I Know Everything Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Drinking the decoction.

After some hesitation, Kobe’s throat went dry as he said, “Is… Is.. Is this because of the decoction that you became so strong?”


Chen Huan nodded and turned toward Iverson as he said, “Allen, you can also drink it if you want to. At any case, your body will be healthier in the future.”


Iverson patted Chen Huan’s shoulder and said, “My boy!”

Long term basketball related injuries made Iverson take medicines quite often and made him receive treatment frequently.

This brought him a lot of pain and mental pressure.

It would be great even if Chen Huan’s decoction could help a little bit.

Iverson felt he could trust this young man after seeing his steel like fists.

Kobe was also moved, “Your decoction… you made it yourself?”

“Nah, it’s a secret recipe from my country handed down for thousands of years but only I know of it now.” Chen Huan said, “My country has 5000 years of history, 5000 years! There were many genius doctors born in that time that made many miraculous medicines!”

“Nice, nice, acupuncture medicine is pretty good and I often get some acupuncture to relieve my pain.” Iverson nodded repeatedly, “Yo, bro, don’t care if he wants it or not, I want it! How much it is? I’ll write a check!”

“No need to pay.”

Chen Huan shook his head.

Gifts should be handed out without hesitation. How could people feel indebted if he made them pay?

Gifts that couldn’t be bought with money were the hardest to repay!

“Who says I didn’t want it!” Kobe gave Iverson a glare before he said to Chen Huan, “How about this, you can give us some for a few days and we’ll continue if it works.”


Chen Huan wasn’t bothered by it.

If he wanted people to believe him, it was impossible for them to fully trust him by just doing some show, those kinds of trust were mostly fake.

Kobe was a little more hesitant and that proved he wasn’t someone reckless as well as someone that didn’t easily give his trust to people.

Once the decoction had its effects, Kobe would then trust Chen Huan and that would be greatly beneficiary to him.

It was nice to be friends with people like Kobe.

Of course, there was nothing to reproach with being friends to Iverson.

After signing his first Nike contract, he went to the car dealership to pay for more than 30 sports cars in one breath and gave them to his bros, was someone like him stupid or not?

One of the reasons he went broke was because his friends spent too much of his money.

He would let those dozens of people and their family in his house and they would also spend his money without restraint so obviously he didn’t have enough.

Chen Huan made an appointment with them in the afternoon and went to Kobe’s home to make the decoction before leaving.

Kobe realized something when he left.


Shouldn’t he talk to him about joining the Lakers?


There was plenty of time anyways. It could wait for until this was done.

He would definitely get him a good contract if this really worked.

Where was the largest gathering of immigrant Chinese in the world?

There was no doubt it was Los Angeles in the US.

There were millions of Chinese there along with their descendants.

It was true even in San Francisco that was just a little further away.

In a place like that, it wouldn’t be a problem for Chen Huan if he wanted to buy some Chinese medicine.

He could get plenty of ingredients as long as he had the money.

Chen Huan took Robert to Chinatown and ate authentic Cantonese Cuisine before they leisurely made their way to Kobe’s home.

Kobe felt a bit of doubt when he looked at the two huge bags of medicine herbs in Chen Huan’s hands and a big casserole in Robert’s hands that was used as a stewing pot.

Wasn’t this like those witches making potions in the book?

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

Iverson came out from behind and grabbed Kobe with him before he said, “Come, Chen Huan, this way… Mr. Robert, this is the limit, thanks a lot for your help!”

In just a few hours, Iverson learned how to pronounce ‘Chen Huan’ as he put some effort into it.

Robert was speechless.

He thought he would be invited into Kobe’s home as a guest but he was unexpectedly turned away.

Kobe didn’t think there was anything wrong as Iverson did the right thing by not letting the other know about this.

He even told his wife and kids to go out to play for a day so Robert obviously also be kept in the dark.

Kobe also knew that Robert was the contact point for Chen Huan in the US since it was Robert that made the link whenever Chen Huan worked out these last few days.

He thought for a bit before he took a card from a bag near his door and handed it to Robert, “This my business card and personal number, you call me if you have anything.”

Robert’s wounded was slightly soothed by this as he left while being half happy and half sad.

He knew that if he could go into Kobe’s house today, their relationship would change at that moment and this card wouldn’t be needed at all.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t qualified to do so yet.

But Robert was happy for Chen Huan at the same time.

Because it could be guessed that Kobe regarded Chen Huan as one of his own and that was crucial for his future development in the Lakers.

Kobe’s kitchen was obviously an open one.

He had prepared some clean water already and he watched Chen Huan add medicinal herbs one by one to it but also threw some other to the trash can. Kobe and Iverson weren’t stupid so they didn’t ask about it.

The two knew that everyone had their own secrets.

They started at 1pm but it was finally done at 6pm.

Kobe cringed at the six bowls of medicinal soup.

It was whatever if the kitchen area was filled with the unpleasant smells of Chinese medicine but why did the soup look like those legendary witches’ potions?

Could they even drink it?

He and Iverson glanced at each other with uncertain looks.

Chen Huan spread his hands and said, “Now it’s the time to test out your courage, just think about how I got my strength!”

The reason why Kobe and Iverson believed Chen Huan was because they saw him smash a sturdy chairs with his bare hands.

If it wasn’t for such a solid example, they would be crazy if they believed what Chen Huan said.

Iverson became resolute when he thought of Chen Huan’s show of strength and thought, what do I have to be afraid of now that we’ve reached this step?

This brat Chen Huan plays like me, he shouldn’t be a bad guy, right?

After comforting himself a bit, Iverson picked a bowl, held his breath and drank it.

A bowl of soup was only around 300ml, which was half a bottle of Gatorade, those NBA players would usually drank an entire bottle of it in a few seconds.

Iverson drank it all in a few gulp and then covered his mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Kobe was startled.

Iverson just shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Chen Huan knew the feeling of drinking the decoction for the first time so he explained, “He’s just worrying that he would puke it out due to the bad taste and waste all the courage he previously built so he’s covering his mouth.”

Iverson nodded repeatedly when he heard that but still didn’t dare to speak.

Since there was a guinea pig, Kobe could wait for a bit longer.

He then realized having such a friend was something to be thankful for.

After a moment, Iverson finally took a big breath and put down his hands before sitting on a chair.

“How are you?” Kobe asked in concern.

“Quite good.” Iverson thought for a bit before he said, “It feels like there is a stream of heat flowing in my body and it’s pretty comfortable, but that’s it.”

Kobe put his worries away and also drank a bowl of the soup.

This has to be effective!

Otherwise this suffering would be for nothing!

The Black Mamba drank the bitter soup with a bitter expression.

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