I Know Everything chapter 280

Chapter 280: What kind of development is that?

The two days of contest at the IMO was a torture to many people but it was also a very relaxed situation for many people.

When someone was very good at something, they wouldn’t get bored of it.

Chen Huan easily solved the 6 questions and after he was done, Teacher Tao Jun took his answers to the questions as the standard solution to the questions.

The other 5 members of the team also recopied the answers they gave so Tao Jun could review it.

He was quite pleasantly surprised at first glance.

Chen Huan had not only a solid 42 points but Li Naihao could at least have 40 points and the calm Yao Kai was likely to have 42 points.

Xia Jiajun and Lei Xiaode were likely to have 35 points or more.

The most surprising was Zou Yuhang. The member who always showed weaker performance than his actual ability would score at least 35 points.

If they counted the score like this, China would easily win the gold medal if the US team and Russia team didn’t over perform.

The team leader Cheng Weiya felt also very excited when he heard of it.

China hadn’t won the gold medal for three years and the pressure from their own math Olympic committee was very high. The pressure would decrease if they won this time under the lead of Chen Huan and even receive praises from the people above.

But Cheng Weiya didn’t get complacent and those were just Tao Jun’s estimates so they couldn’t know the real results for sure or how the other team would do.

So they had to stay low key and not celebrate in advance.

They wondered how Zou Yuhang did so well and it was the same for Chen Huan and the others.

Then Zou Yuhang’s answers was this,

“Didn’t we strike down the Greek team a few days ago? It was the first time I participated in such a cool basketball match and I even got so many expensive things! This made me feel that as long as we have Brother Huan, we’ll win!”

“So I thought in the exam since Brother Huan would get 42 points which gave us plenty of advantage, so what do I have to worry about? It didn’t matter if I did well or not so I just let the pressure go and just did my best on the test.”

“Impressive, little Hang!” Lei Xiaode gave him a thumb up after hearing this, “It seems that you have found big bro now! You grew a backbone! You’re like me, the moment I saw Brother Huan, I felt that I have to hug his big thigh so I can reach the pinnacle in life!”


Li Naihao snorted and left when he heard such a disgusting flattery.

When Li Naihao heard Tao Jun’s estimation of the points they would get, Li Naihao wasn’t happy about he may not get full marks but he was still satisfied he would get the individual medals and the team medals.

In IMO, getting the gold medals wasn’t about getting a full mark.

For example, last year’s gold medals points’ bar was 30 points, 25 points for silver medals and 16 points for bronze medals.

It was even lower for the year before. 25 points for the gold medals, 19 points for the silver medals and 16 points for the bronze medals.

In any case, it was impossible for him to not get a medal at 40 points.

The people in China didn’t know what the full mark meant and maybe they thought that winning the gold medals was being the first place and adding the group gold medals, it would be enough for Li Naihao.

After a long time of humiliation, it finally ended and he didn’t have to stay with the pretentious Chen Huan anymore.

When Li Naihao left, he felt that the sky was bluer and the air fresher.

He didn’t know that Chen Huan actually thought the same.

It was never a pleasant thing to have an annoying guy by one’s side.

Fortunately, Li Naihao didn’t have mutual suicide mindset and handed over a blank paper, otherwise Chen Huan would definitely put him into a state where he would never be able to care for himself.

Everyone was happy after the competition was done. Without Li Naihao, Chen Huan let Cheng Weiya and Tao Jun know that he would go to a nearby one-michelin star restaurant with his other teammates.

Authentic, Western food was also available in China, from the chef to the waiters, and all the raw ingredients were shipped from abroad.

But eating Western food abroad still had a different atmosphere.

Today’s meal was traditional French food and the food wasn’t as silly and bland as the American’s diet.

People who had never been to the US really didn’t know how crude and simple American’s diet was.

It was mostly peanut butter bread, sandwiches, burgers, cola, coffee, salad, steaks….

These were basically the food they ate all the time.

French food was relatively more elaborate.

For example, the lamb chop they had were fried very well with equal meat and fat, while the fatty bit was a bit drier and that gave a better flavor to it.

However, Chen Huan frowned when he ate the mushroom cream soup.

“Can you ask your chef to come please?” Chen Huan beckoned to the waiter and said.

The waiter didn’t know what was going but the customer requested it so he obviously had to do it, otherwise how was he going to receive a tip later?

“What are you doing Chen Huan? Quickly drink it! The soup is amazing!” Lei Xiaode said as he gulped down the soup, “I love stuff that adds creams to it, I usually love eating cake!”

“Look at yourself.” Xia Jiajun said in disdain, “Come to our Xiangnan and I’ll show you what is called the land of food.”

“That’s all kind of wrong in what you said. My Suzhou cuisine is one of the four renowned cuisines, your place is trash.” Yao Kai also joked around in this relaxed atmosphere.

The people from the group all spoke freely.

From the past to the present, China had actually 4 main cuisines, Shandong Cuisine, Suzhou Cuisine and Cantonese, the rest were added later.

These four places were ahead by a lot in terms of food culture.

While Yao Kai was relaxing, a bearded man in a chef’s uniform walked over to their table with a particularly aggressive expression and said in a loud voice, “I’m Chef Frank Rudy, were you looking for me?”

“Yes.” Chen Huan pointed toward the bowl of mushroom soup in front of him and said, “The mushrooms here aren’t fresh and must have been put in the refrigerator for at least two days. As for as I know, the mushrooms in this soup must be freshly picked, right?”

“Huh?!” Chef Frank sneered, “You tasted something not fresh?”

“No.” Chen Huan calmly said, “I smell it.”

Frank Rudy laughed loudly before disdainfully said, “Young man, I can tell you without any guilty conscience that I personally purchased the mushrooms this morning! Not fresh! Impossible!”

The other members of the team looked at each other.

“Brother Huan…” Zou Yuhang whispered, “Let it go, the soup isn’t bad.”

Chen Huan waved his hand and gestured to them to not talk.

Then he said, “You can taste it and confirm it if there’s anything wrong.”

Frank Rudy glared at Chen Huan and with his beard on him, it looked quite scary.

But he still picked up a spoon and picked up the bowl of soup before drinking a spoon of the soup.

He didn’t say anything after a spoon.

He paused a bit after the second spoon.

Then frowned slightly after the third spoon.

Then he put down the soup and glared at Chen Huen with an even fiercer look before he left.

“What is this?” Lei Xiaode felt cold all of sudden, “How about… how about we go check out, Brother Huan?”

“Don’t be nervous.”

Chen Huan beckoned them to stay calm and said, “Let’s just wait and see, it’s impossible for the chef to go beat up the client anyway… moreover, do you think I’m afraid to fight against him?”

Lei Xiaode remembered something when he heard that. Brother Huan was a hunk that could beat a few thugs by himself so what did he have to fear?

Seeing the worried expression on the others’ faces, Lei Xiaode immediately started to recount Chen Huan’s heroic actions of the hero saving the beauty.

While he was talking with fervor, Frank Rudy came with a chef in his twenties.

“Apologize to the client.” Frank Rudy furiously said as they stood in front of them.

“I’m so- sorry…” The chef turned pale in fright and his clothes seemed to be in a mess.

“I was wrong earlier! They accidentally damaged the fresh mushrooms so they used dried mushrooms instead!” Frank grimly said, “I’ll compensate you guys with another dish! It’s one of my signature dishes, you guys won’t lose out on this!”

With that said, he was about to leave.

“Wait a second.” Chen Huan coughed a bit, “If you don’t mind, can I cook a meal for myself?”

Frank visibly rolled his eyes but before his refusals came out of his mouth, he remembered that this brat knew the mushrooms weren’t fresh by just smelling it.

A person like him must have some ability in cooking, right?

Although Frank had a bad temper, he really liked cooking.

He thought that Chinese cooking had many flaws but it was undeniable that it also had many good points.

It would be also good if he could learn a thing or two from Chinese Cuisine from this brat.

Thinking of this point, Frank said, “You can and you can also choose your own ingredient but I want to watch from the side.”

After a moment, he said again, “I’m someone very picky. Don’t blame me for being rude if you don’t do a good job.”

“No problem.” Chen Huan laughed, “Let’s go!”

He just thought of something.

He learned ‘Professional Cooking (Beginner)’ so it would be interesting to reward himself with his own dishes after eating American foods for several days.

Although Western food was good, if they wanted to conquer the taste bud of the Chinese people, they still had to give them Chinese dishes.

Seeing Chen Huan and the irritable chef walk into the kitchen, Xia Jiajun gulped and said, “Do you think we should call the police?”

They all looked at each other and were at loss of what to do.

They came to eat at the beginning but how did it end up with Chen Huan cooking!?

What kind of development was that?

Subverting all expectations!

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