I Know Everything Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Busy, Busy and Busy.

Since the team won the IMO after three years and each member got the individual gold medal, the team would stop at Huajin first.

They would spend two days receiving interviews and encouragement from all levels of big bosses in Huajing.

There were also the reports and description of their experience for the next generation to do but Chen Huan just said a few words to Chan Guancheng before leaving.

The filming of ‘Young Di Renjie’ had been delayed for many days and even if Chen Huan worked overtime to shoot more scenes, the progress was indeed slow.

One must be true to his conscience as a person, especially after receiving a big salary of 50 million.

So after Chen Huan went home, he washed up, had a meal with Comeback and gave them the second song while he was at it before rushing to Hengdian.

He slept in the hotel at Hengdian so he didn’t have to deal with the jetlag on the next day.

In fact, Chen Huan’s body could completely ignore any jetlag and he could do a day without any rest.

Compared to the slow ‘Young Di Renjie’, Zhu Mei filmed ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ quite smoothly.

It was the end of July and they had already filmed most of the scenes even if they had repeated some. It would be at most half a month before they finished.

This was completely in time for the Venice International Film Festival that would be held at the end of the next month.

The organizing committee of Venice International Film Festival was also very pleased to have the female director that shot ‘Love Letter’ come participate with her new work.

Because of the gradual expansion of China’s influence, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ also had good sales and review in Italy. They even asked them to come a week in advance in order to be in the five prestigious spots of the opening ceremony.

They made such a decision before even seeing ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and this wasn’t something easy to obtain.

Zhu Mei called Chen Huan and said that it was mostly due to Chen Huan’s credit.

Without the global popularity of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it would be hard for a Chinese movie to compete for an opening film spot.

They wouldn’t even be qualified usually.

Chen Huan expressed his satisfaction as if ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ won the Golden Lion, the fame chaser Good Lord would definitely reward him.

When Chen Huan woke up, the first he met wasn’t Zhou Pu to discuss about the filming but Cui Zhong who asked him to come to a restaurant.

“What are you so anxious about?” Chen Huan asked Cui Zhong who was sitting across him with an impatient and excited expression.

Chen Huan ignored his impatient expression and slowly ate his breakfast.

Cui Zhong wanted to discuss some business with Chen Huan but he was shocked when he saw the breakfast Chen Huan took.

Chen Huan had xiaolongbao, a plate of shengjian, a bowl of noodle, a bowl of soy milk and a hard-boiled egg.

It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that this amount would be two meals for Cui Zhong when he wasn’t busy and three meals when he was.

“Do you usually eat this much Teacher Lu? Can you finish it?” Cui Zhong’s gulped.

“I’ve been growing and training very hard in the past year so I’m eating a lot.” Chen Huan responded with a smile, “Fortunately, I returned to Zhejiang, otherwise I’ll get sick of eating bread and steaks every day in the US.”

Cui Zhong thought he was right.

Chen Huan’s achievement on the basketball court stunned everyone.

Even Big Yao advised Chen Huan to play professional basketball a few times, and told him to train in the Chinese league for two years before going to the NBA.

At that time, Big Yao would do everything to help him and get him into a team where he could be a starter so after a few years when Chen Huan was just 22 or 23 years old, he would be a NBA superstar.

However, Chen Huan refused with the famous excuse.

“He said he was obsessed with studying.” Big Yao said with his super famous meme face, “I thought about it, he was already a renowned mathematician at his age, can I tell him that playing basketball would be a greater contribution to mankind? To be honest I did think so but I can’t say it.”

Once he said that, Big Yao received the support of many basketball fans.

Big Yao also changed.

He was just a simple and honest young man but after playing so many years in the US, he became quite slick after coming back.

How he talked now wasn’t something ordinary people could think of.

Of course, Chen Huan still liked Big Yao and respected him.

With his own ability alone, he made basketball more popular than football in China so he should be proud of himself.

Thoughts flashed in Cui Zhong’s mind before he quickly mentioned the reason for his coming, “Teacher Lu, the first girl band you produced will make its official debut in a few days and ‘Burn My Calories’ will also officially be released for the people. The girls are getting nervous now…As their idol and spiritual mentor, how about you consider visiting them and cheer them up?”


Chen Huan was taken aback, “What do you mean? Isn’t the song already given to them? They rehearsed for so long and still don’t have any confidence? … And, since when did I become their spiritual mentor? Since when did I produce a girl band?”

He kept spitting questions.

Cui Zhong’s had an even more exaggerated expression than Chen Huan as he said, “Did you forget? Meteor Girls’ show ideas came from you, the idea of selecting from a competition came from you, and you’re the director of the show!”

This was too much pretending, Director Cui!

Chen Huan scolded him in his heart and said, “Old Cui, don’t randomly frame me with something! I only agreed to be have name put out due to friendship…I didn’t even charge you for the idea and the competition for selecting Meteor Girls had bought a huge amount of traffic for Shanhai Streaming and plenty of fans bought three years of subscription in order to support Meteor Girls but you’re still not satisfied!?”


Cui Zhong couldn’t help but feel a bit proud when he heard that.

Meteor Girls was just going to debut previously and their previous talent company already prepared everything.

With Chen Huan’s advice and plans, Cui Zhong decisively postponed their debut for half a year later.

This made many people in the company disagree and puzzled. If the princess didn’t know that the idea was from Chen Huan and gave Cui Zhong face by supporting his decision, Cui Zhong wouldn’t be able to bear the pressure.

The result?

The result was they attracted a lot of attention right at the beginning of the competition for Meteor Girls. In early June, the number of young people that watched the selection surpassed a million people and that was a very welcome surprise to Shanhai Streaming.

They also had more than 50 millions followers on their Weibo, which was a miracle.

So after such an ordeal, Cui Zhong solidified his position in the company and was vaguely the number three in the company after the princess and the vice-president Tang Dingyuan.

Cui Zhong knew very well that the miracle happened mostly due to Chen Huan and he was only the one executing it, but the variety show that made Meteor Girls wouldn’t come out if he didn’t execute it!

So he should have some credit.

And should feel proud!

“Teacher Lu, I know you’re the greatest contributor and the president also didn’t forget it.” After Cui Zhong laughed, he used his super weapon, “The president transferred 10 million to you as a thank you for your help and for your contribution to Shanhai Streaming. If there isn’t any problem with it, it should arrive into your account today.”


They’re treating money like paper!

Chen Huan almost stood up.

The princess was so bold that it was scary!

But he liked it!

With a partner like that, what did he have to not give his best in his work?

“Now that I think about it, these girls can be considered my students so it would be bad if I didn’t show any about them.” Chen Huan’s tone changed immediately, “Alright, look at the times and see when we can do it!”

“What about this morning?” Cui Zhong asked.

Chen Huan glared at him and said, “Old Cui, I just flew back from Huajing yesterday and you want me to fly back there again?!”

“No, they are in Lin’an right now.” Cui Zhong quickly said, “Because they are about to debut soon, so they will come to the picturesque Lin’an to shoot some photos for publicity. Then if ‘Burn My Calories’ get popular enough, then we’ll release a photo album and we’ll be able to make some money more or less.”

Some money?

Chen Huan scoffed his expectation.

As long as those Meteor Girls weren’t too bad, their ability to attract money would be first-class for at least the next six months.

There was no need to mention it if they were good, they would be like a money printing machine that kept printing money!

In this world, wasn’t the easiest money to earn from those people that just entered society and no qualm in spending their parents’ money?

Shanhai Streaming debuting a girl band at this moment wasn’t only because of their luck but also because it was a big help to their overall plans.

It would be easier for the princess to pierce into the entertainment industry with such a band that could a top spot in the industry.

Not to mention, Chen Huan should help by just the account that the princess gave him 70 million.

It happened that Chen Huan’s fund was about to be depleted due to brewing the decoction for Kobe and Iverson so receiving this huge sum of money vitalized him.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Huan made his decision and stuffed the last dumpling into his mouth, “If we’re quick, I’ll be back at noon! Otherwise Old Zhou will nag at me again.”

“You’re very courageous!” Cui Zhong also stood up, “Nutty and daring!”

“It’s all good, I can just say you forced my hand since you threatened to annoy the crew.” Chen Huan said, “I’m just relenting to your demands for the greater good.”

Cui Zhong: “…”

He wanted to say something but didn’t know if he should.

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