I Know Everything Chapter 287

Chapter 287: I took him to a workout camp.

Robert was quite reliable.

He called Chen Huan that night and told him there would be a Lakers workout camp game at 10 am the next morning.

And Kobe had already heard about Chen Huan and learned about Jordan trying to hire Chen Huan so he was intrigued and said he would come to watch tomorrow.

While in a happy mood, Chen Huan came to the Lakers training camp the next morning.

The Lakers didn’t have their own training camp as they leased it.

But it didn’t affect the status the Lakers had.

In the training camp, there were relatively more players here than the Jordan training camp.

Because the Lakers brand was much bigger than the Hornets and the Lakers was much more generous than Boss Bob.

Many people were already training and playing basketball in all seriousness when Chen Huan came at 8am.

Some were practicing teamwork, other few were practicing their shooting and some even were having a duel.

Chen Huan was stunned and wondered if he misunderstood his black friends.

They were actually very diligent…

As he looked closely, Chen Huan saw the Black Mamba in the stands.

He was crossing his hands and looked at the court with a blank face.

There was another black man next to him talking to him while smiling.


Wasn’t that Iverson?

Chen Huan was overjoyed after seeing that.

He still thought he would have to go to the Clippers tomorrow but he wouldn’t have to do it anymore since Iverson was there!

The mission didn’t care if they were retired players or not.

After all, wasn’t Boss Bob retired?

He would get enough people as long as he got the admiration of Kobe and Iverson!

Chen Huan was even more confident to win the appreciation of Iverson!


He was about the same size as Iverson and two of them were very fast and aggressive in their playstyle.

Iverson couldn’t dislike a player who was similar to him!

No wonder those people were working so hard as if they were drugged, it turned out that the two superstars in the stands could increase their endurances by 50%.

“Kobe, that Chinese wonder boy is here.” A Lakers scout pointed to Chen Huan and said.

Kobe didn’t say anything and frowned as he looked at the clock on the wall.

The scout just shrugged.

He knew that Kobe was reproaching him from coming too late.

They started to play the game at 9pm.

But shouldn’t he come early to familiarize with the venue and get to know his temporary teammate while at it?

Points would be deduced due to not taking it seriously enough.

“He’s here!” Iverson saw Chen Huan getting the jersey and started to stretch before taking up the ball so Iverson excitedly said, “I hear he would do a shoot around first each time and it was 150 consecutive threes each time! if that’s the case, maybe he’s the second coming of Curry!”

Kobe pursed his mouth and didn’t say anything.

After Chen Huan was alone for the basket, he really used half an hour to the 150 three pointers.

Kobe showed an interest in that.

Kobe was a talented shooter.

Although there was a small minority outside of his ‘6 billion fans’ that slandered him and dubbed him as the ‘Los Angeles Iron King’, Kobe didn’t care.

(Iron King, could be understood as Brick King, such as bricking shot, which means missing a lot of shots like Westbrick. Hitting the basket was dubbed as hitting iron so Iron King.)


Could an Iron King score 81 points in a single game?

How about they go have a try and do one for him to see?

Him, Kobe, as long as he was in top shape, he could easily score 50 points in a single game!


Of course, Kobe never cared about his shooting percentage even when he was having a bad shooting night.

It was precisely because Kobe was such a good shooter that he could see Chen Huan’s shooting was very good.

Chen Huan would need to be a really good shooter to make those even if they were uncontested shots.

It was also said he was particularly accurate with three pointers during games too but that still needed to be judged.

The record of 12 threes in a single quarter was still kept by Kobe so he knew how important three was to the game.

Because Chen Huan played four games back in the Jordan training camp and averaged 25 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks and won every game, the Lakers especially gave him ordinary teammates while the other team had the best performing players.

Robert already informed Chen Huan about this.

His teammates felt disappointed and thought they would be trashed.

It would be especially embarrassing to be trashed in front of Kobe and Iverson.

And the biggest lost was their reduced chance to enter the NBA due to their bad performance.

Unexpectedly, Chen Huan hit 150 threes consecutively when he came and they morale recovered.

This was a pretty formal training game as it would last 48 minutes.

They had their own coach for the times and three decent referees.

Robert could only act as the assistant referee.

Chen Huan didn’t disappoint Kobe.

After the game started, although the opponent got the jump ball, Chen Huan rushed over where it would land and grabbed it before it could land on the ground.

The opponent that went to get the ball was stunned.

What was going on?

Wasn’t that a ball their team should grab?

Then he felt a gust of wind pass by him.

Then when he turned his head, he saw Chen Huan jumping high to do a standard tomahawk dunk to put the ball through the hoop.


Iverson stood up and cheered.

He looked excitedly at Kobe and said, “Kobe, they said the kid resembles me and it really seems so! I’m like him already!”

Iverson at his peak relied on his speed and skills to directly dribble past his opponent before getting the points.

Even Jordan was helpless against him.

Of course, it was because Jordan was in his third comeback and was almost 40 years old.

The almost 40 years old Jordan obviously couldn’t be compared to the 22 years old Iverson.

Kobe snorted but still nodded.

He blew by two people in this possession and completely left the last defender to the dust as he scored with a dunk. This showed Chen Huan’s great speed and handles.

Then Chen Huan took this game more seriously than those he had previously and went all out to beat the enemy team.

With Chen Huan’s at full power, the defense was helpless against him as he would take a three pointer when they clogged up the lane and rush into the basket when they left space to do so.

While defensively, Chen Huan grabbed rebounds, defended well and blocked shots. He was everywhere. Iverson looked very excited as he never sat down once he stood up and kept cheering for Chen Huan.

Kobe’s expression relaxed as he started to smile.

He even stood up and shouted loudly when he saw Chen Huan pushed a 210cm and 115kg guy all the way to the basket from the three points line and dunked on him.

This motherfucker was playing like that super fucking fatty!

However, Chen Huan was much lighter and smaller than that super fucking fatty and also smaller than that fatty working as a pundit. (Probably talking about Shaquille and Charles Berkley.)

Chen Huan’s strength and athletics wasn’t inferior to those two fatties.

Whether Kobe wanted to admit it or not, it was easier for him to win the NBA championship when he was partnered with that O’Neal guy.

The two wins he got after really exhausted Kobe as he gave his all but still barely won them.

But the Lakers wanted to give such a center to Kobe again but he was reluctant.

Because he wanted to show to the world that he didn’t need O’Neal to win a championship.

If there was another fat guy like O’Neal to the Lakers, who would the championship attributed to?


Chen Huan was here now!

He wasn’t a center but he had strength comparable to great centers!

Just look at the center that was pushed around by Chen Huan, he was about to cry!

The tall player didn’t linger on it at first but then he tried his best to stop Chen Huan for half a step and not be pushed around by him but he couldn’t do anything. It was really hard to imagine how low his morale was.

If Kobe had such a helper to help him get rid of some obstacles down the basket or even receive some of his passes, how many points would he give to the Lakers?

Not to mention he was even faster than himself and was about the same speed as Iverson.

He could just give him the ball during the fast break, who would be able to catch up to him?

Like that, would the five people from the opposite team give their all on offense?

If the five people didn’t play together on offense, it would be like a 4vs5 and their chances of scoring would be greatly reduced!

With Chen Huan, maybe he would be able to make it to the playoff next year… no, they would make it to the finals or even win it!


If his body allowed to persist at that moment, he would play another year and break Michael’s record of 6 championships. At that time, who would dare to say he was inferior to him?

Kobe thought a lot about his future.

“Watch, I  told you he was good!” Iverson exclaimed and started to joke around when he saw Kobe’s expression, “Look at your earlier expression, have you changed your mind now?”

“Well, he’s a very good player but he isn’t serious enough.” Kobe downplayed it, “When he joins the team, I will take him to train with me every day so he doesn’t waste his talent.”

Iverson was retired so he obviously wouldn’t fight with Kobe for Chen Huan.

But he instantly started to sympathize with Chen Huan when he heard Kobe say so.

The train with the training madman Kobe, you would have to get up as early as 4am!

Chen Huan was only 17 years old but he would have to live his life like an ascetic monk, what a shame!

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