I Know Everything chapter 274

Chapter 274: Famous school recruitment.

Chen Huan set aside two weeks for the IMO in fact wouldn’t even take that long.

The entire process of IMO took around two weeks.

The first thing, the team leaders from the various countries would arrive in the host city with their own prepared questions and hand it over to the organizing committee.

Then the organizing committee would take those few days to choose 6 questions from it and put it on the test.

It would take around two days and also one day before the opening ceremony, the teams would arrive.

Then one days for the opening ceremony, two days for the exam, two days to grade the paper, one days to announce the results, one day for closing ceremony and farewell dinner, then they would be back to China.

It would take around 9 days in total for the students.

It took around 12 hours to fly to Los Angeles and they had to take the plane quite early but not many people went to bed early.

Because they could get their sleep on the plane.

Even if they got jet lag, there was a day before the opening ceremony.

Chen Huan took his laptop and continued to write emails to Professor Beni.

Professor Beni was also a friend of Professor Devries, he was a professor of the mathematics department of Paris VI and was now working with Professor Devries in the Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge.

He was a mathematician that actively participated in the research of ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ before and admired Chen Huan’s talent deeply. Everytime he wrote to Chen Huan, he would add a sentence ‘Paris VI will welcome your arrival’.


Someone suddenly knocked at his door.

Chen Huan took a look at the time and saw it was 9pm.

Who was it?

It shouldn’t be those seductresses and beauties on those call-girl cards, right?

Obviously not.

Then Chen Huan laughed. This was an affiliate hotel of Peking University and the service knew who was on this floor and if those kinds of people were let in, a bunch of people would get fired tomorrow.

“Student Chen Huan, hello, we’re teachers from Huazhong University of Science and Technology!” A voice was heard over the door.

Chen Huan was taken aback but still went to open the door.

He saw two people standing outside. A man in his 50s and a beautiful woman in her 30s.

“Student Chen Huan, I’m Tang Fenjin from the Academic Affairs Office of Huazhong University and this is Yuan Die from the Admission Office.” The man said with a smile, “Can we go in and talk?”


Chen Huan agreed and invited them into the room.

This was a single room with a small living space so they could sit on the bed while Chen Huan was on the chair.

“Haha, someone like Student Chen must rarely stay in such a simple hotel, right?” Yuan Die was the first one to speak, “I heard while filming in Hengdian, the standard for a big star like you is a master suite, right?”

“I stayed in a suite they arranged.” Chen Huan replied with a slight smile, “It’s about the same anywhere, I just need a comfortable bed.”

“Hehe, you really don’t care about it huh~~~” Yuan Die looked around the room and saw the laptop on the desk behind Chen Huan. She could vaguely make out that he was writing an email, “Oh, Student Chen, you’re still using such an old method of writing emails? Are you writing it to Han Dong’er?”

He didn’t know if this beautiful woman just liked to gossip around or just wanted to relax the atmosphere by saying that.

Chen Huan hesitated before he honestly said, “It’s not Dong’er, I’m writing an email to Professor Beni.”

“Professor Beni?” Yuan Die’s brain didn’t know how to process the information as the girl she was talking about suddenly became a professor.

“Yes, he’s a professor from Paris VI and gave me many inspirations as well as helped me greatly on ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and the current ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’.” Chen Huan said, “He recently proposed a very interesting theory of elliptic curves that can be considered to expand the sequence ordering on the field of rational numbers and the finite field of elements. We’re discussing about this point.”

Yuan Die: “…”


Although I know you’re speaking Chinese and know every word that comes out of your mouth, why do I feel confused when I connect the words and try to make sense of it?

She felt Chen Huan’s body radiated light for a moment.

And with Chen Huan’s unparalleled handsome face, this woman who birthed a child a few years ago, felt her throat go dry.

Seeing Yuan Die’s stunned expression, Tang Fengjin gave a wry smile and changed the subject, “Oh, it turned out to be a professor of mathematics from Paris VI! Their mathematics department should be very famous in the world, right?”

“Their mathematics department should be in the world’s top ten.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “There are many interesting scholars there and their research direction is also very interesting. Professor Bell proposed to me to study there for a few years and research on ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ while I’m at it.”

Tang Fengjin was also stunned by those words.

Paris VI invited Chen Huan to study over there.

He suddenly felt that coming here today was a mistake.

“Lu… Hum, Student Chen, are you willing to go to Paris?” Yuan Die returned to her senses at that moment, “There’s nothing that good abroad. I went to study in the US before and I got bored after half a year before crazily missing my home country! It’s better to study in China, how about you come to our Huazhong University of Science and Technology?”

Chen Huan looked at Yuan Die and couldn’t help but laugh.

It was said that women’s brains were made of unknown stuff and that nobody knew what thoughts came off of it.

For example, what Yuan Die just said was quite weird as she tried to recruit him so bluntly.

“Don’t laugh.” Yuan Die said, “We are a super-first-class university in China and ranks amongst the top ten in the country. Although it’s a bit worse compared to Peking or Tsinghua, it’s only a tiny bit. With your ingenuity and intellect, how can you possibly need those foreign schools to teach you anything? You can be fine by yourself!”

“When the results come out, I can confidently say that our Chinese schools can also do great research! This is also to let those foreigners know to not show off all the time as if they were the only one that could do it!”

 “Cough, cough, cough!”

Tang Fengjin couldn’t help but think that Yuan Die really dared to say anything.

He in fact felt a little depressed when he heard Chen Huan talk about Professor Beni.

The renowned Professors that Chen Huan knew wasn’t only Professor Beni but also Devries, Karuide, Andre… they were all renowned professors from world class universities and all their schools would be excited to have Chen Huan.

The three prestigious schools of China weren’t up to par compared to those universities, let alone the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.”

However, what Tang Fengjin didn’t expect was that Chen Huan would agree with her.


Did he hear wrong?

“Teacher Yuan, you are right, I think so too.” Chen Huan said, “Although the professors helped me a lot, it isn’t like the Chinese can’t do without them. Our five thousand years of great history is much better than them!”

“Exactly!” Yuan Die was excited when she heard that, “I heard from the internet that you’ll be able to make a great breakthrough in a few years, maybe you’ll even prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and gain great honor for us Chinese!”

“If you come to our school to study next year, you don’t have to go to classes and the school will arrange a large office for you. The funds will definitely be sufficient and we will prove you with a graduate assistant to help you on other tasks!”

Tang Fenjie wanted to interrupt her and say that the principal of the school didn’t say that but then closed his mouth.

If Chen Huan could be tricked like that to join their school, this little thing shouldn’t be a problem, right?

He was a world renowned mathematician after all and it would be too presumptuous to let him sit in a class like some ordinary university student.

In the entire department of mathematics in Huazhong University, there was no professor who could match Chen Huan’s achievement in mathematics!

“Thank you for your appreciation, I’m very grateful.” Chen Huan calmly said, “However, I can’t decide where I’ll be going yet, I’ll let you know when I make a decision.”

Yuan Die gauged Chen Huan’s personality a bit so pouted a bit but didn’t realize she was 30 years old and acting like a little girl didn’t suit her.

“Student Chen, you’re so mean. We are so sincere about it, you can’t just give us some perfunctory answer!”

“I’m not, Teacher Yuan.” Chen Huan didn’t get angry, “I really don’t know where I’m going and I have to prepare for the IMO, prepare to go back for filming, I completely don’t have the time to think about this… I believe it’s not something good if I irresponsibly and hastily make a decision for such an important decision, don’t you think?”

Chen Huan really wasn’t trying to negotiate with them.

The important thing was to be ready in case the Good Lord issued a mission.

If there wasn’t, Chen Huan thought he could study in Peking or Fuda and Huazhong wasn’t an unreasonable choice either.

But wouldn’t he screw himself over if the Good Lord issued a mission but he already agreed to join a school?

“Then give us a time!” Yuan Die insisted.

“Before the Spring Festival!” Chen Huan let out a sigh, “If I decide to go to the Huazhong University, I’ll give you a call.”


Yuan Die took out her business card and gave it to Chen Huan but also patted his shoulder as she said, “Teacher Lu, this isn’t me bragging but our female students at Huazhong University are really beautiful! If you come, Sister Yuan can help you out and assure you that all those graduate students that will help you out are all beauties! Not worse than Han Dong’er!”

Tang Fengjin turned his head away.

I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything!

I don’t know anything!

Chen Huan didn’t expect Yuan Die to be so blunt.

But this kind of personality was nice, smooth and flexible, with a determined mentality.

His university life would be better if he dealt with teachers like that.


One point to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

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