I Know Everything Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Champions!!

After Chen Huan explained to them how to drink and store the remaining decoction, he left Kobe’s house and got into Robert’s car that came to drive him.

Robert didn’t ask what happened inside and he said to Chen Huan in excitement, “Chen Huan, do you know that the results are out?”

Chen Huan gave him a speechless expression before he said, “Mr. Robert, just said it!”

He was with Kobe so how could he know about the results?

But he knew the results were good after seeing Robert’s expression.

Sure enough, Robert gave him a thumbs up, “Congratulations, Chen Huan! Not only you got the 42 full points but the Chinese team has reached a total score of 238 points, the best score!”

Chen Huan immediately smiled.

Accompanying this smile was obviously the sweet sound of the system.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host won the championship of the International Mathematical Olympiad with the help of the great system so the system will give out the following rewards.”

“The system rewards the host with Advanced Mathematics (Advanced) and a guide on how to plant Lunar Grass.”

“Note: Lunar Grass is a natural plant from this planet and is the most important ingredient to make the Lunar Ointment. However, the Lunar Grass alone isn’t enough but this reward is only concerned with how to find, plant and cultivate Lunar Grass.”

“Note 2: As for how to make the Lunar Ointment, the system doesn’t know which mission it would be given so the host has to work hard and strive to get rewarded with the Lunar Ointment!”

Chen Huan: “…”

Good Lord, do you believe that I will slap you to death if you appeared in front of me?

Just like how I’ll slap a basketball?

You even picked up some bad practice now!

Shouldn’t something like the Lunar Ointment be given out in one time?

Previously, you gave the formula for strengthening muscles and bones at once even if it needed dozens of ingredients, there’s also the cooking skill, you gave the complete package at once!

This is just an ointment, why is this so complicated!

Fortunately, math, cooking and the rest wasn’t differentiated like that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to accomplish much in this life.

The teenager thought.

Robert didn’t ask him much while they were in the car.

Smart people knew when to speak or not.

After getting off the car at the hotel, Chen Huan said to Robert, “I haven’t talked to Kobe about the NBA for the time being, this matter is volatile.”

“I understand.” Robert said in an understanding tone, “How could something that involves millions of dollars be easy?”


Chen Huan could already imagine how Robert would curse when he learned of his intention.

But he didn’t have time to think about it.

Chen Huan saw Zou Yuhang rush out of the hotel before he got in.

“Brother Huan! Brother Huan!!! We’re the Champion!”

He rushed up to Chen Huan in happiness, “I didn’t choke this time! I got 38 points! I’ll definitely get a gold medal!”

This boy’s eyes were red and obviously cried due to joy.

“Nice!” Chen Huan patted his shoulder in encouragement, “See, you can do it!”

“You’re right!”’

Zou Yuhang said gratefully, “Brother Huan, thank you for your encouragement! You’ll be my role model in the future and I’ll strive to be like you!”


Striving to be like me, it’s impossible.

Because he didn’t rely on hard work and his talent at all. He only achieved what he had today by relying on the skills the Good Lord gave him.

Chen Huan smiled and walked inside, “Where are the others?”

“Teacher Wen took Lei Xiaode and the others to buy some ingredients!” Zou Yuhang said, “The hotel agreed to our request to lend us a stove and some utensils so we comfortably eat our Chinese cuisine to celebrate our victory?”

After a pause, he continued, “Mr. Wu and his wife from the embassy will also come so we’ll have two tables!”

Well, they finally won the IMO again after three years so the big shots obviously would come.

But why was he looking at this Lord like that?

Thoughts flashed on Chen Huan’s mind before he asked, “They have cooks there so why are you bothering to cook? Can’t we just go over there and eat?”

Zou Yuhang glanced at Chen Huan and said embarrassingly, “We ate you Yuxiang shredded pork previously and felt you were a great cook so Lei Xiaode suggested to team leader Cheng to let you cook and have fun by ourselves. Then we didn’t expect to receive a call from Mr. Wu and when he heard that we’ll have dinner and you’ll be the one cooking, he said he will also bring people over so we ended up with two tables.”

Lei Xiaode!!!!


Lei Xiaode, who was shopping in the supermarket, suddenly shivered and sneezed.

Huh, did I stay in the frozen area too long?

Let’s go somewhere else!

Oh, wait, this lobster isn’t bad and pretty cheap… let’s take it! 

We’ll just have to depend on Chen Huan a little harder!

Everyone ate happily and had a good dinner if the fact that Lei Xiaode was forced to become a sous-chef  and harshly slaved by Chen Huan wasn’t mentioned.

Chen Huan made two tables worth of dishes.

The first table was filled with Jiangsu and Zhejiang Cuisine and the other one was Sichuan Cuisine because Mr. Wu and his wife came from Shuchuan.

Those who liked spicy food could go to the table with Sichuan Cuisine while the one who preferred non-spicy food could go to the one with Jiangsu Cuisine.

“Come on!” In the hotel’s restaurant, Mr. Wu raised his glass and said, “I’m very happy today. Our students won the International Mathematical Olympiad once again! This means that our country has endless rising stars! I congratulate you all and hope you all become precious members of our country in the future!”


The atmosphere suddenly became lively as everyone shouted in unison.

The six students were all young so were much more casual and relaxed.

The results came out and they were the number one team and it was very likely the six of them would receive the individual gold medals. Li Naihao didn’t say he wouldn’t eat Chen Huan’s dish as he quietly ate without saying anything.

Mr. Wu was a Shuchuan native but since joining this department, he had travelled to few countries. He had served for more than ten years and rarely went back to his hometown.

The cook he chose in his embassy was also from Shuchuan but he was particularly more enthusiast when he ate Chen Huan’s Sichuan dishes.

Whether it was the Mapo tofu, hotpot beef, twice-cooked pork, Laziji or stir-fry eggplant, green onion stir-fry sausage, it all made Mr. Wu sweat profusely but he was hooked by it.

His expression made Chen Huan feel a bit guilty.

Because of how he was displeased at being forcibly roped into cooking, Chen Huan the Sichuan food spicier and the Jiangsu dishes saltier.

He didn’t expect everyone to eat it with gusto.

It seemed that people liked it more when the flavor was stronger!

Everyone loved the deeper flavor!

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