I Know Everything chapter 269

Chapter 269: Luckily.

Two hours later, in the emergency section of Provincial First Hospital.

A group of people stood outside of a room. It was Shui Qingshan who profusely thanked the vice president Lou Mianchuan.

“Vice president Lou, I really don’t know how to thank you… thank you all! Thank you! My brother and his wife were able to escape tragedy today thanks to you!” Shui Qingshan said with reddened eyes.

“You’re welcome, it’s our duty to save the dying and heal the wounded.” Lou Mianchuan said with a smile, “Not to mention that Tang Yuan kept calling me so hurry up so don’t worry! We have the best medical staff in Zhejiang and several experts are here so they would change tragedy into peace if it’s possible.”

Zhang Kun, who was next to him, felt sour when he heard what he said but didn’t interrupt him.

Lou Mianchuan spoke eloquently.

But if you broke apart his words and saw the underneath, what he essentially meant was that they did their best and if their expert couldn’t do it, the other wouldn’t be able to do it too.

He thought back on how fine Lei Daxuan was when they were on the phone and then on how Lei Daxuan may not walk out of this accident. He balled his fists and had an intense urge to beat the drunk driver to death.

What happened was really a tragedy and something really unexpected.

Lei Daxuan really was unlucky. When he drove past a traffic light, a car from another intersection with a drunk driver passed by a red light and abruptly crashed into their car.

The other party didn’t hit the brake at all and was speeding as it collided with their car and the impact was so strong that their car was slammed 10 meters away!

Fortunately, Lei Daxuan drove the car greatly during the dangerous time and didn’t let the car overturn otherwise the situation of the three of them would even be worse than what they were currently in.

Lou Mianchuan was very busy and it wasn’t the time for polite talk so after a few simple words, he hurriedly left for other matters.

Tang Yuan’s face here was very useful as it guaranteed that Lou Mianchuan did everything with his best.

With him involved, the entire emergency rescue steps were simplified a lot and everyone was more active in helping.

For example, they wouldn’t hesitate to use those expansive medicine rights at the beginning and everything was done to save the lives of the two people and delay it in hesitation because the patient may not afford the expensive cost.

As for the child, although he fainted, there weren’t any big issues with him as the mother protected him.

After checking everything was fine, the child was sent to a room to rest with a nurse.

The few didn’t dare to think what kind of impression and scars it would do to the child when he woke up and found out that his parents weren’t here with him… or worse, he woke up to tragic news.

“Brother Shan…” Waiting after everyone left and that only the four of them remained, Zhang Kun’s tears flowed as he asked, “Do you think that Little Xuan and her wife wil…”

“No way!” Shui Qingshan denied categorically and sternly said, “They will be fine!”


“No but!”

Shui Qingshan was still very irritated and irrational.

But his resolve comforted his brothers a bit.

“Okay.” Zhang Kun didn’t dare to say more of it, “The earliest plane Brother Yi can take is tomorrow morning…I don’t have much on my side, first take 1 million from me and Brother Yi also gave me 1 million. The rest have to depend on you.”

Their relationship wasn’t a common one so Zhang Kun didn’t have to hide anything.

“I don’t need money.” Shui Qingshan said solemnly, “I invested in ‘Love Letter’ previously and made a lot of money. It’s more than enough.”

“No, this is our sincerity, you paying more is your matter but we definitely have to pay.” Zhang Kun stubbornly said, “Brother Shan, we haven’t been meeting a lot these past few years but we will never forget the brotherhood we have.”

Shui Qingshan looked at him with a cold face and didn’t say anything.

Zhang Kun and Li Xinyi weren’t very wealthy. They bought a house and gave birth to children these past few years and already spent a big sum of money so it was definitely not easy for them to come up with 1 million.

Shui Qingshan didn’t think of them as outsiders and was willing to pay for everything.

But at the same time, he also knew that the two people’s personalities were similar to his. They get along pretty well usually but in critical time, they would all be stubborn like a cow.

Zhang Kun smiled bitterly as he said, “We are here fighting who pays more but it’s useless. I know Little Xuan’s temper best and know he would definitely try his best to give us back this money.”

“If he can wake and regain his health, I’ll agree to him working for me for a lifetime!” Shui Qingshan was silent for a moment before he exclaimed that.

Shui Qianyu listened to her father and Uncle Kun talk as she leaned to her mother’s shoulder and slowly fell asleep.

She was still a kid after all and lacked the energy so she would always feel sleepy when night came.

In her dream, she dreamed that Uncle Xuan woke up and everyone happily talked to him as he said because his life was too big so King Yan refused to accept him.

Then all of them sang in the ward. They sang the songs they previously made and also the songs Chen Huan made for them. Everyone was happy and laughing with many people watching outside of the ward.

Then she was awakened by some noise.

Shui Qianyu opened her eyes and saw her father and Uncle Kun standing in front of the emergency room talking to a nurse.

Seeing that her daughter was awake, Xia He took her toward them.

They happened to hear Zhang Kun’s happy voice.

“Thank you! Thank you nurses! Thank you doctor! Thank you all… really… really…”

He said this while choking.

The nurse went back after saying what she had. Zhang Kun wanted to turn back but found that Shui Qingshan stood there motionless.

“Brother Shan… Ah!”

He touched Shui Qingshan but Shui Qingshan just suddenly fell back.

Zhang Kun was frightened and hurriedly grabbed Shui Qingshan’s clothes but Shui Qingshan had a few kilo’s over him so how could he hold on to  Shui Qingshan so abruptly?

Thankfully, Xia He and Shui Qianyu were just behind and subconsciously supported him with their body when they saw this.



The two women were startled by this but Shui Qingshan had his eyes closed and didn’t react in any way.

“What’s going on? He was fine just a moment ago…” Zhang Kun was about to cry. What would he do if something happened to Shui Qingshan?

“Miss Nurse! Miss Nurse!”

Shui Qianyu was still the most clear headed one amongst them as she called for the nurse.

It was a hospital so the nurse quickly ran over when they heard the yell and helped carry Shui Qingshan to a bed.

Then the doctor came to check up on him before saying, “He’s okay. He’s just been under stress and an emotional rollercoaster for too long so fainted when he could finally relax. This is a way of the body protecting itself. He’ll be fine after sleeping for a bit.”

Everyone relaxed after listening to the doctor.

When the people cleared up, Zhang Kun finally said what the nurse said to him to Xia He and Shui Qianyu.

After more than three hours of care, Lei Daxuan and his wife were finally out of danger temporarily and had been put to the intensity care unit to be observed.

For Lei Daxuan’s wife, whose injuries were slightly lighter, they were able to preserve her spine and there was no risk for her to be paralyzed and should be back to normal as long as she took the time to heal back.

However, she wouldn’t be able to carry heavy things over her shoulder or on her back and could only be able to do simple things.

Lei Daxuan’s situation was even more complicated as the congestion in his head had been cleared away and his physical indication had been returned to normal but nobody knew when he was going to wake up.

It meant that he could wake in a few days or in a few months.

“But is there a possibility for him to never wake up and be in a vegetative state?” Shui Qianyu immediately understood the situation.

“Ptuh, ptuh, ptuh!” Zhang Kun repeatedly spit, “Children’s talk, Children’s talk! Your Uncle Xuan will quickly wake up and be in time to drink your wedding wine with Little Huan!”

Shui Qianyu also knew she spoke badly so she kept waving her hands as she said, “No, I didn’t mean that…”

“Anyway, it’s already a blessing to obtain such a result.” Xia He looked at her husband who was lying on the hospital bed and said, “You shouldn’t have to worry now, it’s all up to Little Xuan now! I know he’s someone strong and his wife and kid need someone to take care of them so I’m sure he won’t let them down!”

“You’re right!”

Zhang Kun clenched his fist and said resolutely, “I also believe in him! He will be fine and wake up in a few days!”

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