I Know Everything chapter 279

Chapter 279: In the exam room.

“Did you hear? The Chinese IMO team has a basketball genius who beat the five guys from the Greek Team by himself! They got spirit crushed as they left!”

“Yeah, I heard of it. Some of my classmates went to see it. It was very exciting! Too bad I didn’t see with my own eyes.”

“The Greek team got really embarrassed and they not only lost their honor, but they would also have to give each Chinese member a cellphone, laptop and AJ shoes worth thousands of dollars!”

“I heard that the rest of the Chinese team didn’t contribute much at all and were all carried by that genius. They are so lucky!”

“I really like that type of genius, my classmate said he was very dashing and very handsome!”

“Although he’s Chinese, I want to sleep with him!”


In the next two days, the entire hotel and even the hundreds of teams heard about the game and Chen Huan’s glorious deed.

There were young ladies that would come up to him to strike a conversation during meals but at night, there would be female students participating in the IMO that would come to knock on Chen Huan’s door and wanted to talk to him about the profound mysteries of primitive mankind.

Lei Xiaode was suffering right now.

Because he was the one who started the problem, he had to open the door every time and then seriously explain to those girls that Chen Huan had been called by the team leader and wasn’t allowed to cause trouble before the exam.

In fact, Chen Huan was in his room writing emails and occasionally chatted with Han Dong’er, Bu Yiyi, Shui Qianyu or the School Flowers.

Lei Xiaode watched him in jealousy with a bitter expression as he had to deal with the dozen of women that came. He wished that thunder would strike this evil guy and that he could replace him.

Time passed quickly.

After the opening ceremony, the official competition began the next day.

The rules of the IMO that six questions would be selected among those submitted by the various countries and each one was worth 7 points, which meant that each member could get a maximum of 42 points.

On the first day, four and half hours was given to the contestant to do three questions.

It would be the same for the next day.

The teachers would start grading the papers after the students were done.

There were a lot of steps involved in the questions and it wasn’t the kind where they lose all the points if there was an error so they must be very careful when grading the paper and cross check it with other papers. There would be a discussion about it if there was an objection.

So under normal circumstances, it would take two days to grade those papers and sometimes it would take even three days.

Because the given time was long, four and half hours, so the IMO allowed people to take things to eat and to go to the toilet but they weren’t allowed to hand the paper in advance.

There were around 20 people in the exam room where Chen Huan was and they were all very far apart from each other.

The one supervising this room was called Greg, a professor from a nearby university.

There were many universities in California and many renowned one too so it was easy to find professors to come supervise.

Professor Greg wasn’t well known but he was still very eager in his pursuit of mathematics.

He was excited when he learned Chen Huan was among the students he supervised. He had the spirit of meeting a master.

In fact, in the 56th IMO when the organizing committee found out that the Chinese national team submitted the name Chen Huan and that Chen Huan was the one who put forward ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’, the same one who was advancing the proof process of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, a super math genius, the committee had a fierce discussion about it.

Many people felt that the Chinese were cheating by having Chen Huan participating in the IMO.

Because Chen Huan would definitely get the full 42 points.

The IMO was very competitive as one point could determine if the team won the gold medals or not.

So adding a world-class mathematician that was assured to get full points and also boost the morale of his team wouldn’t be fair to the other.

There were only five people getting the full mark last year and only two the year before that!!

But another group of people said that the IMO was made for high school students and no matter how much Chen Huan achieved, he was still a second year in high school so should be allowed from the perspective of the rules.

They shouldn’t disregard the rules and gatekeep a student from participating because they were too smart.

They must follow the rules before it is modified otherwise it would be pointless.

In the end, that group of people had more support so Chen Huan was able to compete.

Honestly, it was indeed very easy for Chen Huan as he took an hour or so for the three questions of day one.

Then he put the test away on the table before starting to write on another blank paper.

Professor Greg couldn’t help but walk over to him.

He picked up the test paper that Chen Huan covered and glanced at it to see some densely written proof process and calculation.

Greg wasn’t a member of the organizing committee and didn’t know what the topic was or cared.

Seeing that Chen Huan finished the test so quickly, Greg looked at what he was going to do.

“This is… the reasoning of ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’?” Greg was a little surprised when he saw the familiar figure and reasoning process.

The emails between Chen Huan and the professor as well as the topics they talked about had already been sorted out and published by specialized journals and magazines around the world.

This allowed people to see Chen Huan’s genius and his mathematical thoughts in his continuous approach toward the proof process.

Even the great mathematicians that talked with Chen Huan were very inspired by it as they were eager to argue more with Chen Huan in order to prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ quicker so they could unlock ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

Greg had been looking at that information all the time but didn’t expect to see Chen Huan to do it on the spot.

“Yes.” Chen Huan nodded his head, “I just happen to have some inspiration in the exam room so I wrote a bit, who knows if I’ll be able to prove it?”

Professor Greg was speechless.

He looked at the contestants that were contemplating and struggled to solve questions before he sighed.

Greg thought the other people are desperately trying to solve the contest’s questions in hope to get a good score but you finished those questions in a jiffy and actually did some research on one of the greatest mathematical problems in the exam room.

Greg really didn’t know what to say to the ease he completed his questions and effort regardless of the environment.

“Mister Chen.” Greg used honorific, “I know you’re close to prove one of the crowns of mathematics, ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, but if you have to guess, would you be able to prove it within ten years?”

“Ten years is too long.” Chen Huan said with a slight smile, “I can feel it. It’s right in front of me and as long as I calmly take it step by step, everything will naturally be unfolded in front of us.”

Chen Huan firm reply wasn’t beyond Gteg’s expectation.

He didn’t know why but he felt at ease when Chen Huan said so.

He felt happy that he would be able to see ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ being proved in his lifetime.

“Then I hope you’ll be able to prove it as soon as possible and take the crown!” Greg said with enthusiasm and respect.

“I will try my best!”

Chen Huan declared solemnly.

There would probably be a reward from the Good Lord for proving ‘Fermat’s Theorem’!

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