I Know Everything Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Wanting to gain Michael’s favor?

Chen Huan made a total of 150 threes before stopping.

Hearing the applause of the nearby players, Chen Huan nodded lightly as he clapped by in thanks.

But the teenager’s mood wasn’t that good.

This system was flawed.

If one thought about it, the other people’s system could upgrade their skills as long as they increased their proficiency.

Along with basketball, he practiced a multitude of other skills the last six months but he didn’t receive anything or upgraded at all!

So what was the use of his hard work?

Just wait for the Good Lord upgrade and crush everyone in his path to the top?

There was nothing fun in fighting like that!

Robert came over and patted Chen Huan on the shoulder before saying, “Chen Huan, I didn’t expect your three pointers to be so accurate. Did you go easy a few days ago?”

Chen Huan wasn’t serious at all when he played the Greek Team and although he took quite a bit of three pointers, it was less than 50% field goal percentage.

But what he showed was different now. He shot 100% in uncontested shots and thousands of hours must be put to achieve this kind of skill.

If he continued to practice to find his balance and get used to the rhythm and intensity of the game, he would be an absolute cheat if he could maintain a 50% three point percentage.

He didn’t dare to hope for him to be Curry but half a Curry would have a big role in a team.

At a critical moment, they could put in Chen Huan and have him chuck in a few threes, the opponents would definitely start to doubt life.

Three pointers was that great!

Just stand outside the line and didn’t even have to get close to the basket.

Their basket would be deserted if they ran up to him to defend his three pointers.

How many NBA players that actually couldn’t dunk?

If they had an open way to the basket and didn’t even dunk it once, would they deserve those three pointers?

“They were too weak, I’m not into abusing weaklings.” Chen Huan truthfully answered him.

“Hm, you’re right! I wouldn’t be able to muster the energy too if I was you!” Robert said in agreement.

It was nothing wrong with what Chen Huan said.

Wouldn’t it be a joke for a NBA caliber player to play his best against amateurs?

“Hey, boy!” Isaac came over and greeted, “Hello, I’m Isaac, Michael’s assistant…Since you’re here, you must like Michael, right? You want me to introduce you to him later? He likes young people a lot! Especially talented youngster like you!”


The god of basketball was liked by numerous people, Chen Huan was also included.

But if they were talking about being admired by Jordan, it would be compared to that Jinx Football King Pele.

Think back at the NBA draft player that was drafted at the top!

People would cry by just thinking about it! (Talking about Kwame Brown, I think)

“Ahem, we can talk about this later.” Robert hesitated for a bit before he said, “Chen Huan, how about we leave? You still have things to do.”

He said that while blinking at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan didn’t understand it yet but Isaac did.

Everyone was a fox here so no need to play tricks in front of Uncle Isaac!

Isaac put his arm around Chen Huan and said, “Tell me young man, beside your three point shot, what are your other strong points? Don’t be humble, I know you Chinese people like to be humble! But this will give us the chance to know you better so we can better recommend you to Michael.”

Could we just stop talking about it?

Chen Huan was feeling quite speechless.

But he was a person with a mission so he must give his all.

So before the frowning Robert could stop him, he said, “My speed and ability to take contact isn’t bad and should do well in a competitive match.”

In the NBA scale, Chen Huan’s jumpshots, dribbling and defense may not be that good but he had many strength.

His greatest strength should be his physical fitness.

In fact, Chen Huan was looking forward to playing with those borderline NBA players to evaluate if his physical was up to par against them.



Isaac’s eyes lit up immediately.

If Chen Huan really had those two strengths, then he wasn’t far from the MVP Curry!

“You guys, do you want to play a game?” Isaac immediately turned around and asked the surrounding players, “Michael is coming over soon and be able to see you guys perform.”

“We in!”

Of course the group of players scrambled to agree.

Who didn’t want to catch the eyes of Boss Bob and play in the NBA? Wasn’t that the purpose of them coming to the training camp?

(The author sometime call Jordan Boss Bob, one of his nick name due to him being the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, formerly known as the Bobcats.)

Robert was ushered aside.

Everything was ruined!

The seedling he had his eyes on was taken away by Isaac!

What a shit day!

We even called each other brothers!

While he was lamenting, Chen Huan walked up to him and said, “Robert, I won’t sign with Jordan, this is not for me. Don’t worry, if I do anything in the NBA, I will definitely find someone I know to help and not someone who popped up halfway.”

Robert felt refreshed when he heard this.

Someone he knew?

Wasn’t that him?

The Chinese were truly honest and simple!

He didn’t use his contacts or gave advice in vain!

If he really became Chen Huan’s agent and Chen Huan was really that good, with his skills and age, it was 15 years of good life guaranteed!

15 years later, he would be in his fifties and even if he wouldn’t be able to mingle in the NBA anymore, he would be able to retire and have a comfortable life!

He felt even better after thinking of that.

But he didn’t think that Chen Huan never mentioned his name specifically.

Moreover, it was impossible for Chen Huan to play in the NBA for a long time. What was the fun in playing with those silly people all day long?

Soon, the players for both teams were selected.

Chen Huan’s team had people and the other team also had 8 people.

They would play for two quarters which was 24 minutes in total.

However as a sudden training match, they wouldn’t have a coach to instruct them and wouldn’t have any timeout.

Except for Chen Huan who could get into or out the court whenever he wanted, the rest of the players had allocated times.

It couldn’t be helped.

Isaac made it clear that Chen Huan must be scouted so he obviously had some privilege.

Although many people watched him in enthusiasm earlier, they wouldn’t be willing to become Chen Huan’s foil.

They all wanted to crush Chen Huan in the game and gain the favor of Michael’s with their performance.

So in order to grab a spot into the game, those people nearly started a fight.

Isaac also chose those who performed well in the training camp the previous and joined the team in the game.

Robert who didn’t worry anymore acted as the referee again with two staff of the training camp helping him as assistant referee.

“I emphasize to you all again. This is a serious workout match so give everything you have.” Robert shouted loudly, “But let me add one thing, dirty plays aren’t allowed and I’ll report to Michael anyone who purposely plays dirty. Then, you can give up entering the NBA via this way!”

Isaac nodded and added, “Robert said what I wanted to say. Boys, if you maliciously hurt people, I assure you that you won’t be able to enter the NBA for the rest of your life. Michael may not be able to assure that you get signed to any team but still can make sure no team signs you!”

Hearing this, those hot-heads instantly became like little lambs and all swore they would never do those things.

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