I Know Everything Chapter 292

Chapter 292: I have a bad idea.

“I’m thankful for you to be there during harsh time. I’m thankful for you to understand my heart.”

“I’m thankful that we can smile through the tears, although right now we have to protect our path.”

“Please wave your hands again for me, I will know where you are.”

“Life is so fast, I hope we share in the glory, I hope our dreams never fails.”

“Please wave your hands again for me, Let us keep our love in our hearts.”

“Maybe one day I’ll be too old to sing and walk, but I will still give you my most sincere smile.”

After singing the climax of the song, the teeth grinding bassist Li Xinyi suddenly squatted and held his face with both of his hands. He was there motionless.


He wasn’t motionless.

When the camera zoomed on him, they saw his shoulders shake as if… as if he was crying!?

“What the hell is going on?”

“Is he sick?”

“Don’t tell me he got too engrossed into it?”

“Is he doing some trick to garner people’s attention and thus get more points?”

“Come on! With Sister Xiaofeng’s song, they need to play some tricks for a mere top 32 qualifiers? You looking down too much on the number one songwriter!”

The people online started to debate.

Shui Qingshan also saw this while he was singing.

Zhang Kun, Shui Qianyu and Shui Qingshan knew that the usually cold Li Xinyi would suddenly lose control of his emotions.

None of the lyrics didn’t touch their hearts.

There was not one word that didn’t make them think of Lei Daxuan who was lying unconsciously in the hospital, 

The cold exterior and warm interior Li Xinyi couldn’t hold it anymore when he heard Shui Qingshan sing it live and couldn’t continue anymore.

So during the instrument part of the song, Shui Qingshan walked up to Li Xinyi and pulled him up.

“Old Yi, be strong!” Shui Qingshan held his head with both of his hands and stared into his eyes as he said, “Little Xuan still needs us to save him! He’s listening to us singing and our music right now! We can’t disappoint him!”

Li Xinyi, who was in a mess as he cried, subconsciously nodded due to those words and wiped away his tears as he stood in front of his microphone again.

The bass resounded again and perfectly connected to the music again.

Only then Shui Qingshan confidently walked back to his microphone and started to sing again.

“Please wave your hands again for me, I will know where you are.”

“Life is so fast, I hope we share in the glory, I hope our dreams never fail.”

“Please wave your hands again for me, Let us keep our love in our hearts.”

The last paragraph was sung.

The last note of the piano was played.

Comeback received a thundering applause from the audience.

The four members of the band stood together and held hands as they bowed to the crowd to thank them. The applause became more and more fervent.

At that moment, many people noticed that Zhang Kun, who had been beating the drum enthusiastically a moment ago, had reddened eyes.

Everyone weren’t stupid.

They felt there was a story behind it.

But neither Shui Qingshan nor the star host of Yuzhou TV, Lu Zhen, mentioned it.

However, the beautiful Lu Zhen still enthusiastically asked the 50 judges to express their opinion.

“I don’t have much to say.” A music teacher in his forties said, “Using Teacher Lu’s song for top 64 to top 32 is too much of a waste but this is also a great thing for music fans. I personally think that if Comeback can’t be directly advanced to the next round, then there are way too many blind people here.”

He was a university professor so with his safe job and good social status, he didn’t have to care about the feelings of other people.

It was precisely because he was blunt that the audience liked him a lot so he had been invited as a judge for three straight seasons.

The second speaker was a female musician in her 30s, “I sing a lot but don’t always get good songs so I’m just a third-rate singer. Sister Xiaofeng is a genius songwriter and the most important point isn’t that he can only write good songs but also songs that suit perfectly the singers, he’s perfect! This ‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’ by Comeback is an example of it!”

“I know there’s a story behind this song but I’ll respect your decision if you don’t want to tell it.” The third person who spoke was the moustache guy from earlier, “I just want to tell you that I feel the same way! I can feel the friendship in the song! I’m really looking forward to hearing even better songs in the next few rounds! But I also feel sad, because after the competition is over, Sister Xiaofeng is going to be lazy again and maybe we won’t hear any song from him in half a year.”

His words made people burst in laughter.

From the end of ‘I Sing My Song’ in January to the start of ‘Godly Singer’ half a year later, Chen Huan only wrote three songs, ‘Fable’, ‘Red Bean’ and ‘The Sound of Falling Snow’.

They thought of how great it was back when they could hear Sister Xiaofeng every week or two in ‘I Sing My Song’.

The beautiful girl that threatened to put Chen Huan to bed hadn’t spoken yet. 

“When the time comes, I will ask him to write at least a song every two weeks for me! What? He can’t!? Then we keep going, see if this lady is going to squeeze you dry or not and let you know what’s called a woman’s wrath!”

Fortunately, she still had some self-restraint and didn’t say this.

Otherwise, the headline on the internet would be a quote of this.

“What Teacher Yu said was right, we would be an absolute embarrassment of judges if Comeback couldn’t enter the top 32.” A girl that looked well behaved said, “But I feel like if we are more shameless, we can send them to contest with the pending contestant, in that case, wouldn’t we be able to hear an extra song from Teacher Lu every time?”

Many judges’ eyes lit up when they heard that girl.


Why didn’t they think of it?

If they made Comeback sing twice of each round, wouldn’t they be able to sing a dozen of songs from Teacher Lu?

That it would be really great!

Lu Zhen felt embarrassed by that.

“Ahem, this lady can really tell a joke. You are…” She took a look at the sign that had basic information on the girl that just talked, “Huh? I Like Mantis Shrimp? Aren’t you Teacher Lu’s hardcore fan? Aren’t you afraid of getting him angry?”


The one who spoke was I Like Mantis Shrimp.

When she learned that Comeback was going to participate in ‘Godly Singer’, she actively contacted the program team and said she wanted to be a judge.

A super Weibo blogger with 30 million followers, having her as a judge was of course something the program team wanted so she successfully got into it.

Unexpectedly, she gave out such a bold idea.

I Like Mantis Shrimp laughed and waved her hands as she said, “I was just saying my innermost thought but I’ll still give my vote when the time comes to vote, otherwise it would be an insult to our Chen Huan! Whether it was the lyrics, the song or Student Shui Qianyu’s great piano, how could I wrong them?”

All the judges rolled their eyes at her.


 She was the bad cop and the good cop.

Lu Zhen also felt she was playing around too much and getting off topic so she quickly said with a smile, “It seems that our judges are very excited! Come! Let us get to the most exciting moment! How many votes Comeback will get? And can they get into the top 32? It will be all revealed after the ads!”

‘Godly Singer’ rules were quite strict.

Except for the audition where a few judges could decide, they needed 40 out of the 50 votes from the judges to be qualified in the next round in the official competition.

It meant that they needed to gain the approval of 80% of the judges.

Unless it was time to compete for the last remaining place and the one who got the most vote would do.

Everyone voted very fast and after the two minutes ads, a head picture of the judges would be displayed on the big screen.

Their head pictures would be lit up if they gave their votes.

The head pictures would be dimmed if they didn’t give their vote.

The program team was very frank and like most Yuzhou people, they didn’t like to conceal their actions.

“Wow, it’s a unanimous decision!” Lu Zhen looked at the big screen with a shocked expression, “Dear viewers, this is our first unanimous decision of this ‘Godly Singer’ season! Congratulations to Comeback on qualifying to the top 32 round! Thank you all! Please go down and rest, we look forward to an even better performance next time!”

Comeback bowed to the applauding audiences and to the judges before leaving the stage.

The judges looked at each other.

Although they didn’t speak, some words could still be conveyed.

“Didn’t you have some thought about not giving your vote?”

“Aren’t you the same? Why are you saying that to me?”

“I really want to hear another song from Teacher Lu but I’m even more afraid of being scolded to death!”

“Who wouldn’t be? Losing integrity in order to listen to one more song, what’s that?”

“It’s all I Like Mantis Shrimp fault! She gave out such a bad idea and put us in a dilemma!”


It wasn’t only them as the people in front of their TV or on the internet also started to talk about it.

“Trash judges! Didn’t they agree to a second song? I already took off my pants, where is the promised good?”

“Exactly! I hate those who dare to think but don’t dare to do the most!”

“Aiya, I thought I would be able to listen to another song! It would be fine even if it wasn’t written by Teacher Lu, I really like the band, especially Uncle Shui!”

“Wow, the poster above tastes is so wild, shouldn’t like the Little Sister Shui better instead?”

“Plus one! I really like the Little Sister Shui in white today! I really want to hear her perform a second time~~”

“Beat Chen Huan! Kill the bastard that stole Little Sister Shui’s heart away!”

“Uh… Is the person above crazy? What’s the matter between them has to do with you? Could it be that when Little Sister Shui grows up, she would choose a pleb like you instead of her genius childhood sweetheart?”


Those noise made by the netizens made it become a trending topic in Weibo.

Yuzhou TV also smiled the next day.

Their peak rating was 2.23% while the average rating was 1.75%, not to mention it was also the highest rating variety shows in the same timeslot.

There was no doubt the peak rating was during the performance of Comeback when the judges said all those nonsense.

It seemed that betting on Comeback and Teacher Lu was the right choice!

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