I Know Everything Chapter 298

Chapter 298: I’m a good person.

At night, Xia He gave a call to Chen Huan.

Cyan Waterfront closed at 9pm and they had signed 200 contracts for their properties, the highest ever for them.

Cyan Waterfront breathed out a sigh of relief with the billion worth in sales.

This was without counting those that were interested but still needed to discuss and ponder with their family.

Liang Xiuxiu estimated this promotion could bring them 400 house purchases in total, which was something they couldn’t imagine before.

Moreover with Chen Huan apparition, the salesmen were more confident in their tricking customers in the future.

But Xia He was still dissatisfied.

Because Cyan Waterfront had a billion in sales, when Xia He talked to Liang Xiuxiu about furnishing, Liang Xiuxiu played dumb and wasn’t generous at all.

Chen Huan laughed after hearing about it.

They were already afraid of Aunty Xia after she bought the house for half the price.

Wouldn’t they cry if they had to help furnish it since they would have to fork another million for it?

However, Chen Huan had money now.

The huge sum of 10 million that he received greatly enhanced Chen Huan’s courage so he directly took out 2 million for Xia He and asked her along with Shui Qianyu to help him decorate the house.

Xia He was very satisfied by this.

Which young couple didn’t have a mother-in-law meddling with them?

However, Shui Qianyu and Shui Qingshan were busy with ‘Godly Singer’ and Xia He flew to Yuzhou to accompany them from time to time so the furnishing of the house didn’t start yet.

Speaking of Cyan Waterfront, what Chen Huan said wasn’t scamming them at all.

Only he knew that after 2015, the estate price in the country would rise!

At that time, it would be impossible for them to buy something in such a good location and such good estates for only 30k yuan per square meter.

It would rise at least to 40k to 45k per square meter!

So persuading to buy a house now was helping them!

The asset was only 4 million now but would rise to 5 or 6 million the next, wasn’t that great?

If they didn’t buy now and wanted to wait until the price reduced, wouldn’t they have to wait forever?

He was a good and helpful guy. Those people would definitely thank him when they thought about it.

Back to the matter at hand.

He was working very hard in acting but it was nothing.

However, Chen Huan felt pain when he thought of the numbers of songs in his hand now.

Because of Comeback using ‘Mama Do You Remember’ during the audition, they saved a song for Chen Huan and since he got a song each time they advanced, he wouldn’t have to invest any songs into it.

But things weren’t certain so if Chen Huan didn’t have a song or two as backup in case something happened, wouldn’t all the previous efforts be wasted?

Chen Huan had two songs in his hands.

One song from the charity donation from ‘Life’s Only Love’.

The other was from the awards he received after donating 100 million.

After meeting with Meteor Girls, Chen Huan had to hand another song with a pained heart to them.

It would be too hypocritical to say it was a gift.

Shanhai Streaming would definitely give out the 2 million the moment he took out the song.

But Chen Huan was the type of person that felt like dying if he didn’t have a surplus so after giving one out, he would only have one song for emergency use, how could that do?

Chen Huan had some super classics he remembered but those were one less each time he used them.

However, it was impossible for Chen Huan to not give them a song.

They officially sat down and established their teacher and students relationship yesterday.

Since they were his students and they were debuting, wouldn’t be ashamed if he didn’t give them at least a song?

No matter what he should at least prepare another song for their debut, right?

It would be fine if they developed well.

But if they declined the next year, wouldn’t he have to help them as their teacher?


Chen Huan wondered if those nine vixens he met yesterday pretended to be pitiful in order to trick him.

However, he was a good guy and would be someone responsible even if he was taken advantage of by those cute and lively girls.

Therefore, Chen Huan used a quota of song for them and looked at his options.

The Good Lord was a haughty and arrogant system and didn’t come forward or speak when Chen Huan wanted to use it but the searching function was still very useful.

The Meteor Girls were a band so it was easier to find something for them.

Because there were only so many well-known girl bands in China and it wouldn’t be a problem if they got one classic from those.

Actually, there were many songs from Korea that were good but Chen Huan didn’t want to translate Korea to Chinese so those were temporarily put away.

He would think of it again if he had no other choices in the future.

The Meteor Girls’ ages were around the ages where they fell in love for the first time.

The first single ‘Burn My Calories’ didn’t have a hint of love in it and had the unique girl playfulness in it. it was easy to resonate with people so would get popular regardless of time.

But they couldn’t do the same for the second song.

They needed to consider the audience they would target.

To put it bluntly, it was the emotion of when boys and girls were first interested in love.

They would want to experience the beauty of love.

So the second song would revolve around that.

But it shouldn’t be too much such as loving until death, which definitely wasn’t good.

Something subtle and pure was the best.

Chen Huan quickly found the song he wanted with those requirements.

‘Not Yet Lovers’. (From a band called S.H.E)

One of the most famous classics that those three little girls released and it talked about the first feeling of love.

The three words of ‘I Love You’ in the song was replaced by ‘The three words’, it showed how shy they were.

The moment they would release this song, the people’s image of the Meteor Girls would change and would think that they were pure and sweet girls.

Like that, it would be in line with China’s ancient view and they would definitely be welcomed by the people and maintain their high popularity.

Meteor Girls would gain a firm foothold if they used the occasion and took the two songs to make an album.

With a foundation like that and Shanhai Streaming advertising resource, they wouldn’t have to worry for their popularity in the next few years.

For them to reach such a step, Chen Huan could be considered worthy of being called a teacher by them.

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