I Know Everything Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Real estate promoter.

It was unknown if the system’s appetite became bigger due to Chen Huan being bigger but the Good Lord didn’t make any mention of the 10 million he received from the princess after half a day passed.

This was also good otherwise it would restrict Chen Huan.

Although it was great to receive rewards, Chen Huan felt it would be a waste if the rewards weren’t songs.

The thing he needed most was songs after all.

Whether it was Han Dong’er, Comeback or the nine girls he met this morning, they all needed songs.

With 10 million in his pocket, Chen Huan could be more carefree in his spending.

At least he wouldn’t have to worry about money when buying the ingredients of the decoction for Kobe and Iverson.

The ingredient was 50k per person for each day and was 1.1 million for 11 days, which wasn’t a small expenditure.

He previously received 106 million Yuan for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Chen Huan donated 100 million away and had 6 million remaining. He bought a property in Cyan Waterfront for 3 million yuan and also spent another 1.5 million for personal use of the decoction.

In the US, Chen Huan spent another million for the ingredients of the decoction.

Those goddamn bosses in Chinatown sold their herbs very expensively!

And that was still after discount due to being Chinese, if he was a Japanese or Korean, the price would probably double!

So Chen Huan didn’t have much money on him.

So he needed those 10 million urgently so the renovation and furnishing of Chen Huan’s house in Cyan Waterfront could be settled.

Speaking of the Cyan Waterfront, when Chen Huan was eating with the Shui Family yesterday, Xia He told him that Liang Xiuxiu called him 12 times within 2 days and asked him to make an appointment as soon as possible so they could prepare on their side.

There was nothing to do about it.

Advertisements for that shouldn’t be too much and a bit subtle, which was how Chinese usually acted.

The timing now was also quite good.

The news of Chen Huan leading the team to win IMO was widely promoted in the past few days, especially in Zhejiang.

Lin’an people almost got tired of always seeing Chen Huan and hearing about it.

Therefore, Liang Xiuxiu wanted to strike the iron while it was hot and have Chen Huan promote their estate.

To be honest, he thought that the 3 million deduction was considered small compared to the enthusiasm around it.

Chen Huan didn’t mind it and would do it since he agreed.

So he made the appointment with them for 5pm the next day as he would take a car to Cyan Waterfront estates.

Zhou Pu was also quite ruthless.

After having a meal in the morning with the girls and returning at noon, Zhou Pu concentrated on filming Chen Huan’s scenes and they did from 1pm to 10pm.

They started a new day of filming the nest and continued to film until 4pm before the film crew could let out a sigh of relief as they could go back to Lin’an.

Cyan Waterfront’s front prices were quite high and hadn’t been able to make much of a sales in the first few months so developers started to feel anxious.

The real estate industry recently couldn’t be compared to five years ago as it had already entered a period of stagnation so the great thing of the price rising by dragging things up didn’t happen.

If Cyan Waterfront’s real estate kept continuing like that, their bank loan interest would soon scare them to death.

Therefore in April when Xia He took Chen Huan to come buy a house and gave the proposition, Liang Xiuxiu and her Uncle readily agreed to sell the house and the garage to Chen Huan for half of the initial price.

Knowing in advance that Chen Huan would come, Liang Xiuxiu assigned multiple tasks to the sales team.

Those salesmen sent a message to those people that were really interested in buying a house and as for those that only came just to ask, they received nothing.

Everyone that came to see the properties of Cyan Waterfront were secretly informed by the salesmen that Teacher Lu, Lin’an genius teenager Chen Huan, bought a house there.

It was rumored that he felt that the environment and feng shui of the place was good so he purchased his first home there.

Who was Chen Huan?

How could the people of Lin’an not know him?

Last year during ‘I Sing My Song’, almost everyone in Lin’an came to know the pride of their city, The Noblest Sister Xiaofeng.

Then Chen Huan was also a famous mathematician genius. His glorious deed in the IMO winter camp of ranking first for fourteen consecutive days was nothing at all.

He impacted the research of the super mathematical problem ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ at the age of 16 years old after all. He also put forward’ Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and proved it, they were all top content that was published by American Mathematical Society magazine.

Mathematicians all over the world already recognized Chen Huan as a great mathematician!

Renowned professors around the globe already dubbed Chen Huan as a great mathematician so what else was he if he wasn’t a genius?

When such a genius and pride of Lin’an said that Cyan Waterfront was good and had good feng shui and environment for living and studying, it was impossible for Cyan Waterfront to not become famous even if they didn’t want to!

Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t convinced.

30k for a square meter and the smallest place was at least 150 square meters so it was a matter that involved a few millions so how could they so easily fork out money just by some words from the sales people?

You just said Chen Huan bought a house from you but did you show any evidence? I never saw Chen Huan show up there so how could I believe you?

So the effect wasn’t that good.

Not many people were moved by even after Chen Huan led his team to win the IMO.

But today was different!

The salesmen mysteriously said to those people that someone that they would wish to meet would come to the estates to furnish the house he bought.

That everyone would likely meet him if they came around 4 or 5pm!

And that someone flew back to Huajin from Los Angeles and from Huajin to Lin’an a few days an ago.

The fuck!?

Isn’t that Chen Huan!?

People who really wanted to buy a house would certainly come as many people already came when it was 3pm and the numbers reached a thousand when it was 4 pm.

When Chen Huan got off the car at the entrance at 5pm, there were around two thousand people inside and outside of the sales department.

Only God knew how they were able to squeeze in so many people.

As he discussed with Liang Xiuxiu in advance, Chen Huan wouldn’t go to the sales department as he couldn’t get in either way.

So he walked near the building under the protection of a bunch of security guards.

People obviously could he see him clearly when he walked like that.

“Wow, it’s really Chen Huan!”

“Right! He’s the kid! I know him!”

“What? You know Chen Huan?”

“Am I wrong? Isn’t he on TV every day?”

“Tsk! Then everybody in Lin’an knows him!”

“Chen Huan, Chen Huan…” Everyone was chatting with each other to begin with and their voice pitch got a few not higher when they saw Chen Huan.

Twenty security guards surrounded and stopped the crowd from rushing forward.

But Chen Huan still stopped and waved at them.

Because Chen Huan waved, the noise surrounding him lessened.

Even if the people behind were shouting, they were quickly shook by nearby people that mentioned them to let Chen Huan be heard.

“Chen Huan, did you buy a house here?” An uncle just directly asked.

“Yes.” Chen Huan confirmed and pointed at the inside of the estates, “There.”

Everyone looked where he pointed and although nobody knew which building it was,  it should be true since Chen Huan said it.

Those sales people didn’t lie to them.

But more important things still required some proof.

A mother in her thirties yelled loudly, “Teacher Lu, how do you like the feng shui here? Is it really good for a child to study here?”

She was afraid Chen Huan wouldn’t hear her so she yelled very loudly that people in the surrounding area could hear her.

“Things such as feng shui, it in fact mostly depends on people’s mood.” Chen Huan said, “I already saw the estates and the surrounding area, I feel it’s quite good and comfortable… as for whether it will make the children study better, it’s not something I can guarantee. To be successful, putting efforts and parental support is indispensable.”

The nearby parents all nodded.

The way they thought was quite strange.

They wished to hear Chen Huan say that this was a treasured ground with good feng shui and that children would be more motivated to study if they lived there.

But at the same time, they were worried Chen Huan would brag about it since what kind of great mathematician believed in feng shui?

However, Chen Huan speaking like that seemed more appropriate.

A good environment was just an aspect and the effort of the kid and parental support were more indispensable.

“However, this is indeed a good place for the middle age and elderly people to live.” Chen Huan continued, “Everyone knows that Lin’an is heaven! I’ve grown in Mingde Alley not far from here and the surrounding is quite similar with water, parks, various modern facilities and fresh air, it’s pretty good.”

After that, he said with a laugh, “I know those sales people will talk about me but don’t believe in everything they say, salesmen are the same everywhere.”

Everyone laughed at that.

“What I just said is the reason I’m interested in properties here but it isn’t an easy decision to buy a millions worth house so everyone should think about it before making a decision.” Chen Huan said, “I won’t bother you guys anymore, good bye!”

As he waved to the crowd, Chen Huan entered a small door nearby.

The place suddenly became noisy again.

Those who squeezed to the forefront went back to tell their families and friends about it.

Everyone agreed with Chen Huan’s words.

Although what Chen Huan said was different to sales staff, they already knew that the salesmen hype it up since the beginning and that was why they delayed it until now.

But since Chen Huan really bought a house here, he must have liked the environment and the layout of the house.

A genius like Chen Huan definitely had better thoughts and vision than ordinary them so it should be a good thing to follow after him and buy it.

There were always people like and would naturally be convinced.

Of course, there were also some people that didn’t get the answers they wanted so they couldn’t make up their mind to buy it.

But this was a normal thing in business and they only needed to do business with those willing as they couldn’t please everyone.

Other thing aside, Cyan Waterfront had only 1000 properties left, which wasn’t enough for all the people that came.

So they needed to catch the attention of those that wanted to buy a house and use Chen Huan words to give them a push. That alone would achieve their purpose of advertising.

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