I Know Everything Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Saving money is a virtue.

Chen Huan had always been worried about the band Comeback in China.

The current internet connected the whole world.

Chen Huan could watch it online even if they were Chinese’s shows.

The wealthy Shanhai Streaming was the partner of ‘Godly Singer’ and spent a lot of money on the online broadcasting rights.

Yuzhou TV also had their own websites but most of the time, people didn’t like the complicated way to research it on the internet and prefer to watch it on the website they were familiar with.

Nowadays, young people under the age of 30 in China rarely turned on their TV.

They would watch everything online.

So that was why Shining Technology’s Youyi could make Shining Technology’s stock rise so high.

The reason could be said for Shanhai Streaming.

It was exactly because there were so many online viewers that their advertisement was so valuable and that they had so many VIP users.

‘Godly Singer’ every season had a good rating.

Although Comeback was the last to sign up, it passed the audition of ‘Godly Singer’ the fastest and was even listed as a seeded contestant.

It wasn’t because they were known for being ‘Chariot of Flame’ but because of the lead singer Shui Qingshan and guitarist Shui Qianyu.

A year ago, many people didn’t know who Shui Qingshan was. Many music enthusiasts in their 30s and 40s forgot the lead singer of a band that was once very well known.

But everyone learned of this chubby middle age man when they heard ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

With his slightly hoarse voice, he sang a very emotional song that was deeply loved by the people.

Even a year after, numerous people who like to sing English songs would often choose ‘Mama Do You Remember’ in their Karaoke.

‘Mama Do You Remember’ was sung at least a hundred times in talent shows across the year so it became even more well-known.

People in the industry were saying that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, the author of ‘Mama Do You Remember’, was really far-sighted to set the song as free so more people could sing it and made Shui Qingshan known across the country.

The program team was naturally overjoyed this time when Shui Qingshan brought the band to participate in ‘Godly Singer’.

They were even more pleased when they saw that the guitarist was Shui Qianyu.

This pair of father and daughter were also the main characters in a little story known throughout the country, ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’.

Who younger than 80 and older than 10 had never seen or heard ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’?

People would quote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ on the internet from time to time and there were a lot of reactions each time.

Now two of the protagonists of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ would appear in person, how could it not be talked about?

Many young people would come forward and even further promote it.

Not to mention that Shui Qianyu’s popularity recently wasn’t any worse than her father’s.

Because she played the guzheng along with Teacher Lu and Grandpa Zhao Changshou in the Gala.

It was a masterpiece after all.

Grandpa Zhao Changshou already announced he wouldn’t sing for commercial purposes and Teacher Lu didn’t like public appearances while Shui Qianyu still needed to study so didn’t have the time.

But countless agencies still hoped they could work together again so that more people could hear and see the perfect classic song.

Some local TV offered a price as high as 5 million for a single song and asked the three to perform ‘Laughter From the Sea’ together again but was rejected.

From a popularity standpoint, Shui Qianyu became the nation’s little girl after her performance at the Gala.

Although trends came quickly and would go away quickly and many people would change their mind in half a year, the people in the industry still rated her highly.

It was unknown how many record companies tried to invite Shui Qianyu into their company.

The three majors record companies were included amongst them. The contract was as high as 10 million and the conditions were also very loose.

Why was it the case?

Wasn’t it because she was Chen Huan’s childhood sweetheart?

Chen Huan was willing to write so many songs for Zhao Changshou and Han Dong’er, wouldn’t he at least write 3 or 5 songs if his childhood sweetheart wanted to make an album?

As long as someone got Chen Huan’s song, was it possible for them to not be popular?

Just look at Guan Yili, by relying just one the song ‘Tolerance’, he was still as popular one year later.

There was also Zhao Xiaofen, a newcomer from Zongren Studio. She wasn’t very beautiful but had a very high pitch voice and she also quickly exploded in popularity after she sang ‘Fable’ given by Chen Huan.

Shui Qianyu’s chances of getting songs from Chen Huan was much higher.

A girl like that was destined to become a small empress of the music scene so it was simply great luck for ‘Godly Singler’ to have her come participate with her father!

‘Godly Singer’ program team started to crazily advertise when it was confirmed she would be participating.

Shanhai Streaming also didn’t expect to have caught such a big fish as they endlessly advertised it on the internet and in two or three days, everyone knew that the pair of father and daughter would participate in ‘Godly Singer’ as a band.

‘Godly Singer’ also wouldn’t waste such an obviously trending and hot topic.

So Comeback was one of the last performers that came up for the auditions.

When they went up to the stage, Shui Qingshan sang ‘Mama Do You Remember’ that was sung by many different singers.

It was without a doubt that Comeback passed the audition and got a bye to the top 64.

It would be a great humiliation to the music and all musicians if even the original singer of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ couldn’t even pass the audition of a talent show.

Just those mere three minutes garnered the highest rating for an audition of a music talent show.

Chen Huan felt a bit happy, puzzled and excited when he saw Shui Qingshan sing on the stage with Shui Qianyu sitting on a stool behind while playing the guitar with her eyes closed.

He was happy to watch his Uncle Shui and Xiao Shuishui performing on the same stage as it made him feel warm.

What puzzled Chen Huan was he obviously gave them ‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’ to make them come out with a bang but they didn’t use it.

His excitement was easily explained.

The Good Master recognized their advancing to the next round so he received a chance to retrieve a song.

This also meant Chen Huan was able to save a song since they still had ‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’.

Then he regained two quotas and could use them at any times if Comeback encountered any hardship.

Now, the victory of Comeback was mostly assured!

Chen Huan called Shui Qianyu and her answer was somewhat expected.

Comeback obviously considered it.

It was just the audition of a talent show and they should save the song if they could instead of wasting it for no reason!

Shui Qianyu also told Chen Huan other good news.

That Comeback was listed as one of the most likely candidates to end up in the final four.

So they used a lot of their advertisement resources on Comeback to set up a strong support from the beginning.

With a period of two months, that much advertisement was enough to put Comeback as the favorite to win it all.

If that was the case, wouldn’t the album sale be bad if they released soon after the end?

Once the sales of the album was good, Lei Daxuan and his family would have his future settled!

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