I Know Everything chapter 275

Chapter 275: Everyone had an opportunity!

Lei Xiaode sat with Chen Huan on the plane.

Everyone was very energetic when they got into the plane so he asked Chen Huan about the two recruiters from yesterday.

“Did the pair from yesterday came from Tsinghua?”

“No, they are from Huazhong University.”

Lei Xiaode was shocked by the answers and said, “They have such a thick skin? They dare to compete with the big three for students?”

“The thing is that they indeed have the idea and implemented it, which is quite impressive.” Chen Huan agreed but held a different opinion.

“Tsk, who doesn’t know you will choose the three prestigious schools?” Lei Xiaode said while shaking his head, “Tsinghua in fact doesn’t have a chance, how could Professor Chang or Professor Yu let you go to another school?”

“Now that you’re mentioning it, I also find it strange.” Chen Huan mentioned it to Lei Xiaode, “None of the three prestigious schools came to see me.”

“I think it’s because you’re busy with the IMO and they don’t want to distract you from it.” Lei Xiaode took a guess, “You can only choose the three of them so they aren’t worried.”

“This isn’t a certainty.” Chen Huan then told him the condition Yuan Die gave him.

Lei Xiaode’s eyes immediately lit up and grabbed Chen Huan’s arm as he said with an eager expression, “Sister, Sister Xiaofeng, if they can really fulfill their promise, you have to take me with you! Those pretty girls aren’t important but I love research!”


Chen Huan immediately replied.

“But Huazhong University really does have a chance.” Lei Xiaode said, “That pretty teacher is right, If you go abroad, you add some luster to the school but the school wouldn’t be able to help you much. Similarly, whichever school you studied in China wouldn’t be able to help you much but you will be the pride and treasure of the school.”

“Under those conditions, whichever school you go is the same! The only difference is which school can provide you with the best offer! Huazhong University is quite impressive on this point! They dared to take the initiative and also gave out enticing conditions which the other three prestigious schools might not be able to give!”

What Lei Xiaode said really had some senses.

This was also what Chen Huan thought about.

Tang Fengjin didn’t say it clearly but that was what they meant.

Moreover, this was an upfront offer so they weren’t worried that their reputation would be affected if this spreaded out.

But those two also opened a gate for change.

That was no matter which school it was, as long as they gave Chen Huan the best offer, it would be favored by Chen Huan when he was about to choose a school.

In other words, there was a chance for a third rate university to get Chen Huan.

Chen Huan was worried now.


If the Good Lord had a crazy idea and insisted him to a bottom tiered school to drag them to the top from the bottom, wouldn’t he be beaten to death by his master?

Ugh, I won’t think about it anymore.

He would choose Fudan or Peking if the Good Lord still hadn’t given him anything when the Spring Festival came around.

Although it didn’t make much of a difference to him, it was better if he had acquaintances in them.

But it was such a pity!

Chen Huan heart hurt a bit when he thought of the beauties flying away from him.

He naturally lost interest in chatting after feeling a bit depressed so he just closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Chen Huan heard people cheering when the plane landed.

Flying on a plane for 12 hours was indeed very tortuous as the feeling of floating in the air was very uncomfortable.

Western countries didn’t pay much attention to etiquette but for this kind of international competition, the organizing committee still had to send cars to pick up the contestants from different nations.

They went to the hotel for a wash and breakfast as everyone didn’t feel sleepy with the jet lag.

One was because they slept on the plane and the other was because it was only 10am in the US.

They took off at 8pm, flew for 12 hours, then went to the hotel from the airport, took a shower and a meal but only two hours passed, this could only make people sigh at the strangeness of the time-zone.

However, the students had been notified by the team leader Cheng Weiya to not go beyond 500 meters from the hotel these two days and should use it to rest.

If they wanted to visit and tour Los Angeles, they should wait until after the test and the grading of the papers by the judges before they could relax and go have fun.

Although the hotel was on the outskirts of the city, it wasn’t as if the surrounding was deserted as there were shopping centers, cinemas and various restaurants.

There were many cars parked around when they came over in their bus so the surrounding area was quite popular.

There were 107 teams participating this time. more than 600 contestants and more than 400 team leaders, teachers, observers, staff etc… with more than 1000 people, it was obviously impossible to stay in a single hotel.

The organizing committee arranged five hotels for them in a radius of 10 km.

However, they didn’t use the college dorm style as each room was a double room that was quite spacious.

It was great to have space because if it was held in Japan, those European and American contestants would probably cry because they would probably feel that they went to a dwarf country.

When Chen Huan came in earlier, he saw the flag of more than 20 countries including China, Britain, USA, Russia and Brazil at the entrance. The contestants from those countries were obviously staying there.

It was the first time in the USA for the six members so they all felt very curious and novel so after talking to the teachers, they went to wander around.

Li Naihao obviously did it alone while Chen Huan and the other four did it as a group.

The hotel was quite interesting.

It wasn’t a luxurious brand such as Hilton or Marriott but there was a swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court and other facilities within the hotel.

Lei Xiaode made a very good suggestion to check out the swimming pool due to the hot weather to see if they should take a dip or not.

Chen Huan and the other agreed to it and all swarmed toward the pool.

It turned out that quite some people had the same ideas as them. Numerous people were standing and sitting around the pool and almost all of them were contestants from the IMO.

Everyone had big smiles after eye contact.

They looked at the pool and saw many people swimming. More boys swam the deeper part of the pool while more girls swam at the shallow part of the pool.

There were women in their teens to in their 40s present. European and American girls were naturally more open so dressed more refreshingly.

There were some girls who were obviously contestants of the IMO and they boldly dressed in swimsuits that only covered the vital parts as they played in the water.

“Tsk, tsk! It’s decayed!”

“The world is getting worse!”

“My eyes are stinging, it’s stinging!”

Several members of the team were condemning the sight but their eyes were reluctant to look away for even a second.

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