I Know Everything Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Two crazy people.

The award ceremony and farewell banquet of the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad were held without any problem.

Unsurprisingly, The Chinese team was the team champion and all of their six members got the individual gold medals.

Chen Huan also went up on stage to give a speech as the representative for the Chinese team.

He didn’t want to show off so he just recited a pre-written speech.

The student had two completely different attitudes toward him.

The first kind was the people that watched the game between him and the Greek team or the video of it so they clapped and cheered for him.

The second kind was those who knew that Chen Huan was the one who proposed ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’. They felt that Chen Huan was shameless as he was a great mathematician that came to compete with them so they booed him.

Chen Huan was calm and composed and if the two parties didn’t exist just like a monk that cut all ties with the mundane world.

The Chinese team booked a fly home the next after the IMO was over.

The fly was in the evening.

So during the morning of the next day, the people could go out shopping.

But they already shopped for what they wanted a few days ago when they finished the test so today they just slept in and prepared for their flight.

The students didn’t have much money so they didn’t buy much when they went on their outlet.

Chen Huan was rich but he couldn’t go shopping because he had to play basketball so he planned to shop today.

The outlet store wasn’t that far from the hotel and only took half an hour by car. Chen Huan went there early just when they opened their stores and pushed a car to start his shopping spree.

Outlets stores loved customers like him.

Easy going!


Buying the expensive stuff and buying plenty!

It happened that it wasn’t that busy during the morning so an employee accompanied Chen Huan to present him with the various products and advised him which women’s age group it suited.

Hearing that Chen Huan wanted to buy some gifts for dozens of girls of different ages, the female employee thought Chen Huan as a rich kid that liked to play with different girls at the time.

The female employee resented him a bit for playing around with so many girls so introduced him to the most expensive products in the shop and they were barely lower than one or two percent from the market price.

Chen Huan had plenty of money.

Xia He saved him quite a bit of money when buying a house and he would receive a 30k Yuan dividend from the small noodle shop every month to his Habao Payment account so he easily bought 20k-30k USD worth of goods.

The female employee’s opinion of him changed a little when she saw him buy so many gifts without hesitation.

If a man was willing to spend so much for a girl, there was nothing wrong with being one of his girlfriends.

Chen Huan didn’t understand why the female employee was so warm to him and gave him many winks. Chen Huan nearly filled the taxi to the brink before going back to the hotel.


The taxi driver already received a Franklin bill as a tip so he drove all the way to the hotel’s door before letting the honorable guest leave.

However, two black bros suddenly appeared in front of the car before they could reach it so the driver cursed out loud.

Then he was completely stunned when he saw the two people in front.



There weren’t many black bros that didn’t like basketball.

They represented most of street basketball.

In American TV series or movies, as long as they filmed around a block of buildings, there would be a group of children playing basketball and those kids were mostly black.

So he recognized the two basketball superstars at a glance.

He couldn’t think of why Kobe and Iverson would rush up to his car. It certainly wasn’t a robbery, right?

Before he could think more of it, Kobe opened the passenger door.

“Come out, Chen Huan! We’ve been waiting for you for a long time now!!!”

Iverson almost dragged Chen Huan out of the car.

Then Kobe gave Chen Huan a warm hug, “Ah, my great friend, only god knows how grateful I am for you… do you know? I’m filled with strength now and I feel like I’m 22 years old again!”


Kobe’s words were somewhat awkward to listen to.

Chen Huan quickly broke out of the hug but Iverson patted his shoulder vigorously, “He’s right, brother! The decoction you gave us is really great! Now I have a mind of playing basketball for two more years!”

Chen Huan was taken aback by them.

But he quickly realized why they came.

“This isn’t a place to talk, let us go to my room before.” Chen Huan quickly stopped their excitement, “By the way, I bought a lot of things, can you help me carry them?”


Kobe didn’t say anything and just back door to take the bags.

Iverson also went to help.

“There’s also some in the trunk.” Chen Huan said.

The two along with Chen Huan each held seven or eight bags as well as a big box as they went upstairs.

The taxi driver stood stunned for a long time.

My God, were these two really his idols?

Why did they look like the boy’s followers?

Kobe and Iverson completely ignored everyone else.

To be precise, they only had Chen Huan in their eyes.

So they didn’t respond to anybody that greeted them on their way to the room.

When Chen Huan opened the door, he heard Lei Xiaode call out to him.

“Holy shit, Brother Huan, do you know who was looking for you?”

The overly excited Lei Xiaode suddenly saw Kobe and Iverson carrying bags behind Chen Huan and was completely stunned.

It wasn’t only him as the other members of the Chinese team were also in his room and frozen still like statues.

Oh my God.

What the hell was going on!?

The two superstars became Brother Huan’s attendant and helped him carry things?

Was there anything more mind boggling than this?

After winning the team and individual gold medal, Li Naihao recovered some of his pride.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t come to Chen Huan’s room when he boasted about seeing Kobe and Iverson.

But Li Naihao’s determination took a hit after seeing this.

He hoped one day to surpass Chen Huan in mathematics by continuing to try his best.

But… but could he be like Chen Huan and excel in multiple fields?

The other party even had two NBA superstars help him carry bags!

All of Li Naihao’s ambitious thoughts disappeared.

He shouldn’t be blamed

Anybody that saw this scene would have a mental breakdown.

Because even Jordan wouldn’t be able to have these two prideful superstars do this.

If someone said he would have Kobe and Iverson happily carry the bags for him, that person would definitely be regarded as a lunatic.

Kobe would at most just give you a killer stare before ignoring you.

But Iverson may start a fight. Motherfucker, he didn’t dare to insult the guy dared to pick up a fight with Boss Bob in his rookie season?

But the unbelievable scene happened just in front of them.

Iverson was smiling while Kobe a hint of happiness, this kind of sight really gave people mental breakdown!

“Can you guys go out?” Chen Huan couldn’t explain things to them so he first put down the things in his hands, “I have something to discuss with them.”

“Oh, okay, okay!”

Lei Xiaode came back to his senses and grabbed the person beside him before rushing out.

He knew that they weren’t qualified to stay in no matter what the three big shots were talking about.

Their status was different so why would they stay and mess around?

But they could wait for later and probe Brother Huan a bit, maybe they would be able to get some info?

His reaction was faster and more responsive than the others.

The rest were still stunned after going out and thought they saw some illusions.

The door was closed and there was no other intruder anymore. Kobe and Iverson put down the things as their lingering excitement surged out again.

“Chen Huan! My brother! Let me tell, I’m really a different man now!” Kobe pulled Chen Huan to the bed and sat down before saying excitedly, “I went to have a full body checkup this morning and guess what? They said that the old injuries in my shoulders, elbows, ankles, and knee joints have improved significantly compared to half a month ago!”

“Hell! Even without the checkup, I believe that my body is different now! Many places that used to hurt feels great and alright now! I’m filled with strength and energy to work out! If it weren’t for you warning me to not get chummy with women during this time, I’m afraid Vanessa would be fucked to death now, hahahaha…”

Chen Huan: “…”

    ( ㄒ o ㄒ )

Kobe, it is really appropriate for you to say something like that to a teenager?

Do you know if those words spread out, your 6 billion hardcore fans will be decimated?

But Chen Huan knew that Kobe was still restraining himself at this moment.

Because Iverson was about to speak.

“Hehehe, brothers, I’ll tell you something!” Iverson said, “Last night, there were a few that were looking for death and challenged me to play ball… I alone trashed the five of them! You heard it right! I fucked them all by myself! I blew by them, shot the ball, all in style…I, Iverson, is omnipotent!”

“I think I’m even better than in my prime! Even if that old Goat was here, I would still break his ankles! Even if Saint Maria was there, she would fall in love with me and I’ll take her to bed! I’m for real, I’m now a dragon slayer! Everyone else is a bunch of trash in front of me!”

Chen Huan: “…”

( ︶︹︺ )

I’m so tired now, why are these basketball players so crazy.

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