I Know Everything chapter 271


Chapter 271: Named Comeback.

Chen Huan internally clicked his tongue when he heard the Good Lord last words.

What did that mean?

Then he heard the people beside him talking about which competition to join.

“The competitions that are about to start are ‘Sound of Heaven’ from Huajin TV, ‘I Sing My Song’ from Zhejiang TV, ‘Golden Melody Reappearance’ from Nanwan TV and ‘Godly Singers’ from Yuzhou TV.” Zhang Kun was obviously fan of those singing contest, “The toughest competition is definitely ‘Sound of Heaven’ and ‘Godly Singers.’”

“The two shows have the highest rating and also have the most big names participating in it. ‘Especially ‘Godly Singers’ as mostly the well-known singers of the industry were allowed to participate in and because of the strict selection, everyone sings very well and the rating is also the highest.”

“Just say which competition gives out the most prize money!” Shui Qingshan boldly said, “With Little Huan here, what do we need to be afraid of?”

Zhang Kun said with a laugh, “Of course it’s ‘Godly Singers’! This year’s prize money is 10 million!”

“Why is it so high?” Li Xinyi was shocked, “Wasn’t it 5 million last year?”

“Haha, it’s because ‘I Sing My Song’ increased their prize to 5 million and ‘I Sing My Song’ was so popular last year that they certainly surpassed ‘Godly Singers.” Zhang Kun said, “Yuzhou TV doesn’t lack money anyway and ‘Godly Singers’ is their biggest variety show and they certainly needed to compete with ‘I Sing My Song’.”

“Let’s do this then!” Li Xinyi said, “We’re going to ‘Godly Songs’, ten million is enough for us to do a lot of things.”

Chen Huan observed a minute of silence for Zhejiang TV.

They missed an opportunity to shoot up their rating again because they lagged behind in winning prize money.

But then again.

10 million in prize was really a sum that many singers couldn’t resist.

If it wasn’t for the fact that those students or ordinary people etc… wasn’t allowed to sign up, the audition alone would probably take a few months.

“Hey, they say that Yuzhou TV spent 50 million yuan this time to upgrade their stage equipment and they planned to make it big.” Zhang Kun said, “There are plenty of singers coming for the 10 million prize! Except the emperors and empresses as well as small empresses and emperors, there are many renowned singers signing up! Our ‘Chariots of Flames’ isn’t that well-known.”

“That isn’t important. The most important is skill.” Shui Qingshan said, “When will their registrations end? How long till the qualifiers start?”

“The registration ends tomorrow, June 30th.” Zhang Kun said, “The qualifiers start in a week and then 64 singers will be selected for the elimination rounds. With the audition in Huhai, it would be six rounds in total. We should prepare around 20 songs.”

“The qualifiers shouldn’t be a problem to us but we should start preparing together right now.” Shui Qingshan said, “Some of our old songs, some current songs and Little Huan’s four songs as the secret weapons.”

“Ahem, Uncle Shui, the number I gave earlier was just approximately.” Chen Huan said, “If there’s 6 rounds, I can make six songs if I try a bit harder.”

“You don’t have to go that far.” Li Xinyi said, “Little Huan, four songs should be enough.”

“Right, wouldn’t this be too….” Zhang Kun wanted to say ‘wasteful’ but it sounded wrong so he stopped.

“When Chen Huan says he can do it, he can do it.” Shui Qianyu said with a serious expression, “You guys shouldn’t refuse.”

She was the person who believed in Chen Huan the most and Chen Huan’s hard work was for Uncle Xuan anyway, they were all family!”

Shui Qingshan looked at Chen Huan and then laughed when he saw Chen Huan nod seriously.

Who wouldn’t want more good songs in their hands?

In reality, there wasn’t much difference in singing skills and it was mostly the quality of the song.

The quality of the song and whether they were suitable to sing it were all very important points.

Then it would be very shameful for them if they didn’t win the competition because the songs weren’t good enough.

The shame was actually nothing. The most important thing was that their album wouldn’t gain enough reputation because they weren’t the champion.

It would be the worst if they didn’t make enough for Lei Daxuan’s medical expanse or enough for Ning Pinping and Lei Jie’s future living expanse.

Chen Huan naturally had his own plans.

The Good Lord already said he would get a song for each round.

He just had to come up with a song for the audition and the rest would be given by the Good Lord so he didn’t have to worry about the future success.

Chen Huan also worried that Shui Qingshan would take it too lightly and end up being prematurely eliminated. At that moment, not to mention the fact they may not get enough money for Lei Daxuan and his family, wouldn’t he also fail to get his rewards?

Many smart people failed before due to arrogance.

“Dad, I remember the name of your band and everything all belonged to your past record company, right?” Shui Qianyu suddenly remembered an important point, “Can we get it back?”

Shui Qingshan’s face palmed at that and exclaimed, “Ah, my memories! We can’t take back our band name otherwise we wouldn’t have disbanded back then!”

“It’s okay.” Li Xinyi comforted, “It just happened that we are making a comeback, let’s take a new name. A new name and new looks.”

“Hmm….” Zhang Kun asked, “What’s the name going to be? Tiger? Eagle? Panther?…”

The other four people all stared at him in contempt.

“Just call it Comeback!” Chen Huan put forward his own suggestion, “First, you guys are indeed coming back to the music scene and second, we hope that Uncle Xuan comes back quickly!”

“Comeback band…”

Shui Qingshan thought about the name before raising his thumb up, “A literary man is indeed a literary man. This name is quite good.”

Li Xinyi and Zhang Kun certainly agreed to it with such meanings behind the words.

The remaining member Shui Qianyu certainly wouldn’t reject Chen Huan’s suggestion so the band’s name was officially chosen!

When people did something meaningful to them, they were usually serious and optimistic about it.

Shui Qingshan and the others were just like that now.

They started to discuss how to sign up, prepare the equipment and rehearse together.

Seeing their excited expression, Shui Qianyu gently poked Chen Huan.

“Chen Huan, thank you!”

“For what?”

“My dad hadn’t smiled for days~~ it’s great to see him so cheerful now and so serious about the singing.”

Shui Qianyu said that while leaning on Chen Huan’s shoulder while showing a rare smile on her face.

Chen Huan really changed.

He could solve any matters now.

They could take care of Uncle Xuan’s family in the future and also cheer up her father and the two other uncles, it was really killing two birds with one stone!

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