I Know Everything Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Three pointers! Three pointers again!

The morning after the test was done, Teacher Robert picked up Chen Huan and drove him all the way to Santa Barbara.

Jordan Basketball training camp occupied a large area but the land in the USA was very cheap, especially in a place like Santa Barbara. They could easily get a piece of land and build a basketball court on it along with some running track.

Moreover, the construction and maintenance of this entire training camp didn’t require Jordan’s money but Nike’s money.

Nike and Jordan were tied together not only because the AJ was the most profitable brand under Nike but also because Jordan represented Nike’s basketball dream.

The moment the kids came there, they would see the Nike gear and Jordan would also proactively recommend Nike gear so those kids would be interested by it and would start to like Nike from young.

Those little kids shouldn’t be underestimated as ten thousands of basketball lovers would come to the training camp from all over the world and they were all from wealthy families in their respective countries.

If they start liking Nike products from a young age, how terrifying would be the amount spent on them if they counted year after year?

How big the consumer group would get when they also could affect the people around them?

As for the people that wanted to enter the NBA that came into the training camp, they also wished to be signed under Nike and Nike also wished to have another Kobe or Lebron.

So accommodating them to train there was only beneficial with no harm.


Jordan not only got a part of the training camp revenue but also received a training fee for his hard work from Nike.

The remuneration of 5 million dollars for the training camp, which was considered low.

That was why Jordan continued to get richer and richer while Pippen went broke.

This was the gap!

The training camp started at 8am. Robert picked Chen Huan up at 6am and arrived at 7am at the camp.

However, many people already started to train at that time.

There were people in the musculation gym, some people were under the baskets and some others were passing the ball around and training together.

The appearance of a Chinese teenager like Chen Huan surprised them.

Shouldn’t Chinese kids go to the other camp?

But Chen Huan ignored them as he took off his jacket and started his own training in a jersey while Robert went to talk to his acquaintance.

In addition to training related to shooting the ball, basketball players paid less attention to endurance training due to more people caring about strength and explosiveness.

Chen Huan first ran to laps around the training camp before doing some stretching.

There were too many people doing the same thing so he didn’t attract much attention.

What made people exclaim was when he took the ball and went to the basketball court.

Chen Huan just started to shoot the ball.

The Jordan training camp was huge and was about the size of four basketball gyms.

So the numerous players could use the eight baskets to train.

Chen Huan wasn’t the only one shooting at this basket but he was the most accurate one.

Whether it was shooting from the free throw line or the three point line, he shot them all in without a single miss.

Many people naturally noticed this after some time.

There were more and more people gathering around.


When Robert and Isaac, one of the chefs in the training and also one of Jordan’s assistants, walked in, they heard the people count in unison.

They looked around and saw the sound coming from the people surrounding the basket.

“What’s going on?” Isaac grabbed a nearby player and asked.

“Who knows? It seems that a Chinese kid is shooting the ball and made a bunch of shots.” The player said dismissively, “This is just uncontested shots and can’t measure the ability someone has in a game, I…”

Isaac left before he could finish.

Isaac wasn’t very interested in the stranger just now as he could recognize someone that was truly skilled.

But Isaac was a bit interested in the Chinese boy that made a crowd gather.

“He’s the talented player you mentioned?” Isaac asked Robert as they walked.

“Yes.” Robert frankly said, “A player like him, you can tell from a glance that he’s a genius.”

“But I don’t believe that a Chinese can be that talented.” Isaac stated as he shook his head.

“What about Yao then?”

“Please, it was a special case. Did you see any players as good as him that came after him? They were all bad!” Isaac said.

“This young man is only 17 years old and if he’s coached well, I believe he wouldn’t be any worse than Yao, I’m sure of it!” Robert said in seriousness.

Isaac didn’t argue with him and tried to make a way into the crowd as he said, “Make a way, do you guys have too much free time?”

Basketball players generally had a bad temper and when they felt someone pushing them around, they immediately glared at him.

But when they saw it was Isaac, they immediately backed out and walked away while rubbing their heads.

Isaac quickly came up to the forefront.

Then he saw Chen Huan shoot beyond the three point line.

Chen Huan was at the corner and made another three to change the counting number to 92.

Then Chen Huan walked to a 45-degree angle from the basket and made another three consecutive three pointers.

He went to the front of the arc, then to the opposite 45-degree angle before to the other corner, Chen Huan made all of his threes.

Isaac’s eyes were watching him intensely as he watched Chen Huan filled with sweats.

“Did he always do it like that?” Isaac asked someone next to him.

“Of course! He shot the ball like this from the beginning. He did it without hesitation and without any fail.” A nearby black brother said excitedly, “If I have his shooting skills, would I still have to wait for some temporary contracts? I wouldn’t sign until it’s a mid-level exception!”

“Come on! If you can make half of them in an actual game, let alone a mid-level exception, I won’t sign it even if they gave me 10 million a year!” Another tall dude said, “Look at Curry in the past two seasons! Three points Curry! He relied on his three pointers to trash all his opponents and become a NBA champion! How could anyone not take the players as their treasure if they had such a killer 3 points?”

What the tall man said was what Isaac and Robert thought.

The two looked at each other and then a bold idea popped up in their mind. Of course, their ideas on the matter were a bit different.

But Robert was obviously the more excited one.


He couldn’t rejoice himself too early, he must hold one! Hold on!

Robert clenched his fists and tried to control his beating heart.

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