I Know Everything chapter 273

Chapter 273: Rally.

Chen Huan was really short on time as he handed the scores of the song to Shui Qingshan and Shui Qianyu in the evening after they went home and discussed about it with them for two hours before he went to rest at 11pm.

The morning after, Xia He drove him to the airport.

Chen Huan landed in Huajing by noon.

Most people would be very tired after taking two flights in two days.

But Chen Huan wasn’t like most people as he drank the decoction and how could a decoction made of high end medicinal herbs worth 1.5 million Yuan be ineffective?

The organizing committee already notified him in which hotel the team stayed and he only had to directly go there from the airport.

The first thing Chen Huan did after arriving at the hotel was reporting to the two teachers who were leading the team for the first time. They let out a sigh of relief at his arrival.

The two teachers were a man and a woman. The male was Tao Jun, a mathematics teacher in his 40s from Peking University. The female was Wen Ruimin, an English teacher in her 30s from Peking University.

They were in charge of the team of six and there was also the team leader along with two other people that took care of the logistics and security.

A total of 11 people would go to Los Angeles this time.

The team leader was a director in the IMO committee and was named Cheng Weiya. He already went to Los Angeles and according to the regulation, the team leader should arrive a few days in advance.

Although Chen Huan was the last to arrive, none of them were dissatisfied and were happy that Chen Huan at least came.

Although Chen Weiya was somewhat of an official, he was a student of Chang Guangcheng and Tao Jun was one of Chang Guangcheng’s subordinates. Neither of them would make it hard for Chen Huan.

Wen Ruimin was mainly responsible to translate for the group and guide them so she didn’t care about the details at all.

So the only person that wasn’t happy about Chen Huan was Li Naihao from Hualing High School that ranked second in the exams.

When Chen Huan went to the restaurant for dinner and to meet his other five teammates, Li Naihao instantly sneered, “Yo, isn’t this our big celebrity? What? You’re willing to put aside your tens of million in pay to represent your country?”

“Nah, the shooting is having a two weeks pause and resume when I come back.” Chen Huan nonchalantly said, “It can’t be helped, I’m worthy enough for them to wait…how about student Li also go give it a try? Maybe there would be someone willing to take you as an extra?”

“Tsk! No way I’m going to become an actor!” Li Naihao pretended he didn’t care about it.

“You’re probably not even qualified to be an actor, right?” Chen Huan spread his hand and said, “I will still say the same thing, how about you go get a role and let me see? Otherwise shut up, get it!?”


Li Naihao was speechless and didn’t want to say anything more either so he just left.

“Let’s go eat.” Lei Xiaode naturally came up to Chen Huan and said, “Tell us about your filming in Hengdian while we are at it!”

“I want to hear it too!” A tall and sturdy teammate also came over.

He was called Xia Jiajun and was a second year student from Xiangnan Middle School and placed fourth during the training camp.

Xia Jiajun looked like more of an athlete but he was in fact an all-around genius that was very interested in mechanical structures.

“I… I want to hear it too.” Zou Yuhang also spoke up with his Huajing accent.

He was from Huajin Fourth Middle School and placed sixth during the training camp.

He was usually very shy and easily gets nervous.

The main reason for the June training camp happening was to improve his and Lei Xiaode’s results.

They would have an easier time to get the gold medal as long as they could improve by five points or so.

The four people had their dinner and sat at the same table.

Before they started to eat, a student with a square head took a stool and sat with them.

“Hey, Old Kai, I didn’t think you liked to gossip too!” Lei Xiaode looked at him in surprise.

The student was called Yao Kai and was a third year student from Jiangdong Middle School. He had a very calm personality resembling a person in his 30s.

His bearing and Zou Yuhang’s bearing in the exam room were both extreme.

“I’m not.” Yao Kao lowered his head and started eating, “I just feel that since we’ll be together, it’s better if we develop some teamwork.”


Lei Xiaode didn’t say anything else but glanced at Li Naihao who was eating alone and everyone knew what he meant.

“Chen Huan, tell me, are you guys fighting for real when you’re filming ‘Young Di Renjie’?” Xia Jiajun waved his hands around imitating some combat moves, “I heard they have the best martial artists in China there, better than those from Mount Wudang and Shaolin Temple, are they really that good?”

Chen Huan had nothing to do anyway and also wanted to develop some teamwork so they would be more enthusiastic about the IMO so he told a story about it to them.

Speaking of martial artists, Chen Huan remembered the reaction of Zhou Pu and Zheng Rongrong when he taught Bao Liangkong a lesson.

Chen Huan finished the fight before Zhou Pu even arrived at the scene but Zhou Pu was still frightened by it as he repeatedly told Chen Huan to not try to be a hero next time.

Zheng Rongrong also called the next day to tell him to not use force to solve the problem if he was bullied, he could just tell her about it and she would resolve it for him.

The princess really cared about him.

She also told the dojo master and the others to keep their mouth shuts and not spread some nonsense outside.

Otherwise if the others learned of Chen Huan’s fighting strength, wouldn’t they come to duel him one by one so they could become famous in one battle?

It was also for this reason that Chen Huan quietly continued to film and didn’t cause any more uproar in Hengdian.

Chen Huan had always good eloquence and made those people listen with gusto when he told them some anecdote about filming or some other gossip.

Even Yao Kai, who was focused on his meal, stopped a few times to listen to Chen Huan.

Li Naihao was so angry that smoke came out of his nostril.

He originally tried to integrate with the team this month so they would team with him and then isolate Chen Huan.

Even if they won the gold medals in the USA and Chen Huan did the most, they could use their collective strength to marginalize Chen Huan.

At that time, Chen Huan wouldn’t be able to get anything as he wouldn’t be credited for it. the angry Li Naihao got happy by just thinking about it.

But things didn’t go as he imagined.

The other team member didn’t pay any attention to him.

Not to mention, Lei Xiaode came from Lin’an just like Chen Huan.

The other three weren’t very interested in Li Naihao’s suggestion and opinion as they even avoided discussing it with him and that made Li Naihao very uncomfortable.

In fact, he didn’t think that everyone that could join the IMO team was a prideful genius with extraordinary intellect.

So when Li Naihao came up with the attitude of ‘I want to be the boss and you guys can benefit by following me’, who was going to take it?

Chen Huan was different as he didn’t only rank first in the training camp for 14 consecutive days, he was also a renowned mathematician.

For the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, Chen Huan not only proved ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’, he also put forward ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ and those achievements wasn’t something people from the IMO could do.

So Chen Huan was far ahead in terms of pure ability.

In a subject like mathematics, skill was the most powerful weapon as there was no room for fake.

If everyone wanted to recognize someone as the boss, they would take the strongest person so could Li Naihao even match up to him?

That was why everyone crowded to Chen Huan when he came.

Everyone participated in the IMO to win the gold medal.

Chen Huan looked more reliable than Li Naihao.

Their chatting was also a test for Chen Huan to see if he was arrogant or not.

If he was, they wouldn’t listen to him.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Chen Huan was very relaxed and friendly during their talk without any pretentious gesture.

A person like that was the most suitable to work with!

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