I Know Everything Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Hello, Goodbye.

After Jordan dealt with two groups of children, he walked into the true training camp.

Teaching children how to play basketball was nothing to Jordan even if he was in his fifties.

The real effort was what he did every day on this side of the training camp.

Although Jordan’s weight increased by 30 pounds since his playing days, he still maintained a healthy body.

His physical strength wasn’t there anymore but his skills and experience were still there.

If the game only lasted a single quarter, this Uncle Jordan would still stay as your Uncle!

Jordan heard a burst of cheer as he entered into the facilities.

He looked around and saw two teams playing on a court.

Jordan didn’t hold much interest in it after all, what kind of game did a superstar like him didn’t see before?

He played in countless legendary games so what was so great about a training camp game?

But he still walked over there to see if there was any good seedling.

If it was possible, it wouldn’t be that bad to sign two reliable players to minimum contracts worth several hundred thousands of dollars to play for his Hornets as bench players.

The Hornets were in the lottery every year and their results were so bad that Boss Bob was starting to worry and sometimes he felt like making a third comeback.

But it had to be said that Boss Bob was too stingy.

He was reluctant to give good players big contracts and get superstars as if saving money was the biggest goal in the Hornets management.

The Hornets’ results may have gone up if he was willing to spend money.

But Boss Bob came from a poor family so it was already great he could make money from his basketball team every year so why did he have to lose money on the business?

It wouldn’t never happen!

That was why he put some of his plans on those undrafted players and it also fitted his personality.

Jordan and the few people following him were obviously the focus of the crowd when they came in.

Many gave way when they saw him come.

Jordan stood on the sideline and saw a teenager wearing a red jersey make a clean tomahawk dunk through the contact with another player while in the air.

“Nice one!”

Jordan couldn’t help but clap.

Only then he realized that the teenager with such a great vertical jumping and such a sturdy body wasn’t black.

He wasn’t even white but an Asian!?

What the hell was that!?

Jordan’s interest was picked.

He watched many games of Big Yao back then as well as games of Yi Jianlian. He felt that if those Chinese didn’t have the advantage of height, they wouldn’t be the opponents of black people’s strong and agile body with good skills.

But it was different this time, an Asian knocked away a black man.

The next possession, the other side attacked the basket and just as the young player with the height of at least 2 meters was about to dunk after getting rid of his defender. Everyone then saw someone jump even higher from behind him.


That young man suddenly felt the ball slipping away from his hands.

It was him again!

The Asian boy again!

Jordan’s eyes showed a hint of interest.

But then his eyes widened the next moment.

Because this Eastern boy took off with the ball his became like lightning.

The ball only hit the ground three times and he already reached his opponent’s free throw line.

At that moment, there was only the opposite point guard that retreated in panic.

The Eastern boy didn’t even look at him as he took two steps back to avoid his attempt at a steal and went for the jumpshot as he was behind the three point line.


Nothing but net!

What a fast movement!

Jordan’s expression finally turned serious.

This reminded him of a little guy who was also quick as lightning. The superstars of the Sixers and a warrior that never gave up.

But this was still not enough.

Jordan calmed down and continued to watch them play.

But his main focus was still on this Eastern boy.

“This young guy is from China and he made 150 three consecutively earlier. It was very eye-catching.” Isaac came over and reported to his boss, “He also told me that in addition to his three pointers, he has very good speed and good against contact. He had played 8 minutes now and performed greatly!”

“Okay, let us keep watching.”

Jordan just nodded calmly.

It wasn’t that easy to be a NBA player.

In addition to having the skills, it was more important to be able to express those skills in a high intensity game.

In that regard, the Black Mamba from the west coast inherited the spirit and skills of Boss Bob.

The stronger the enemy team was and the harder the game was, the more he would be able to perform and even give out a legendary-level of performance.

Only a player like that deserved to be a pillar of the NBA and be called a superstar.

Of course, this Chinese boy definitely wouldn’t reach that level but if he could prove that he could perform in a high intensity game, then he would really have the qualification to join the NBA.

In the game, the opponent made a shot and the offense was led once again by the Chinese boy.

The five players on defense all retreated to the vicinity of their own basket and formed an excellent defensive formation.

The Chinese teenager didn’t continue to hold the ball as he passed it to one of his teammates after passing the halfcourt line.

“He often does that.” Isaac explained, “He would pass it to his teammates when they have a good look but will take it when it gets harder. His shooting percentage is very amazing whether it’s the three pointer of the two pointers..”

Jordan nodded slightly.


His teammate missed the shot and the opposition quickly grabbed the rebound before instantly passed the ball away.

But their players didn’t receive as Chen Huan with the better jumping vertical and better read of the game intercepted the ball.

But Chen Huan couldn’t go on the offense right away as the player, who just failed to get the ball, clung to him tightly and tried to steal the ball back.

Chen Huan leaned on him and pushed him forward abruptly.

The people couldn’t help but exclaim at the sight of someone that weighed less than 75kg pushing away a strong guy that weighed at least 90 kg.

However, another defender rushed over and tried to slap away the ball without touching his hands.

Chen Huan was already entangled with someone and seemed that he wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

However, Chen Huan suddenly pulled back and the player that tried his best to contend with Chen Huan plunged into the ground when there was suddenly nothing in front of him.

At the same time, Chen Huan did a beautiful spin to quickly avoid the second’s player strip.

Chen Huan saw he was about to hit a third player but saw a small gap so he made a dexterous pass to the small gap in his right side without turning his head. Then a player with the same red jersey as him took the ball.


A vicious dunk was heard.

“Nice one!”

Jordan couldn’t help but give a thumb up.

The player that dunked thought Jordan was praising him so raised his head to yell out.

But Isaac knew that Jordan was just praising Chen Huan.

Sure enough, Boss Bob commented on it, “Good ability to get through contact, smart passing and good field vision.”

“So should we make some plans for him?” Isaac asked Jordan.

“No hurry, let’s us keep watching.” Jordan shook his head.

However, Jordan didn’t expect Chen Huan’s performance in the second quarter to be even more impressive.

Whether it was getting through contact, passing, pick and roll, rebounds, mid-range or three pointers, Chen Huan was almost omnipotent.

Chen Huan seemed to be like the Black Mamba and like the favorite son of god as he led the team to tear down the opponent’s basket.

After the 24 minutes games, Chen Huan had 23 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists and 5 blocked shots to lead his team to a 63:37 victory over their opponent.

But Jordan still didn’t say anything on it.

He just asked Chen Huan to play another game in the afternoon.

After the game in the afternoon, he had another game the next morning and another in the afternoon.

After four games, Chen Huan averaged 25 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks. His team won every game.

After the fourth game, Jordan finally came up to Chen Huan and patted him on the shoulder as he said, “Boy, you’re a very good player and really appreciate your skills. Are you interested in playing in the NBA? And play on my team?”

Before Chen Huan could say anything, he heard the song of the system.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host has received praise from one basketball superstar and only two more are needed to complete the mission. Give your best, host!”

“GOAT Jordan, I’m so glad to meet you!” Chen Huan stretched his hand to shake hands, “I’m one of your big fans!”

“Oh, really?” Jordan smiled and wrinkles appeared on the corner of his eyes.

He thought this was in the bag and he may even be able to save some money.

It seemed that the salaries for the Chinese players were really low.

(Chen Huan is 17 years old, he can’t be signed and even then he has to go through the draft first. The author had another brain fart or what?)

How about 200k for the first year?

300k for the second year and 500k non-guarantee for the third year?

Well, it would be great if he could play but he wouldn’t waste much money if he couldn’t.

“Really, a hardcore one! I’m so happy so meet you!” Chen Huan gave a bright smile, “But I’m still a student and obsessed about the vast knowledge of mathematics. Playing basketball was just a hobby for me so I won’t bother you anymore, byebye!”

With that said, Chen Huan waved at Jordan before leaving the training camp.

Jordan’s smile gradually turned stiff.


What did this mean?

Did he hear it wrong?

His die-hard fan said he liked math so he won’t play ball.


Jordan’s mind was in chaos…

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