I Know Everything chapter 281

Chapter 281: Foreigners favorite Chinese dish.

The Western-style kitchen wasn’t as clean and tidy as what was shown on TV.

Because western food had a lot of deep fried, many ingredients to process so the smoke smell was very prominent.

However, most of the utensils were made of stainless steel and there weren’t as many seasoning as Chinese cuisine so it looked slightly better.

When Chen Huan entered the kitchen, it was very busy as five or six chefs were busy making dishes.

The division of labor was different as some people were responsible for frying, cooking, baking or cold dishes.

On their way, Chen Huan thought of what he should cook.

“Prepare me two pieces of chicken breast, a plate of raw peanuts, a plate of dried red pepper, two scallions and bring me all the seasonings.” Chen Huan said in the English to the sous-chef helping him.

Frank Rudy immediately understood, “Are you going to prepare Kung Pao Chicken?”


“It just so happens that I’m also very good at this dish.” Frank said, “How about we each make our own with more portions and see which one is more popular?”


Chen Huan’s answer was concise and clear.

Frank’s face relaxed a bit at that answer.

People liked easy going and decisive people as indecisive and people that liked to drag things out were more annoying.

The ingredients for the dishes were common ingredients in the kitchen and many restaurants had those ingredients.

The popularity of Kung Pao Chicken abroad was imaginable for the Chinese people.

It was like how Chinese people couldn’t imagine how a dish like the Stargazer Pie became one of England’s national dishes.

Kung Pao Chicken was derived from the quick-fried diced chicken in bean sauce of Shandong Cuisine.

But there was still a difference between the two.

When the Diced Chicken went to Shuchuan and with the Shuchuan diet’s style, they added chili to increase the fragrance and flavors so it became the familiar Kung Pao Chicken.

Nowadays in fact, the Western Kung Pai chicken was different from those in the Jiangnan area, the Diced Chicken from Shuchuan, or the Kung Pao Chicken from southwest China.

Kung Pao Chicken was no longer a simple dish but became a cuisine style. There is the American Kung Pao Chicken, the French Kung Pao Chicken or the British Kung Pao Chicken…

Other famous dishes like Buddha Jump Over the Wall, Braised Sea Cucumber with Green Onion and other famous dishes felt all helpless toward it.

Let’s give out an example.

A few years ago, the embassies in Huajin held a talent contest and the wives of the diplomats competed in cooking but everyone only cooked the same dish.

That’s right, it was Kung Pao Chicken.

Because in their mind, Kung Pao Chicken was the number one dish in Chinese and the most renowned Chinese dish back in their country.

There was an event even better known that happened in September of this year which happened in his previous life but not in this world yet.

There was someone from the Vatican that went to visit the US and said he wanted to eat Kung Pao Chicken from Old Li Ji’s place in Chinatown.

Because 20 years ago when he was still a bishop, he came to the US and was taken to Old Li Ji’s place by a Chinese priest to eat a bunch of Chinese dishes but he remembered the Kung Pao Chicken the deepest among those dishes.

The American originally wanted their White House’ chef to do it but he just told them, “Do you want to put a signboard of ‘Old Li Ji’s Place’ on the door of the White House while you’re at it?”

They had no other way than to escort him quietly to Chinatown to eat this ‘Kung Pao Chicken’. The one who ate it was very satisfied and felt that the longing he had for 20 years wasn’t in vain.

Coming back to the current situation.

Since the ingredients were quickly brought over, Frank and Chen Huan quickly started to cook.

The methods the two used were obviously different but their speed was similar.

A bit more than ten minutes later, two slightly different Kung Pao Chicken were placed on the plates at the board behind the stove.

One only had diced chickens, fried peanuts, chili knots and green onion.

The second one had all the above while adding cut green peppers, carrots and cucumber.

It seemed the first one was a bit more concise while the second one could stimulate people’s appetite better.

Because of the large number of portions, Frank ordered the chefs to separate the two plates of Kung Pao Chicken into six small plates.

And six was just the number of tables occupied by guests in the restaurant.

Those cooks quickly brought the Kung Pao Chicken out and it was counted as a gift from the restaurant.

There were short series of whispers before ‘thank you’ was heard.

Foreigners may not be very accustomed to eating various Chinese dishes but a lot of them ate Kung Pao Chicken before and most of them liked it.

Moreover, they sold this dish particularly expensive abroad compared to the other ordinary Chinese dishes even though there was nothing special in the ingredient and even though the chicken was cheaper in those countries than in China.

Those silly foreigners didn’t feel there was anything wrong with it and thought the best were usually more expensive.

Chen Huan took off the chef’s uniform and thanked the sous-chef that helped him before going back to his table.

Before he sat down, he witnessed Lei Xiaode and the other acting like they were starved for three days and nights as they hurriedly scooped some Kung Pao Chicken into their bowl.

It wasn’t that they learned how to divide like the foreigners but because chopsticks were too slow.

Using chopsticks to pick diced chickens and fried peanuts was akin to a test of patience.

What young people happened to lack was patience.

Everyone used chopsticks at the beginning but that animal Xia Jiajun used a spoon and ate much faster than the others so the rest was obviously dissatisfied with it.

This was what Chen Huan saw.

“Does it taste good?” Chen Huan asked as he sat down.

“Hum… ish sho gud… the thhangs ri rate bufore… art luke pag feees… compira to thesh…” Lei Xiaode said with his mouth stuffed.

Fortunately, Chen Huan was also from Lin’an so he understood what he meant was, “It’s so good. The things I ate before are like pig feeds compared to this.”

The other didn’t have the time to say anything and didn’t want to say anything either.

It couldn’t be helped.

The table was filled with tiger or wolf-like enemies and they would get to eat one less bit if they weren’t careful. One less bite also meant that they would have more spaces in their stomach.

They thought about it. They would return to home in four days and they would have to keep eating those bland American foods so they better stuff themselves right now.

Whatever, talking to those people that looked like a starving ghost was a waste of time.

Chen Huan picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of his own Kung Pao Chicken before taking a bit of Frank’s dish and smiled slightly.

As mentioned before, there were many versions of Kung Pao Chicken abroad and it was also the same in China.

Frank’s version could be found in many parts of China.

But the most authentic Shuchuan Kung Pao Chicken didn’t need so many add-ons and as long as the two main ingredients of chicken and peanuts were there, it would be enough.

For example, the Shuchuan people never heard of adding carrot, green pepper etc… to Kung Pao Chicken and it made the Kung Pao Chicken much more complicated and not as pure.

Chen Huan felt that Kung Pao Chicken was tender and crispy with peanuts and an overall taste of saltiness and spiciness with a sweet aftertaste that neutralized the spiciness of the chili.

It was really a skill given the Good Master as even the beginner of it was able to give out such results.

The Kung Pao Chicken made by Frank seemed to taste too mixed because there were too many things and it was hard to taste the difference in each ingredient so it would be naturally a step below.

And if Chen Huan had anything else to add, he would say that Frank didn’t handle the chicken and peanuts as well as he did but maybe the foreigners like this style.

He didn’t need to ask his teammates which plate was better as Chinese was more accustomed to his own style.

Frank Rudy’s thoughts were different.

He stood at a corner and waited for the waiters to give him results before slapping the Chinese boy’s face.

Don’t think you’re a big deal because you know how to cook, in Fran Rudy’s place, you’re nothing special, I’ll cook it better even if it’s a Chinese dish!

(This guys did a 180 compared to the last chapter)

After a few minutes, a waitress came back with some careful gaze.

“They feel it wasn’t bad, right?That Chinese boy’s dish isn’t unacceptable, right?” Frank asked in self-satisfaction.

“N-no…” The waitress answered quietly.

“Are the customers clear enough about the difference with the dish I made?” Frank asked again.


The waitress was nervous but just directly said, “It’s like this, Chef Rudy, all the six tables agreed that the plate Kung Pao Chicken made by that Chinese young man is the best. When I went to them, they already ate everything! And there’s still half left for your plate!”

“What!?” Frank stared at her like a bull.

“It doesn’t mean that yours is bad but they are already very satisfied with what they ate and can’t eat anymore so they could eat it later!” The waitress concluded.

“Impossible! Impossible!!!”

Fire was about to come from Frank’s face as he immediately looked toward Chen Huan’s table and quickly rushed up to them.

“You, make another plate!” Frank, who exploded in anger, said to Chen Huan in a commanding tone, “I want to see what’s the difference!”

“I’m not doing it.” Chen Huan answered without hesitation.

“You must!” Frank grabbed Chen Huan’s shoulder and wanted to drag him to the kitchen.

Chen Huan just twisted his hand like lightning before Frank Rudy screamed in pain as he covered it.

The people in the restaurant were dumbfounded as the customers and waiters all looked over to watch what was happening.

The pain just flashed by.

After screaming for more than ten seconds, Frank suddenly realized his hands no longer hurt.

He raised his hand high and saw nothing wrong with it.

After his moment of daze, he looked at Chen Huan with a fierce expression again and asked, “Why?”

“I made it because I wanted to eat, and I’m not even an employee here so why must I make it for you?” Chen Huan glanced at him, “Now get away before I put a formal complaint on you about how you’re affecting our meal.”

“You… ah!”

The manager on duty just arrived and saw Frank Rudy was about to explode in fury again so immediately gestured to a male waiter to drag him away.

“Sorry, sir, for causing you troubles, we will immediately take care of it!” The manager on duty shouted back as he walked away.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!”

Frank yelled as he tried to get away but another waiter came to help so they dragged him to the kitchen.

This situation was the same as previous when Chen Huan went to cook.

Lei Xiaode and the other were dumbfounded.

What’s going on!?

Why are there so many weird things happening!?

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