I Know Everything Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: Godly Singer competition.

China, Friday at 10pm.

Although variety shows were shown after some TV series, people used their mobile phones until late at night in today’s society so most young people were still filled with energy at that time.

They seemed to have different attitudes and felt like sleeping at night was a waste of time.

It wasn’t a problem for them to go to bed after midnight.

Especially like today, it would be such a shame if they didn’t see a good show like ‘Godly Singer’!

After some episodes where some singers’ gave their all, tonight was the last episode of fighting for a spot in the top 32 and it was also when the Comeback band performed.

People had high expectations of Comeback due to the advertising so a large number of people turned on their TV at 10pm or logged into Shanhai Streaming.

The real-time monitoring data at Shanhai Streaming showed that the number of people online was 2 million and it kept increasing.

With so many people online, the number of people on TV would be even more.

In the first few episodes of the top 64 to top 32, their rating was about 1.4%, which was lower than the rating of Yuedong’s ‘Detective Game’.

But they didn’t care about that.

If their top 32 qualifiers could surpass ‘Detective Game’, it meant that ‘Godly Song’ was the top in rating among variety shows from their beginning to the end.

But was that possible?

It was not.

So it was normal for the rating to be a step below right now. They should be able to regain the top spot of Friday’s variety show when the competition reached quarter finals qualifiers.

But they care a lot about this last episode of top 64 to top 42.

Because Yuzhou TV and Shanhai Streaming spent a lot of resources to promote the Shui Qianyu and Shui Qingshan of the Comeback band.

They got good ratings when they promoted previous contestants but they still didn’t meet the expectation.

And if Comeback still couldn’t attract enough attention, it would be really hard for this season to reach a new height.

Fortunately, this seemed to be a good start.

There were many similarities and differences between ‘Godly Singer’ and ‘I Sing My Song’.

Except in the finals just like ‘I Sing My Song’, the three judges would decide who would be qualified for the next round.

They also had a group of 50 people judges at the finals.

The jury would be composed of the industry’s magazine editors, agents, songwriters, some renowned Weibo music bloggers etc…

They weren’t the most authoritative but they represented the largest part of the fans.

In ‘I Sing My Song’, the final was decided by the audience judges but ‘Godly Singer’ would use mobile voting.

From the beginning to the end of the finals, whoever had the most votes would be the champion.

This model of mobile phones voting had been abused by some contestants in the past and garnered votes to win unexpectedly.

Those programs’ rating plummeted because of that so this method had long been given up.

But two years ago, ‘Godly Singer’ implemented this method again.

Their countermeasures were really simple. They had the three majors telecom companies unite and set the cost of voting at 10 yuan.

Each person could only vote once for 10 yuan!

One million tickets was 10 million Yuan!

It was ten times more expensive than the previous one yuan per vote!

People in the past could vote multiple times but each mobile phone could only vote once now.

Another point that in recent years, mobile phone numbers were gradually linked to people’s names.

The three major telecom companies would be given each 3 yuan of service fees and they would jointly verify anyone that was logged in virtual phone numbers and those that would have more than 100 tickets from the same IP would be blocked.

Of course, 10 yuan for a vote was too expensive.

But Yuzhou TV was smart about it as they announced except the money used for the operating expenses, all the money would be donated to help build roads for the people in the mountainous region of Yuzhou and the TV station wouldn’t profit a single penny from it.


This made people very hard to get angry about.

If they voted, they could support their favorite celebrity but also contribute toward charity, wasn’t that great?

This was about the same as Chen Huan and his group who donated almost all of the money from the ‘Life’s Only Love’ album to charity. It triggered a heated discussion and a wave of admiration across the country.

In the past two years, Yuzhou TV received a lot of attention and support from the people above, a large part was due to those annual donations.

Back to the topic.

The program team of ‘Godly Song’ was quite naughty.

The qualifiers had two rounds and those who didn’t pass the first round would have a chance in the second round to decide whether they would go through to the top 32.

Comeback would perform at the end of the first round, which made the audience feel impatient.

During that time, the version of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ sung by Comeback during the audition had been circulating on the internet.

‘Mama Do You Remember’ had been released for a year but Shui Qingshan hadn’t sung it live and only the studio version of it was out.

Shui Qingshan refused any offer even if some rich boss offered him 1 million.

This was the first time the public heard and saw this version of ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

Shui Qingshan’s decade’s worth of skill wasn’t for show as he sang ‘Mama Do You Remember’ affectionately and touchingly, many netizens left messages under the videos and said they cried when they heard it.

There were also people who didn’t cry.

They were mostly young people that liked Shui Qianyu.

Especially those students between 12 and 18 years old.

Their eyes were glued on her the moment the band came on the stage.

As the saying goes, the girls from Jiangnan towns were very beautiful and Shui Qianyu was among the most beautiful.

Shui Qianyu wore a red robe previously on the Gala but on ‘Godly Singer’, she wore jeans and a t-shirt, it gave a next door girl vibe.

She was like a locus in clear water, her beauty and cute appearance was clear to see.

Moreover, she also showed her skill during the audition so videos about her had garnered more than 1 billion clicks.

With such a dazzling attraction, it was normal for the first official performance of Comeback to attract so much attention.

And the program team also let out that the first song that the band would perform would be a song made by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

With that, the fans of Lu Xiaofeng also joined up on the hype.

When the light lit up the stage, the four members of Comeback appeared.

The Pianist Shui Qianyu and the Drummer Zhang Kun were sitting while the bassist Li Xinyi was standing nearby the lead singer Shui Qingshan.

Shui Qianyu was best at guitar and the guzheng but her piano was still good so she could still play some popular pieces.

The four of them had a microphone in front of them.

They all wore a simple attire and didn’t do any exaggerated rock style clothes so it gave people a comfortable vibe.

“Before we start singing, I want to say something first.” Surprisingly, Shui Qianyu was the one who spoke first.

Shui Qianyu was wearing a white dress today as she sat in front of the piano. She was as cute as someone could be.

Her voice was very soft and sweet.

“Some news came from the US an hour ago that Chen Huan took the Chinese IMO team to the championship and he himself won an individual gold medal with a perfect score on his test, we wish to congratulate him here.”

Shui Qianyu calmly spoke and the audience below laughed kindly.

Some even clapped.

Shui Qianyu looked at the people below as she said, “He wrote this song for my father but it is also for all the middle aged people that are working hard~~~”

Following what she said, words appeared on the big screen behind hair and on some people’s TV and phones.

Song: “For Everyone That Knows My Name”

Singer: “Comeback”

Lyricist: “Lu Xiaofeng”

Composer: “Lu Xiaofeng”

Arranger: “Lu Xiaofeng”

The audience immediately started to clap again.

The audience watching it on the internet and on TV also got excited.

The highlight was finally here!

“Sure enough! Sister Xiaofeng did it again!”

“After waiting for so long, the classic song is finally here! Yuzhou TV, you fucking bitch, I’m really fed up with you!”

“As I say! How could Chen Huan not write a song for Little Sis Shui’s father?”

“It’s mainly because of Little Sis Shui! They are childhood sweetheart that grew up together, I’m so envious!”

“Fuck off! Dong’er is the one true love of Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Don’t say it, Teacher Lu actually likes Bu Yiyi a lot, didn’t you see that he wanted Bu Yiyi to be his co-star and become an on-screen couple?”


While many people were discussing it, Shui Qianyu began to play the prelude.

Shui Qingshan his eyes and slowly began to sing.

“Once again, I’m drowned in applause. You are all so excited in front of me.”

“In the dark, the world has stopped spinning. Hands aren’t needed for our hearts to embrace.”

“If one day I’m lost in the storm, I know you’ll heal me and stop the pain.”

“Maybe our worlds are a bit different, but I know you’ll accompany me through the storm.”

When the song reached this part, the music got louder.

Shui Qingshan also started to sing loudly.

“Please wave your hands again for me, I will know where you are.”

“Life is so fast, I hope we share in the glory, I hope our dreams never fail.”

“Please wave your hands again for me, Let us keep our love in our hearts.”

“Maybe one day I’ll be too old to sing and walk, but I will still give you my most sincere smile.”

The judge couldn’t help but exclaim when they heard the last paragraph.

“This is Sister Xiaofeng!” A man with a mustache exclaimed during the interval on the song, “I really don’t know how he can make such songs that can raise people’s emotion like that! My greatest wish in this life is to be able to keep listening to his songs!”

“No wonder Shui Qianyu said this song is for middle aged people, this kind of emotion and feels is too engrossing!”  A middle aged man next to him slightly chimed in, “He’s only 17! Now I finally believe that some people are just born with it!”

“Yeah, as a musician, who wouldn’t like the songs written by Sister Xiaofeng? I’ll get high by just listening to many of his songs!” A beautiful girl in her twenties nearby said in agreement, “So I wish to sleep with Sister Xiaofeng every day, it would be too much of a waste if you don’t gobble up a man like that!”

The people around changed their expression when they heard this blunt language.

However, the girls nodded agreement while the men had aggrieved expressions but none of them said anything.

How could they envy Teacher Lu?

Was there anybody that wrote songs like Teacher Lu?

But the problem was they couldn’t!

There was only one Teacher Lu Xiaofeng!

In Heaven and Earth.

He was the only one!

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