I Know Everything chapter 270

Chapter 270: Comeback.

It had been a week since Chen Huan returned to Lin’an from filming ‘Young Di Renjie’.

He only felt relieved to postpone his return for a few days when he heard that Lei Daxuan and his wife were out of danger.

There was nothing they could do on the film crew’s side.

Du Ju and Xu Run had a broken leg and a broken hand so it would at least take two months for them to return to normal.

But the crew couldn’t wait for them that long but fortunately Chen Huan was going to the USA in two weeks so it gave them more time to recover.

The film crew also had an idea.

They would film normal scenes until they could move and use substitute during those combat scenes.

Previously they would do most of those scenes themselves except the most dangerous ones.

But they had no choice but to use a substitute for it now as they didn’t want to delay the shooting.

Chen Huan himself had to make up for some delayed scenes during this time too so he rushed to film multiple scenes since he had to leave two days before his departure to the USA.

His schedule was particularly tight.

He would return to Lin’an today, tomorrow he would have to take a flight to Huajin so the team could go to the USA together the next day after.

Chen Huan called Shui Qianyu everyday so he was up to date with the situation of Lei Daxuan in the hospital.

Chen Huan was led to the VIP ward by Shui Qianyu when he arrived at the hospital.

Each hospital had different grades of services and the rich naturally enjoyed the best services and the VIP wards were often in short supply.

The hospital shouldn’t be blamed for the differential treatment as it would represent society regression if at any time or place, everyone was treated the same without any difference.

A society without any difference where everyone was exactly the same, there wouldn’t be any ambition at all or the mentality of hard work and innovation.

Driven by interest, inspired by the glory and the various benefits, was an important reason why the west developed rapidly and became the world’s leader.

From another point of view, they must put in the effort if they want something better and this created a society of one pulling forward while the other tried to catch up, which was very good for the continuous progress of the society.

It was the same for hospitalization.

If they worked hard to earn money, they would get the best treatment, the best medicines, the best doctors and maximize the treatment.

It sounded cruel to say it but this kind of thing couldn’t be avoided in any era or place.

The VIP ward of Provincial First Hospital was in a separate five stories building. Each room was more than 50 square meters with a washroom, balconies and living rooms amongst other things.

Moreover, there were dedicated nurses and doctors for each floor 24/7 who could take care of emergencies.

The technical side and professional side would also give priority and more focus to those people during their rounds.

Lei Daxuan and his wife were in another department for treatment originally but they were in the VIP ward now. Anyway, you’re the king when you have money.

It was good as they could be together.

Ning Pingping had already woken up but could only stay in bed as she couldn’t move yet.

Next to her bed was Lei Daxuan’s bed.

Sure enough, Lei Daxuan didn’t wake up that easily and was still in a coma.

But he was also completely out of danger and according to the usual coma, there was no need to worry about Lei Daxuan’s physical state for at least a few years.

But it was still a sad thing after all as Ning Pinping often sat there in a daze.

Had it not been for Xia He and Zhang Kun’s wife Xie Juan who brought her son to visit her, she probably would be in a worse state of mind.

She also tried to stay strong for the sake of her son.

Every day when she was free, she would talk to Lei Daxuan in hope to stimulate him and wake him up.

When Chen Huan came to the ward, he saw Xia He and Xie Juan talking to Nin Pingping.

Then the other three members of ‘Chariots of Flames’ sat in the living room while the two nurses were sitting in a corner.

Chen Huan wasn’t good at comforting people so after a few words of comfort, he walked out.

Shui Qingshan and the rest sat there with sad faces and haggard looks.

Chen Huan couldn’t help but feel sad at the sight when he remembered the happiness they had the last time they partied.

“The doctor said that he’s recovering and that his injuries are healed.” Shui Qingshan said to Chen Huan, “But he didn’t regain any consciousness so his wife talked to him every day and Lei Jie also called out to his father in hope to wake him up.”

“Close relatives or things he is very familiar with can stimulate his brain.” Zhang Kun said, “We also talked about the past if it weren’t because two of them aren’t completely healed yet, we would have played a song in the room!”

“But being like this and unable to do anything makes me want to go crazy!” The usually cold and collected Lin Xinyi punched the sofa as he angrily said.


Chen Huan suddenly thought of something and said, “Why don’t you participate in a competition just like Grandpa Zhao Changshou and he will feel how much you miss him and encourage him every time he hears you sing, isn’t that better?”


The three of them looked at each other.

“Hum, Little Xuan is still in a coma and we’re going to participate in a competition, it doesn’t look like we should…”

“Then are you any use by staying here?” Chen Huan asked back, “The aunties are already taking good care of him with the caretakers. You guys are really not useful by just sitting there.”

“That’s right.” Shui Qianyu also chipped in, “Dad, Uncle Kun, Uncle Yi, weren’t you worried that after Uncle Xuan wakes up, he won’t accept your money and will work like crazy to pay you guys off? You might as well go to a music competition now and get the money from the championship, and then give it to Uncle Xuan for treatment. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Zhang Kun and Li Xinyi’s eyes lit up when they heard her.

Both of them didn’t have much money as they had to support their families and pay mortgage. They already took everything they could when they forked out 1 million.

The two didn’t want Shui Qingshan to pay everything by himself but they didn’t have that much fund either.

Now that Shui Qianyu, couldn’t they participate in a contest and make money together to treat Lei Daxuan?

“You’re right, the treatment fee for Uncle Xuan and Aunty Ping, the follow up medical expense, the child’s education expense… it’s not a small sum.” Chen Huan said, “If you do it like Grandpa Zhao Changshou, wouldn’t you be set for life after releasing an album?”

The profit of ‘Life’s Only Love’ had already exceeded 100 million and it became the most profitable album of history.

However, most of the money was donated away so not many jealous people came out when the data was released.

If they could earn that much money for Lei Daxuan…

To put it bluntly, even if Lei Daxuan didn’t wake up from his coma for the rest of his life, his wife and child would be able to live a good life with that amount of money.

“But…” Lin Xinyi was moved but he still hesitated, “How can our songs be compared to those of Teacher Lu?”

Then he suddenly looked at Chen Huan,

Damn, why am I so stupid?

Isn’t Xiao Huan Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?!

Zhang Kun processed this thought much earlier than Lin Xinyi.

He grabbed Chen Huan’s hand and said, “Xiao Huan, do you already have a plan and that’s why you want us to participate in a competition? You already have songs in your hand?”

“Yes!” Chen Huan calmly said, “I can give you at least four songs and each song is a classic!”

After giving a song for Shanhai Streaming girl band and two songs for Han Dong’er album, Chen Huan only had two songs remaining with him.

However, Chen Huan promised 4 songs which meant he was using the few songs he remembered.

There were no more than 10 songs that he could remember on his own and he would use two songs in one go which was very heartbreaking.

But it couldn’t be saved in this moment nor should it be saved.

“That’s great!” Even Shui Qingshan smiled at that moment, “If we really compete, I’ll find a few songs for the beginning rounds and then it’ll be enough!”

Since Chen Huan said it would be classics, it wouldn’t be any worse than the songs from ‘I Sing My Song’.

4 songs used in the most important moment could insure their victory.

And those 4 songs could guarantee that their album would sell well.


Lin Xinyi looked at Shui Qingshan and Zhang Kun, “Should we prepare for the competition.”

“Let’s do it!”

Zhang Kun agreed.

“Can you two even play after so many years?” Shui Qingshan laughed, “It would be embarrassing if your hands can’t even move that way anymore.”

“I practiced every day and it represents my youth, how could I let it decay?” Li Xinyi finally had a smile, “I can’t let go of the bass.”

“No need to mention me, I teach brats how to beat the drums every day. I can’t forget it even if I want to.” Zhang Kun nodded repeatedly, “Brother Shan, let’s do it again!”

“But we lack Little Xuan’s guitar!” Shui Qingshan felt happy but also melancholy, “We have to find another guitarist.”

“No need to look anywhere.” Chen Huan then pointed at Shui Qianyu, “Isn’t Xiao Shuishui a good guitarist?”


Zhang Kun had a stunned expression.

Shui Qianyu was displeased by that reaction and said, “Don’t underestimate me! My dad praised my guitar as top notch!”

“But she’s still a student, and she will have to follow us to the competition… isn’t that a bad image?” Lin Xinyi scratched his head.

“Isn’t it the holiday?” Chen Huan said, “Just look for competition in July to October so you won’t delay Xiao Shuishui’s studies.”


Shui Qingshan himself hesitated.

“It’s decided!” Shui Qianyu was a very assertive girl, “I also want to contribute for Uncle Xuan! Wouldn’t you have to split the profit if there’s an outsider? What’s the point then?!”

Hearing another push, Shui Qingshan finally agreed and said, “Okay then… you guys don’t have to worry, her skills are good.”


Zhang Kun was excited as he loudly shouted, “The Chariots of Flames is coming back!!!”

Li Xinyi wasn’t as agitated as him but he clenched his fists which showed how excited he felt.

He hadn’t performed on a stage for many years but dreamed of it countless nights, dreaming how him and his brother would sing on the stage.

But this was longer a dream and would soon become reality.

Sadly, Lei Daxuan couldn’t join them.

But it didn’t matter!

The purpose of the band coming back was for him anyway so he would always be with them!

Although it was the four of them on the stage, he was also there with them!

“Ding Dong!”

“The system admires the plagiarist host’s ability to boast and incite! But in order to make Lei Daxuan wake up and to spread love and peace, the system will acquiescence to the host’s shamelessness.”

“The empathetic system will especially approve of it and give out a mission like with ‘I Sing My Song’. The host will receive a song each time they advance to the next round! The system hopes that the host can once again set another tide in this world’s music scene and let the glory of the other world bask the people of this world.”

“If they win the competition and the album’s profit is no less than 100, the system will give out plenty of rewards!”

“Work hard, host! The enemy you will face this time won’t be that easy anymore!”

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