaofeng’s personality?”

“Hey hey, don’t slander the morale of our Sister Xiaofeng! As Bu Yiyi said, the joke version was a gift to her by Sister Xiaofeng and that the copyright of the song was still in Sister Xiaofeng’s hands!”

“Why aren’t you guys talking about the song? I think Fei Qingyang sang it well, and it fits with his attitude toward his fans!”

“Well, you’re right, Fei Qingyang had always been very respectful and grateful toward his fans. Those sentences could be taken as his thoughts toward his fans, Sister Xiaofeng so nutty!”

“That is why Sister Xiaofeng is the number one songwriter. He really can understand the mind of the singer!”

“In that case, I heard that Teacher Lu has a very good relationship with our Momo. Why doesn’t he write a song for our Momo? It would be great if I can hear it during the concert!”

“Momo? Aunty, how old are you? So disgusting!”


That day, ‘Thank You For Your Love’, kept being discussed by the people fervently.

Last year, Guan Yili’s ‘Tolerance’ sold 5 million in a day, breaking the record sales for a single.

But Fei Qingyang’s ‘Thank You For Your Love’ was more impressive and it exceeded 5 million after midnight.

It was online for six hours at that time!

All the singers were excited after seeing those data.

Fei Qingyang wasn’t a pro singer and he still achieved those results.

How terrifying would it be if they switched it to Su Mo?

All those miracles sales numbers told them that the music industry was rising again.

They would gain fame and fortune as long as they could make a good song!

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