I Know Everything chapter 278

Chapter 278: Boy, you’re very promising!

The score was 25:12 at the end of the game.

The Chinese was the one with the lead while the Greek Team trailed behind.

Under Chen Huan’s offensive and defensive lead, the Greek could only score 12 points and it wasn’t something easy.

After Robert whistled the end of the game, the five players from the Greek teams slumped to the ground in complete exhaustion.

The same was true for the other four plays in the Chinese team as Lei Xiaode was even more impressive as he panted heavily like a god.

Only Chen Huan was standing on the floor with a bit of sweat as he accepted everyone’s cheers.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host did well in representing the level of amateur basketball in China and conquered the Greek Team but the Greek aren’t the best in basketball. The host should aim for the best.”

“The system will issue a special mission, the host should go challenge USA professional players next and if the host was able to get the sincere appreciation of more than three basketball superstars, the host will receive a reward.”

Chen Huan could only hear the voice of the Good Lord even if everyone was cheering around him.

USA professional players?

Wasn’t that the NBA?

And it needed to be admired by three NBA superstars to complete the mission?

Good Lord, you actually have so much confidence in me, I’m so touched.

However, Chen Huan didn’t feel anxious about it.

‘Professional Basketball (Intermediate)’ may not reach the levels of those superstars but it gave him enough skill to be a rotational player in a good team.

He also had another strong point.

It was his extremely strong body.

The concoction strengthened Chen Huan’s body to an abnormal extent and although it didn’t look like those very muscled people, it reached the fitness of the absolute top physical fitness.

Let’s give an example.

The bodies of Howard and Lebron at their peak were at most a little better than Chen Huan’s.

A Howard and a Lebron could carry their team to a NBA final. How good was that?

Top NBA players were generally separated into two types.

One was great skills such Jordan, Nash, Stockton or Kobe.

The other was like Howard or O’Neil that relied on their athleticism to crush their opponent.

Of course, there was a third type of player.

It was the player that had both skills and athleticism. For example, Lebron was one of them, otherwise he wouldn’t have the title of ‘King’.

Chen Huan current combination athleticism and skills may not be enough to be an All-star starter but he was definitely an All-star substitute.

Also, one more thing.

Chen Huan was just 17 years old.

A 17 years old that had that much talent and skills, how could he not make a sensation.

It didn’t seem that difficult to gain the sincere appreciation of three NBA superstars.

If he had the opportunity to enter the NBA, would he have the same destiny as Ten Thousand Zhang?

Emperor Didu had three thousands queens and concubine but that Ten Thousand Zhang was even more terrifying!

No, when the figure reached ten thousand, it was unknown if it was the man playing the women or the women playing the man.

One wife wasn’t enough but a few were more than enough.

If more was added to it, it would be like shooting blanks, it was nothing fun.

While Chen Huan was in his thoughts, the referee Robert walked up to him.

“Congratulations, boy!” Robert stretched out his hand and said with a sincere smile, “I’ve never seen an Asian as talented as you! I wonder if you’re interested in participating in our basketball training summer camp?”

“I’ve to participate in the IMO so I’m afraid I don’t have the time.” Chen Huan sheepily said.

“It’s alright, isn’t’ there three days after the test?” Robert said, “If you’re interested, I can take you to the Jordan Training Camp in Santa Barbara for a try. Maybe you’ll be able to impress the god of basketball and be recommended by him to a NBA team?”


Chen Huan just laughed.

He wanted to say, do you take me for a fool?

If it was so easy to recommend someone into the NBA, wouldn’t the NBA be too disappointing?

But Chen Huan’s interest was roused when he remembered the mission given by the Good Lord, “I’m not going to train with those kids that came for fun, right?”

There were two types of training in the training camp.

The first type was where the children of wealthy people from various countries who spent around 10k USD to have fun in the US for ten days or so of which two or three days would be spent in the Jordan Summer Training Camp for various basketball training.

At the end of the summer, hundreds of those teams of people would come to the training camp. Jordan would only show up there at the beginning and at the end to sign some sneakers and he would be able to make plenty of money.

It had to be said Jordan was definitely the best superstar to make money by just relying on his basketball.

The second type was much more formal.

It was Jordan’s Training camp for young and talented players that aspired to be in the NBA.

Jordan would often come to watch and guide them, and many people had benefited from it.

Of course, there was an idiot like Mayo who was drafted in 2008 that dared to provoke Jordan in the training camp. Then he was taught by Jordan in all aspects of basketball and was given a lesson that he would never forget.

So it would be a good thing if Chen Huan went to the second type of training camp.

Robert just laughed when he heard him, “Boy, you’re taking me way too lightly. I’m a real guy from the basketball industry. I want to make you train with the people that went undrafted this year but still have hope to make it to the NBA. They were undrafted but they are still considered very talented in leagues like Europe, NCAA or other leagues and would play as a main player in those teams.”

Robert’s words sounded a bit arrogant but Chen Huan reluctantly acknowledged that was indeed the case.

In recent years, there were many NBA players that went to play in the CBA due to being too old or getting a serious injury previously. Their ability was about the same as this group of players in their 20s.

“Okay, then I’ll have to trouble Teacher Robert.” Chen Huan agreed readily.

“No problem but I’m looking forward to you becoming a superstar!” Robert answered with a smile.

If Chen Huan made a name for himself in the training camp, Robert would be credited for his scouting and it would be a great help for his future amateur job.

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