I Know Everything chapter 277

Chapter 277: Oh my god.


The sturdy Xia Jiajun finally couldn’t hold it off as he laughed and said, “You two fools got played! Haven’t you been online in the past few months? Didn’t you see Chen Huan trashing everyone in the basketball court?”

Yao Kai and Zou Yuhuang still had confused looks.

“I’ve been preparing for university curriculum these past few months and don’t hold much interest in browsing the internet. I only listen to some songs occasionally.” Yao Kai was the first to speak.

“Since… since I’m the worst in the team, I’ve been working and training very hard in order to not drag down the team so I haven’t been online.” Zou Yuhang also honestly said.

“No wonder!” Xia Jiajun said as he laughed, “Especially the miserable expression on Old Zou, I thought you were trying to confuse the enemy!”

While saying that, he took out his phone and showed them the video ‘Come, watch the Basketball Prince superb skills’.

The two leaned in and saw Chen Huan dunk over a tall player.

Those smooth movements and the beauty of the vicious dunk made the two feel tingling on their scalp.

The video was obviously a highlight as it showcased dunks, jumpshots and three point shots.

After watching the video, the two were filled with admiration and happiness when they lifted their head.

“No wonder, Little Lei was so confident!”  Yao Kai exclaimed when he thought back on how Lei Xiaode spoke previously, “You’re fooling the Greek team!”

“Who told them to be so arrogant? They are the one coming knocking on the door.” Lei Xiaode obviously felt very proud about himself.

“I feel relieved now”, Zou Yuhang looked at Chen Huan, “Teacher Lu, you’re really omnipotent! We will definitely win with you here!”

In the video, Chen Huan casually scored 10 points in 12 minutes like he was playing around.

The two finally understood at that moment why Li Naihao called them ‘despicable’.

It seemed that he already knew how good Chen Huan was in basketball and thought that they joined up to deceived the Greek Team!

But after figuring this out, Zou Yuhang laughed!

It didn’t matter!

As long as they could win!

Zou Yuhang had always been very timid and usually could only show 80% of his strength during big events.

This was because he had no confidence in himself.

But now Chen Huan gave him incredible confidence.

So he was too excited to care about fairness.


With this feeling, everyone rushed toward the basketball court after putting on their sneakers.

Since it was summer, everyone could play with a short and a T-shirt and all they needed was sneakers.

They found out at their arrival that the Greek Team was in their white basketball jersey and were warming up.

Compared to the other team, the Chinese team came with various colorful T-shirts and that made the various teams of the IMO that came to see laugh.

“This is destined to be a massacre!” An Argentinian contestant lazily said, “It’s really meaningless to see them trash a weaker team. It would be a better game if they played with our Argentinian team or the USA one.”

The person next to him also nodded in agreement.

Their countries were world class in the discipline so they were filled with confidence even if they were students.

But they were bored now so they came to witness some trashing.

Chen Huan and the other didn’t care about the other’s comments as they just seriously did their warm up.

The other four knew they didn’t have much to do but also did their best in their warm-up so they could help on the defensive end.

As more and more people came, the warm-up for both teams ended.

Now they were two basketball teams representing China and Greece.

The both parties turned solemn as they faced each other as the atmosphere became different.

Teacher Robert was one of the Teachers in the IMO and he also put on a referee uniform as he stood in the middle of the court with vitality.

He was a very serious person as he went to the nearby sports shop to buy a referee uniform when he heard there was a game going even though it was just a game between students.

The one going for the Jumpball for the Chinese team was Chen Huan.

The one going for the Greek team had the name ‘Spadis’ written on his jersey and was 193cm.

Lei Xiaode asked around and he was only 17 years old. He thought that it was some fucking cheat right there.

The IMO contestant wasn’t even a basketball talent but was 193cm tall which was higher than a lot of China’s basketball prospects.

Just as Lei Xiaode complained, Teacher Robert whistled the start of the game and threw the ball in the air.

Nobody looked at him as everyone’s eyes were at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan jumped and spun in the air as his hands moved down before going up.


The ball was slammed into the hoop without any problem.

The basket felt like it was falling off as it violently shook.


“Oh my god!”

“A 180 spin and two handed slam!”

“What did I just see?”

“No way! Impossible!”

“Did you see that, Tom? Holy shit! Is this kid still human?”

The spectator stood up and shouted in excitement.

Even the referee didn’t expect to see such an impressive dunk in a match like this.

He then immediately did the field goal validated gesture.

The five people from the Greek Team were completely stunned.

They kept looking back with a dumbfounded expression, which was a funny sight.

*Da…* *Da…* *Da…*

The basketball bounced on the ground and Chen Huan didn’t make a sound as he walked back toward his half and stood within the three point’s line in a defensive stance.

At that moment, nobody dared to say that the Chinese team was outmatched and an easy opponent.

The first thing the Greek team felt wasn’t confusion after getting to their senses but shame.

They were eager to get their honor back so they rushed on the offensive.

They didn’t use any tactics and only relied on their superior physics and talent to crush the Chinese team defense.

Spadis, who failed on the jump ball, received the ball and pushed away Lei Xiaode who was in front of him. He saw Chen Huan standing under the basker and rushed toward it before jumping with a roar as he held the ball with both hands.

He also wanted to dunk the ball like Chen Huan.

But Chen Huan jumped almost at the same time as him and firmly blocked the ball.

The ball flew out under the collision of two forces.

This was nothing compared to when the two players collided. It was Chen Huan who knocked Spadis away and caused him to abruptly fall to the floor.


As Spadis fell to the ground and cried out, the ball flew toward Yao Kai.

Although he never played basketball before, he had some knowledge of it so he quickly threw it to Chen Huan who easily caught it before the Greek team could get the rebound.

But Chen Huan had lost the opportunity to rush forward in the fastbreak.

Because two players from the Greek team blocked Chen Huan, one was from the right while the other was from the left.

Chen Huan didn’t hesitate with his moves as he crossed over before taking stopping and took a step back, the action destabilized the two Greek defenders so Chen Huan took advantage of the gap to dribble past the double team.

Then he encountered a third defender on his way forward but then he did a double crossover to put him on his ass.

Chen Huan didn’t continue to dribble forward but stood beside the fallen defender at three steps behind the three points line and directly took a jumpshot!

The ball went through the basket!

Robert gestured again.

The way he looked at Chen Huan was completely different now.

Everyone in the crowd also cheered for him.

The in fact hadn’t even recovered from the last possession but was shocked again by Chen Huan’s impeccable showing.

In the end, Chen Huan uncontested and casual 3 pointers was a perfect way to end this offensive highlight.

Although this possession didn’t have the violent dunk style, he still blocked the center and dribbled by three defenders before making a leisurely 3 pointer. Nobody could do better.

The spectators already became Chen Huan’s fans at that moment.

Several girls blushed and gave Chen Huan a seductive look.

Even the five members of the Greek team showed a dispirited expression.

This was too wild!

How could this Chinese kid be so good?

Especially Spadis who just got hit, he knew how strong his body was but he felt like he collided against iron.

Such physical strength wasn’t something a teenager of their ages could get, let alone a Chinese!

Chen Huan had already scored 5 points in a minute.

And there was 11 minutes left to play.

It was a short time but it became very long for the Greek players.

Although the game wasn’t over yet, it was already over for in the eyes of a lot of people.

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