I Know Everything Chapter 296

Chapter 296: First meeting.

Honestly, Chen Huan wasn’t very good at talking with many people at the same time.

He was smooth and comfortable when it was one on one or as long as it was fewer than five.

But he would feel shy when there were more people.

He didn’t know if he could handle 9 beautiful girls that were between 16 to 18 years old.

It would be like when he would be facing the eight School Flowers and be freely taken advantage of.

So he was a bit nervous as he sat in the car.

He wanted to say he had a stomach ache and had to leave but when a message from his phone that told him 10 million was deposited into his account, it reminded him that the princess was such a good person so how could he have not the heart to help her?

The car stopped while he was in his thoughts.

The place they went wasn’t the West Lake where the band took their pictures but a teahouse near the Westlake.

The teahouse had been completely booked by Shanhai Streaming so they wouldn’t be bothered by strangers.

But Chen Huan still saw two or three hundred teenagers gathered around the entrance of the teahouse while holding signs and shouting.

At this moment, Meteor Girls’ selection ended and the final 9 girls were selected, becoming the lucky ones.

Chen Huan knew how popular the Rocket Girls 101 in his previous life but it was after they debuted.

Meteor Girls only finalized their selection now and didn’t have an official event yet. They just came here to quietly take some pictures and yet so many people knew about it.

Then they were quickly surrounded. Their popularity wasn’t small one!

When Chen Huan got out of the car 30 meters away, Chen Huan could hear those young people yell loudly. They might have rushed into the teahouse if it wasn’t for those dozens of security guards blocking them.

“Let’s use the backdoor.”

Cui Zhong handed a hat to Chen Huan, and then Chen Huan also put on his sunglasses.

Then they were led by the waiting staff into the two story teahouses through the backdoor.

The teahouse was just near the West Lake and they could see the beautiful scenery of the West Lake on the second floor. Although the temperature was quite hot, the scenery was still very eye-catching.

But there was an even more eye-catching sight.

When Chen Huan got up, he saw 9 girls that were all beautiful in their own way.

People said that youth had no equal and actually it made sense.

The girls between 16 and 18 years old generally had the skins, appearances and temperament.

Girls at that age didn’t usually feel the pressure and malice of the society on adults and were more or less innocent. This was something more important than looks.

Three of them were whispering and the others were occupying the windows and secretly peeked outside.

They were also talking while peeking.

“Hey, look at that guy, the one hold Little Ying’s name sign! What is he shouting? I love you!?”

“Hehe, Little Ying, you’re lucky. You have secured a meal before even debuting.”


“If we want to talk, Yunyun’s fans are even more impressive, those are junior high fans, right? Isn’t this old cow eating tender grass?”

“Shut up, you guys! Or I’m going to pluck all of your flowers tonight!”

“Aiyo, it looks so lively but there are still not enough people! Did you hear about it? When Han Dong’er came here to take pictures for her album, there were thousands of people and they even blocked a road!”

“Enough you guys, we haven’t made our debut yet so how can we be compared to Han Dong’er? She’s someone destined to be an empress!”

“I don’t agree with that point. Han Dong’er had Sister Xiaofeng’s support but aren’t we also with Sister Xiaofeng?”

“Yes, our debut song was tailor made for us by Sister Xiaofeng. How can we have a bad prospect when we’re Sister Xiaofeng’s students?”

“Tsk, still taking him as a teacher~~, he never came to see… if I see him… ha, ha ha…”

The girl that just talked was crouching; she turned around and saw Chen Huan before flailing around and falling to the floor with a scream.


The other girls turned their gaze at her and really saw her yell in pain.

Chen Huan looked away.

Those safety pants really did an injustice to the skirt!

The girls quickly went to help her out but they noticed at that moment there were two more people in the floor.

At the back was Cui Zhong who had them participate in the show and form the band. There was also a very handsome boy that looked very familiar.

“Sister Xiaofeng~~~~”

“Teacher Lu~~~~”

They shouted in surprise.

Then they all surrounded Chen Huan.

“How come you’re here?”

“Did you come to see us?”


Chen Huan felt it was funny when he saw them chirp in excitement as if they met their idols.

“Alright, alright, you guys better help your colleague that was injured during the job.” Chen Huan pointed to the girl behind that was forgotten by everyone, “Li Yating, when you were talking ill of someone behind their back, did you feel good and excited?”

Li Yating didn’t move as she still sat on the ground and looked at Chen Huan with a hint of anger.

This girl from Huajin had a bit of a temper.

Moreover, the other girls also didn’t move as they all stared at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan had no other choice than to go over there and give her a hand.

“Only two hands can show your sincerity.” Li Yating pouted as she didn’t take his hand.

“You sitting here like that makes it look like I’m the bad guy or something.” Chen Huan shook his head as he helped her up with both of his hands.

“You’re in the wrong to begin with.” Li Yating argued back with good reasons, “Let’s talk about it, they keep saying you’re our teacher, they said you arranged the process of selection and what to do for our debut… but did you even speak to us even once? Did you ever care about us? When we were injured, when we were wronged, when we were in doubt, where were you? Are you even a teacher? You are not even as good Aunty Cui!”

Cui Zhong, standing behind Chen Huan, blushed.

You girls are rebelling, aren’t you?

At that moment, the girls had all been roused up by Li Yating so they stared at Chen Huan with a wronged expression that said Chen Huan was a heartless demon king.

Chen Huan turned his head around and stared at Cui Zhong with an expression that said, “What the hell did you say to them!?”

You just bought a song from me and I gave you some ideas while I was at it, how did it become so complicated!?

It ended up with these girls depending on me!?

Chen Huan finally realized why Cui Zhong wanted him to come here.

These girls had accumulated quite a bit of negative emotions.

They would have their official debut in a few days.

Those negative emotions under the pressure they would be under in future may reach a breaking point.

So if they didn’t relieve them, comfort them or make them confident about themselves, those emotions were very bad for those girls that were around 17 years old.

Maybe they would just suddenly burst into tears during a show or singing.

That was definitely not good.

But why him?!

Could he even deal with those 9 girls?

While he was in his thoughts, the thought of the 10 million in his bank account resurfaced.

Then Chen Huan became determined.

Money gave courage!

It was only natural to take care of the problem after taking the money.

The next moment, Chen Huan directly patted Li Yating’s head as he said, “Alright, alright. Why are you even crying? Aren’t you a year older than me? Why are you even more childish than those kindergarten kids?”

Li Yating rolled her eyes at him but didn’t fight off the intimate gesture.

It had to be said this girl had very good genetics as she stood 170cm tall at 18 years old and was one of the best looking among the Meteor Girls.

“Actually, your aunty Cui did ask me to come before. He told me to come when you girls had your training in March.” Chen Huan said to the nine girls, “But at the time, there were too many of you and maybe it would be inappropriate for me to come over so I thought of coming when the competition started but your big boss used money to smack me into a filming crew and then I had to go to the US to participate in the IMO…”

Chen Huan paused a bit for them to digest what he said.

Then he continued, “I only flew back to Lin’an yesterday afternoon but Director Zhou asked to report back as soon as possible so I have to go there to greet him. But I dragged your Aunty Cui very early in the morning in order to come see you…it’s a bit late but I still have to say that I’m glad you girls were selected and reach the pinnacle of life!”

Cui Zhong looked around for a weapon.

Sister Xiaofeng, enough now. Calling me Aunty Cui again and again, wouldn’t I be embarrassed if this gets out?

However, he saw a shocking scene after.

After Chen Huan finished his speech, he hugged Li Yating and said to her, “Give your best, girl, I believe your heartiness will bring merriment to the band!”

Immediately afterward, Chen Huan hugged another beautiful girl and said, “Xiyu, you are the mature here so you have the obligation to teach these kids some manners and punish them when they aren’t obedient, okay?”


Kong Xiyu subconsciously nodded.

Next, Chen Huan hugged each of the girls while highlighting their unique personalities and encouraged them.

This was much more sincere than just saying ‘Give your best’.

At least, it let the nine girls of Meteor Girls know that Chen Huan really cared about them, otherwise how would he know them so intimately?

As the results, the resentment and grievance they felt in their heart dissipated a lot and the eyes they looked at Chen Huan with were filled with lights.

Which women didn’t cherish their youth?

Chen Huan fitted the image of most girls and women’s ideal partner.

Especially these young girls that had aspirations in the entertainment industry as they had higher requirements and those ordinary next door guys would never be able to interact with them.

Only an outstanding person like him that was acknowledged as a genius by the world would be the prince charming they were earning for.

This was before this.

Now that they saw Chen Huan and felt his caring, gentleness and calmness, they were even more obsessed and admired him.

Aunty Cui couldn’t help but swear in his mind when he saw their expression.

They are a bunch of stupid girls!

You think he paid attention to you and cared for you girls since the beginning?


These are all the info I gave him during the car ride and those info are all your Aunty Cui… no, Director Cui worked hard to obtain by observation!

He only made it sound better and connected your looks to the information!

Before this, this little bastard didn’t even watch an episode of your show!

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