I Know Everything Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Dumbfounded Superstars.

At the end of the game, the players from the opposite team walked away in a depressed manner while the people on Chen Huan’s team celebrated.

“Hey, Chinese Boy, you’re amazing!”

“If I was on the other team today, I would have went back home crying to my mother!”

“You’re good. Chinese Boy, you’ll join the Lakers, right?”

“I’ve seen Kobe applauding for him many times. won’t it be easy for him to join the Lakers after getting Kobe’s appreciation?”

“He’s right, you won the honor and the opportunity. Congratulations, Chinese boy!”


It had to be said that those black friends were very friendly at this moment, at least on the surface, much less so on their mind.

Chen Huan thanked them before walking toward where Kobe and Iverson were.

Kobe and Iverson already left the stand and went to the sideline during the second half.

At that moment, they were looking at Chen Huan with smiles on their faces.

Iverson smiled because he saw a younger version of himself while Kobe saw someone that could help him win another Championship.

“Hi, Allen, Kobe, very happy to meet you guys here!” Chen Huan went in for the handshake, “You are all my idols, I watched you guys play while growing up!”


Iverson was the first one to shake Chen Huan’s hands and patted on his shoulder, “Boy, I also heard this is what you said to Jordan before you fooled him by just leaving him dry… It was very cool! Do you know? No one had treated him like that before!”

He was telling the truth.

When Iverson was 17 years old, he definitely didn’t dare to fool the basketball god.

Kobe was very cool about it when he shook hands with Chen Huan, “Boy, you’re not bad! But you need to put more effort if you want to win a championship! You’ll train with me in future! Then your future would be limitless!”

“Ding Dong!”

“The host has won the sincere appreciation from basketball superstars Kobe and Iverson, and successfully completed the mission that required the sincere appreciation of three superstars.”

“The system will specially give out the host with generous rewards, ‘Professional Basketball (Advanced)’, one ‘Truth Talisman’ and one ‘I Also Don’t Want This Talisman’.”

“‘I Also Don’t Want This Talisman’ is as the name, could make the person tagged with the talisman do something they didn’t want to and because the potential for sinister things to happen with this, the host must use it wisely.”


Chen Huan suddenly felt great.

Good Lord, you really are having fun with this!

You even gave out such a talisman to control others!

I’ve decided now! He will go find Zheng Qian via the princess after he goes back.


The richest man in China Zheng Qian!

This Lord has a lot of property transfer documents for him to sign!


Seeing that Chen Huan smiled, Kobe thought that he was looking forward to the moment he would become a superstar.

Hmm, this was something good!

Young people should have dreams so they would have the motivation to work hard in order to get what they wanted.

“Come, let’s talk in the coffee shop nearby.” Kobe invited them.


Chen Huan completed the task but he didn’t complete an idea that he thought of before.

He still wanted to give it a try and if it didn’t work, he would just dip rudely by saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘Bye bye’.

However, it was unknown if Kobe would chase after him to beat him up at that time.

There were many people in the café at the moment and most of them were families or agents of the players who came here to participate in the training camp.

When they saw Kobe and Iverson with a Chinese in a jersey, their eyes changed and stared at Chen Huan with envy and hatred.

For Kobe and Iverson to personally entertain a player, even an Idiot knew what it meant.

Kobe wasn’t like Jordan and was the owner of the Lakers but he possessed supreme authority.

Kobe’s position rose extremely high the last time he was angered and almost defected to the Bulls.

As long as he didn’t announce his retirement and he could just chill and take his two years of salary, his words still held weight.

The Lakers’ record these past two years was really bad.

They were looked down upon by many high prospects in the NBA draft.

Even among the free agents such as Aldridge and Marc Gasol weren’t that obsessed with the Lakers anymore as they only could sign Louis Williams.

Under those circumstances, it wouldn’t be a problem for the Lakers to sign Chen Huan with Kobe’s support.

Kobe wasn’t the type of person that talked a lot.

After sitting at their table, Kobe bluntly asked Chen Huan, “I heard you rejected Michael yesterday. Are you worried about the Hornets’ performances? Or you don’t like Michael being stingy? What are your thoughts, I want to hear it! Although the competition in the NBA is ruthless, a talent like yourself can win plenty of things! The Lakers aren’t the Hornets and we have a lot of salary cap spaces!”

“Kobe.” Chen Huan didn’t answer his questions but instead asked, “How are your injuries? Did you recover fully?”

Kobe couldn’t help but laugh dryly, “How is it possible to fully recover? Some injuries will always linger around but the difference is whether it will recur again or whether you can bear with it…you’ll realize when you’re old like us, after 30 for basketball players, it wouldn’t be surprising for our body to be covered in injuries… for example Allen, if it wasn’t for the injuries, maybe he would be still playing now!”

Iverson was born in 75 and turned 40 last month.

Superstars like them could play a couple years more in a foreign league as long as they could play at 50% of their peak.

It was about the same as football players when they go to play in the US, Japan or China when they get older.

“It just so happens that I’ve some medicine here. If you drink it, you should be able to recover from some of your injuries. Would you like to try it?” Chen Huan asked calmly.

Kobe: “!?”

I’m here to talk about playing ball with you, why are we talking about medicine?

Is there any medicine in this world that could help recover fully?

It would be a slow recovery at best!

Otherwise, how would he not buy it when he has so much money?

Seeing Kobe’s shocked eyes and Iverson’s grinning expression, Chen Huan knew they didn’t believe him.

“Ding Dong!”

“The cunning host became better and better at triggering new missions! For a superstar like Kobe, what he desperately wants is to make his body able to handle another season so healing his body is his biggest wish!”

“In view of Kobe’s popularity, the system issued the following mission.”

“The host needs to persuade Kobe to drink the decoction of Strengthening Muscles and Bones and Washing the Marrow, and increase his physical athletics by 30 percent.”

“If the host can accomplish the following mission, then the system will give out generous rewards!”

Sure enough!

Sure enough, the Good Lord wouldn’t let go of the Black Mamba that had 6 billion fans!

While Chen Huan talked with Robert yesterday, he remembered, wasn’t Kobe seriously injured?

He just happened to possess a decoction that could greatly enhance someone’s physical ability.

He was young and filled with vitality so he couldn’t feel the effect that clearly but the 37 years old Kobe that was filled with injuries could certainly feel the effects better.

Wouldn’t he receive countless acclaim from Kobe’s legion of fans if he treated Kobe’s injuries?

The Nobody Is Better Than Me System was also dubbed as Good Lord for short, by just watching the name name, one would know that it liked to show off so how could it miss this opportunity?

Now that Chen Huan gave it a try, he really caught the Good Lord’s mindset.

What a nice surprise!


Kobe thought for a bit and wanted to advise Chen Huan to not believe those quack doctors.

There was no such thing as magic medicine.

It was like those shamans or sorcerers that talked about gods and the like but their skills were as deep as farts.

Kobe had been deceived before.

“Kobe, if I damaged some things here, can you compensate it for me?” Chen Huan interrupted him.


Both Kobe and Iverson thought they heard him wrong.

Then they saw Chen Huan stand up and held the back of the chair nearby him before he punched the backrest with a powerful punch.


The backrest was split in two by it.


Chen Huan punched a second time on the seat of the chair.

Then a fist mark was left on the chair.

*Bam, Bam, Bam!*

After a few more punches, he smashed the chair into pieces.

“Oh my god!”

Iverson covered his mouth before quickly holding Chen Huan’s right fist with both of his hands.

Kobe had a clear view of Chen Huan’s raised right hand and saw it was a bit red but it wasn’t swollen, let alone any other injuries.

“Fuck! Bro, you’re awesome! How did you learn this? Fuck!” Iverson already let go of his respectful senior demeanor and looked at Chen Huan in excitement and admiration.

If he had those steel like fists before, who would dare to play dirty on him back in the days?

Regardless if it was malicious or not, Iverson would punch them and send them to sleep.

Kobe was also shocked.

He didn’t expect Chen Huan to be that strong.

No wonder that tall player could do nothing but be pushed around by Chen Huan.

If he thought about it, Chen Huan could punch with all his strength and turn them into a retard if they dared to try anything.

Then he immediately reacted when he thought back on how Chen Huan said a decoction could recover his body.

Could it be…

Could it be that Chen Huan’s strength was related to that decoction?

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