I Know Everything Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Let us start a training camp!

The two superstars became very talkative.

Everyone spoke and it lasted 10 minutes before it stopped.

“Chen Huan, my brother!” Kobe finally remembered what they came for, “Our six bowls of holy water are finished. How about we go to Chinatown to buy some herbs and start making them again?”

“I heard you were going back to China today?” Iverson also spoke up, “How about you stay? You have such a great talent in basketball and definitely be great at it! Kobe and I can teach you some tricks and help you train, not to mention with the help of that holy water, nobody would be able to beat you in the NBA for the next 20 years!”

Hearing him talking about the NBA, Kobe remembered about some business and said, “That’s right, Chen Huan,  come to play for the Lakers! Us two bros can play together and trash everyone! Don’t worry about the contract, the Lakers can give you the mid-level exception of 5 million for the first year. In the second year when they learned of your skills, I can assure you’ll get 20 million per year!”


Boss Bob wanted to spend 200k on the first years, 300k on the second while a 500k unguaranteed contract on the third.

But Kobe just came out with the MLE of 5million for a year.

As if money wasn’t money for the Lakers!

But there was nothing surprising for Kobe.

He knew about Chen Huan’s ability and with a veteran helping him to adapt quickly, Chen Huan would be worth the 5 million or even exceed its worth!

Otherwise he wouldn’t give such a deal.

“Stop! Stop!”

Chen Huan started to get dizzy because of the two, “Let’s discuss one thing at the time, alright!”


“You decide!”

The two superstars said at the same time.

“First, the decoction can’t be made too much at once or the efficacy and details would be a problem.” Chen Huan said, “And it would be best if I was the one to prepare the medicine since the other wouldn’t know what to put first or later and which temperature was best.”

The two nodded as they listened.

Chen Huan was the boss so whatever he said.

“So I bought the ingredients yesterday in advance.” Chen Huan dragged over the big box from the corner of the room, “Let’s buy five pots and some small stoves, then we can try to make more decoction so you guys can store it in the fridge and be enough to drink for seven days.”

Buying those pots and stoves was a waste of money but Kobe didn’t mind that amount of money.

Since it was the best way to save them some time.

Moreover, storing those Chinese medicines for 7 days was already the limit even if it was in the refrigerator.

“Only 7 days!?” Iverson tend to say more stupid things, “I thought I could drink it for the rest of my life! How great would it be to drink it every day?!”

Kobe very much agreed with him.

The two completely forgot how they thought about the decoction at the beginning.

Chen Huan remembered at the beginning that they thought it was some witch potions but what were they calling it now?

Holy water!

One could know how they felt by those words alone.

“This kind of decoction is too nourishing and people can’t handle drinking it every day, it’s also unnecessary to do so.” Chen Huan didn’t explain it in detail to them, “With Kobe’s injuries, it would be enough to drink another week of it after this batch.”

Chen Huan knew about the power of the formula of Strengthening Muscles and Bones.

Kobe and Iverson were just repairing some old injuries and didn’t need to cure it completely so drinking the decoction for 16 days was more than enough.

If everything was cured in one go and Kobe was like a superman, how would the world view Chen Huan then?

“Two week will be enough?” Kobe felt it was too short, “What about next week then?”

The person he trusted the most at this moment was Chen Huan.

He reached his current state by just drinking that holy water for two days. Wouldn’t he be able to tame the dragon and the tiger if he drank it for 14 days?

With such a magical effect, Kobe felt that his sixth ring was just around the corner.

“Aren’t you going to China next month?” Chen Huan said, “It will be more convenient when you come to China and you can stay in Lin’an for a week! At that time, I’ll boil you the decoction every two days for you so the effect would be better.”


Kobe agreed without hesitation, “Give me the address later, I’ll try to get there earlier.”

“What about me?” Iverson felt nervous.

“You don’t play ball anymore so drinking it for another week would be good enough.” Chen Huan said.

“Bro, no!” Iverson quickly said, “Don’t look down on me because I turned 40 last month, my passion for playing basketball is still there! Even if I can’t play in the NBA, I can still play in the others’ countries league!”

Seeing that Chen Huan gave him weird looks, Iverson scratched his head and smiled awkwardly, “Alright, I want in fact to play for another two years. You know, I have a lot of expanse… I’m not used to not having any income.”

In his previous life, Chen Huan read up some info about Iverson retirement.

In the beginning, there were some rumors that Iverson was bankrupt.

But then someone exposed some of Iverson’s assets and found out although Iverson liked to spend a lot of money, his asset manager was someone very responsible.

In his peak, his asset manager got him a fixed trust fund of 35 million USD and he couldn’t withdraw him until he was 50 years old so it was impossible even if he wanted to withdraw it in advance.

This was to prevent him from mismanaging his money and going bankrupt.

Of course, it wasn’t like his trust fund didn’t bring him any income at all as it brought him 1 million USD in dividend every year which ensured that Iverson could maintain and comfortable and rich life before his age of 50.

In addition, Reebok signed a life-long contract with Iverson and would pay him a million at least every year for Iverson endorsement. Could Reebok afford to lose face if they only gave him a few thousands?

That was another form of great income.

Not to mention that the NBA had a very good pension system.

When a player played, the NBA would take a party of the salary for the pension.

The more they took, the higher the pension you would receive.

According to Iverson superstars salary, it was rumored he would receive 70k USD a year if he started to get them at 50 and 200k USD a year if he started to get them at 62.

So how could a person like that end up penniless?

But Iverson wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t used to not having any income.

Because he had to support his divorced wife and his kids along with his pack wolves like a friend that never left him. Taking care of 200 people at his peak wasn’t an accurate number but there were a dozen of friends who had always been with Iverson and they didn’t leave even when Iverson was at his lowest. They were also the first to rush forwards if anything happened.

Among the black brothers’ friendship, this was like an iron-clad rule.

Chen Huan didn’t understand their way of life but it had nothing to do with him.

He knew from the past few days that Iverson wasn’t someone bad and was even more interesting than Kobe so there was no way Chen Huan wasn’t going to help him.

Even if the Good Lord didn’t give him any mission to help Iverson, Chen Huan would still go to help him.

You shouldn’t pay attention to what you could get out of it when helping out a friend.

People who thought like that weren’t some good people.


Chen Huan agreed, “You can come with Kobe, just call me two days in advance so I can prepare.”

After some hesitation, Chen Huan said again, “Allen, since you’re 40, you should drink 4 more and make it 20 days! This should work!”

“Nice, nice, nice!” Iverson gave a big smile.

“Yo, Chen Huan, why does he get to drink for 20 days?” Kobe was irritated, “I have to play in the NBA against vicious and strong people! Can you bear it to only let me drink for 16 days? Let me remind you that I’m 37 years old!”

“Alright, alright.”

Chen Huan couldn’t help it. This person was so stubborn to an unreasonable point so he would be only on the losing end if he argued with him.

“However, you guys have to deal with your schedules. You have to stay for around 10 days in Lin’an after all, which isn’t good for your training camp.” Chen Huan sighed.

“Not a problem!” Kobe had been to China a dozen times and learned about Chen Huan a bit before he came here, “Aren’t Lin’an only a two hours’ drive from Huhai? I would go to Huhai in the morning with a bowl of decoction to drink in noon and come back at night to  drink for a second time, wouldn’t be everything be fine like that?”


Chen Huan gave Kobe a thumb up.

Unexpectedly, Kobe was a Tyrant on the court but he was quite flexible outside of the court.

This was nice! 

Those ten million fans in Huhai should thank him for sending Kobe to them! would Kobe go to Huhai if it wasn’t for him?

“Speaking of which, I can’t stay in China while doing nothing.” Iverson was quite professional, “I’ll give a call to Reebok to see if I can organize a training camp in China! When the time’s come, I can move with Kobe and cover us at the same time!”

Kobe nodded.

He had been to China a dozen of times but it would be better if he had a good friend accompany him.

As for how Nike and Reebok negotiated, it was their business.

Whether it would be cooperation or a contest, it wouldn’t affect the friendship between them.

The most important thing was that it wouldn’t affect their treatment.


To those who hurt me, to those who looked down on me and to those that thought he would never rise again…

Just wait for it!

I, Kobe, was destined to return as the King and make each and every one of you call me daddy!

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