I Know Everything chapter 276

Chapter 276: We’re so scared!

It was also the first time for Chen Huan to see those European and American’s beauties and he felt there were many differences with those actresses in action movies.

However, those foreign girls with large pores, rough skin, especially those who like wheat color tanned skin, weren’t in line with Chen Huan’s aesthetic preference.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these teenage girls had skin comparable to Chinese women in their 30s.

It was no wonder those Western celebrities didn’t dare to come out to see the people without make up after their 30s. Even people in their 20s relied on makeup to add luster to their appearance.

Chen Huan had no interest in them so he watched for a bit before he went to find a chair with a parasol and sat down. He also took a drink with him as he closed his eyes to rest.

He didn’t know how much time had passed but he was woken up by some noises and could hear some Chinese mixed in it.

He opened his eyes and saw a few tall Westerners were facing against Lei Xiaode and the others as they argued fiercely.

Although both sides’ arms were flailing around, they were all students after all and didn’t have the aura where they would convince you with their fists if their words couldn’t.

There were also people around watching them with excited expressions and laughed.

Chen Huan quickly got up and walked toward Lei Xiaode and the others.

“Please, our country’s women are what beauty is!”

“No, ours is!”

“Just look at yours, can your skins be compared to ours!?”

“Then why aren’t you comparing height and facial contour?”


They started to get more heated but none of them lost the control of their temper.

After all, the both sides that were arguing were mathematic top students and weren’t like the other people from the society where they started fighting when they didn’t agree.

It didn’t look like a big deal when you watched it as a bystander.

A freckled man said, “Come one, you’re all guys here, don’t always talk about women, okay? Go have a men’s game and just do it! Men have to rely on themselves to win, that’s the best way!”

Lei Xiaode saw Chen Huan coming and suddenly had an idea so he yelled out miserably, “Oh, no! You are so big and powerful. If we play basketball, wouldn’t we get trash miserably?”

That brat was someone quite evil. He had seen Chen Huan’s basketball skills that trashed everyone on the floor before so he immediately thought of tricking them.

“Hahaha! You are right!” A young guy on the other side laughed and said, “We Greeks are the best at sports, especially in sports where we are ranked amongst the top, much higher than China.”

It turned out that they were from the Greek IMO team.

Greece wasn’t as strong as when they were the one of the original four ancient civilizations as they had been in a slump since their economic crisis.

In other words, Greece had fallen behind since the industrial age.

But they were indeed doing well in sports.

For example, their football team won a European Cup and their basketball team was often a contender in the European Cup and even won it twice so they had remarkable results.

China’s basketball team was definitely much better than their football side but they were only the boss of Asia and couldn’t be considered good at the world stage.

Compared to the dominance shown by Greece, China could only be the younger brother.

“Right, are you interested in having a game with us?” The same teenager asked, “We will play a 12 minutes quarter and it’ll be our loss if you can score ten points”

There was an uproar among the onlookers.

The Greeks also looked down on the basketball level of the Chinese national team.

10 points in 12 minutes wasn’t something difficult usually.

If they encountered good players, a single player could score 10 points in 12 minutes.

As for Kobe, who had 6 billion diehard fans, he could score 30 points in a single quarter and that was on a NBA court, how impressive that was?

(The 6 billion fans are a meme to demonstrate how much fans and how loved Kobe was in China.)

In the amateur level, everyone was full on offense while relaxed in defense.

The Greeks thought that the Chinese couldn’t even score 10 points and those math nerds suddenly felt angry.

But they got frustrated when they thought of their own levels.


It would be a question if they would be able to hit the basket!

Looking at those at those Greeks, they were all at least 180cm or even 190 cm tall, these fucking guys could be a basketball team, alright?!

Lei Xiaode just yelled in refusal, “No, no, you’re just bullying people! We won’t get anything if we win and get absolutely embarrassed if we lose, no way!”

“How about this?” Another Greek member said while laughing, “If you win and after the IMO is done, I will give you guys each a pair of AJ sneakers, how about it? They are all limited edition and worth more than 1000 dollars?”

“One thousand dollar?” Lei Xiaode was tempted and hesitated but in the end he refused, “No, let’s forget it.”

“Each person will also get the latest version of IPhone!” Another Greek contestant said.


“Each person gets a macbook!” A third Greek contestant said mockingly.


“Each person… uh!?”

A fourth Greek contestant also wanted to give out his own but suddenly thought he heard something wrong.

The same was for the other Greeks, they couldn’t believe it.

They actually agreed?

“Yes, you heard it right, I agreed.” Lei Xiaode looked around with a triumphant expression, “Everyone, old and young, you guys have all heard it, you guys have to uphold the bet if they lose!”


The western IMO contestants burst in laughter.

The Greek team laughed even more exaggeratedly.

They looked at the Chinese team and only Chen Huan was at 180cm mark while the other was all below 180cm and they were all very thin. How could they dare play basketball with the strong physics of the Greek Team?

Did they go crazy?

Did they go crazy after seeing all the benefits?

“No problem! Haha!” A contestant from the USA team said, “Don’t worry, they won’t go back on their words if they lose, unless they don’t want their honor anymore!”

“Yes, we’ll be the witness.” A Britain contestant said, “Let’s go to the basketball court, we’ll give you guys some time to change your clothes and shoes. See you guys on the court in 20 minutes, you’re not a man if you don’t come!”

“One of our teachers is an amateur referee. I’ll ask him to become our referee later.” The freckled American contestant said, “I’ll find you some audience while I’m at it… how about the girls swimming there? You guys better put a good show!”

The Greek Team laughed.

They weren’t worried at all.

Although they were only amateur in basketball, it was Greece amateur level.

But wouldn’t they be like super players if they were put in China?

With their height advantage and stronger body, it would be hard for the Chinese team to score 4 or 5 field goals.

They saw the scholarly weak body of the Chinese members and even though the one that just joined looked better, he was still a size smaller than the Greek smallest player.

So why would they be afraid?

“Wait a minute, what are you guys going to do if you lose?” A Greek contestant asked the Chinese team that was about to walk away.

“What do you propose?” Lei Xiaode asked with a grin.

“How about this… you guys just have to run three laps around the hotel and yell ‘The Greek team is the best and Greek women are the most beautiful!’, is that alright?” The member from the Greek Team pondered for a long time before he came up with that.

In their opinion, China was bound to lose and they felt it was an unfair matchup to begin so they didn’t want to go overboard with their demands.

Moreover, the people from the Greek team were also math top students and not some very social person so they weren’t violent or arrogant.


Lei Xiaode agreed before dragging the other with him.

Chen Huan thought it was funny as he followed behind.

How could Chen Huan not know what he was planning?

In Chinese IMO team, Zou Yuhang’s face was a bit pale as he said, “Xiaode, why did you take the bet with them? We’ll make plenty of noise if we lose and at that time, wouldn’t be scolded by the Team Leader?”

Yao Kai also frowned as he said, “He’s right. Lei Xiaode, we are not good at basketball, you were too rash! Fortunately, they aren’t demanding much otherwise it would have just refused on the spot, it was better to be embarrassed now than later.”

Everyone got closer recently and they also knew Lei Xiaode did this because of their earlier dispute so they didn’t have much to complain about that.

However, they felt troubled by the fact they had to fight others in a subject that they weren’t familiar with.

So the two of them felt distressed about it but the unseen Li Naihao pretended to pass by inadvertently and said in disdain.


He glared at them in scorn before leaving.

   ⊙ ▂⊙

What’s going on?

Zou Yuhang and Yao Kai were confused.

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