I Know Everything chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Planning.

When Chen Huan went back home, he began to search for information on ‘Godly Singer’ on the internet.

‘Godly Singers’ was a singing contest program launched by Yuzhou TV three years ago.

Since his launch, it became one of Yuzhou TV’s top variety shows and firmly occupied the top spot in rating for variety show at 10pm Friday.

Their style wasn’t a talent show to attract an audience but really let famous singers sing.

The quality was guaranteed with singers like that and situations where people go out of tune in each song was impossible.

The singers also didn’t have the pressure of a talent show but it didn’t mean that the competition wasn’t fierce.

On the contrary, because singers must be eliminated at each round and only the final singer would be called the ‘Godly Singer’ so those singers were more conscientious and wouldn’t dare to relax.

Of course, the title of ‘Godly Singer’ didn’t have much practical significance.

The three previous winners of ‘Godly Singer’ never said they were godly singers when they were doing shows or performed elsewhere.

Because the emperors and small emperors didn’t even say it but they started to show off just because they participated in a variety, they would offend a lot of people by doing that.

However, it was a fact that their career rejuvenated after participating in ‘Godly Singer’ or entered another level.

Many fans had nostalgic mentality and when they saw those famous singers be like those students and singers enthusiast and participate in those singing competitions to sing familiar and unfamiliar songs, they couldn’t help but feel emotional.

The old songs somewhat represented their yearning of the past.

Such as missing that time.

Or missing the people.

So it was easy for the audience to get easily immersed into the show.

Their super high rating of 1.7% also proved how great ‘Godly Song’ was.

It would be impossible for such a highly anticipated show to be without substance.

‘Godly Singer’ had a very strict regulation and review toward cheating. There were some singers that used some way to influence the voting and were instantly ordered to withdraw from the how.

They could only win by relying on their voices and songs to win.

Shui Qingshan’s voice was very strong but he was in a rock band when he was young so his voice was quite hoarse.

Of course, the hoarseness became lighter after he maintained his voice for so many years and it even became deeper and resonant.

He often spent his time practicing his voice and songs and had never slack. It was the same for Lin Xinyi and Zhang Kun.

Even Lei Daxuan often practiced his guitar at home according to Ning Pingping.

For singers and bands like that, Chen Huan didn’t have to worry they wouldn’t be able to handle the song.

Only third-rate singers could only sing songs suited to their characteristic voice and nothing else.

Even the love song prince that had feminine voice like Xinzhe, didn’t he sing ‘Fake Monk’ from Cui Jian in the program ‘Singer’?

(Cui Jian has a rough voice)

There was also the ancient style singer Old Tang, didn’t he modify many songs in ‘Singer’ and they were all a success?

So in theory, Shui Qingshan could sing even women’s songs.

However, they were participating in a competition and Chen Huan would choose songs that suited best his voice so they could cause a sensation, win the competition and had a good album sale.

The members of Comeback, except the 15 years old Shui Qianyu, the youngest member was Zhang Kun at 38 years old.

That band wasn’t suitable to sing those love songs or more specifically those pop love songs.

They were more suitable to sing songs that were good to listen to, that gave the feeling of insight in life and the lyrics could resonate with people.


It had to be said that many songs made by Li Zongsheng were suitable. 

The songs he made after 2000 reached the peak of life’s insightful feelings.

But brother Li’s songs during that time had big weaknesses.

Most of those songs were too heavy. For example, songs like ‘Sand Dune’ were too sad and too negative and weren’t as good as the songs he made in the 80s or 90s.

Chen Huan wouldn’t choose a song like that as he preferred a more optimistic song.

But with a chance to remember a song given by the system, Chen Huan didn’t have to think too much about it as he could just go look at Brother Li’s song.

After a moment, Chen Huan found a suitable song.

‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’

It was a classic song released by Zhao Chuan in 1990 in the other world.

Zhao Chuan’s life wasn’t easy. He was short and ugly and had no strong point except his voice.

He chose the path of a singer but experienced many setbacks.

‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’ was the second title song of the album. It also expressed his aspiration to become famous after being lonely so long, Brother Li also wrote his own feeling of parting in the song.

“Please wave your hands again for me, Let us keep our love in our hearts.”

“Maybe one day I’ll be too old to sing and walk, but I will still give you my most sincere smile.”

Take a look!

You didn’t need to hear the song, just looking at the lyrics would be able to make people feel emotional!

Good songs just have that charm.

Honestly, Chen Huan felt like it was a waste to use the song for an audition.

But hundreds of singers signed up for ‘Godly Song’ and only 64 of them would be selected amongst the sea of people while the rest would be eliminated so Chen Huan couldn’t let Comeback take this risk.

Any talent contest had some people who used their relationship and Comeback could only advance all the way if they have an undeniable advantage over others.

Just like for Grandpa Zhao Changshou, no one dared to eliminate him otherwise the audience would go into uproar and the TV station and the show would be in a tough predicament.

With a first song like this, it would be easier in the knockout rounds later.

The Good Lord also only gave him a song after each round and not all at once, otherwise Chen Huan would have Shui Qingshan and the others all the songs right in the beginning so he could avoid the trouble of giving a song every week.

But thinking about it, if he gave six songs at once, wouldn’t he be unable to give a seventh song for a few months?

That wasn’t going to happen!

So writing a song every week was in line with the creativity and inspiration that a songwriter had so it wouldn’t be that surprising.

However, Chen Huan would be staying two weeks in the USA.

He was able to write classic songs in such an environment and that story and feat obviously added to the legend of Lu Xiaofeng.

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