I Know Everything chapter 268

Chapter 268: Tragedy!

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak chicken host once again advocated social justice and won the praise of the system so the system will reward the host with a small reward in order for the host to not be too arrogant.”

“The system rewards the host with Professional Chef ability and hope the host will continue to work hard and strive for more rewards!”

Chen Huan heard the sound from the Good Lord when he got into the car and couldn’t help but feel great.

It was said yesterday that reward wouldn’t be so easily obtained and yet he received one from the Good Lord when he was trying to solve a problem.

Chen Huan quite liked the skills of chefs.

It was impossible to be hungry as a chef no matter what time it was.

It was a great thing for the stomach and one’s mood when one ate delicacies.

In the future, he would show his skill from time to time to his wife and kids. Wouldn’t that make it look like he had the brain and the brawl?

Moreover, Chen Huan took a look at the memories that were just stuffed into his mind and saw there were dozens of types of cuisine.

This was an all-around skill!

All-around was the best!

Being able to let his family eat dishes from different regions everyday would make him look even better and godly!

While he was in his merry thoughts, Bu Yiyi sitting nearby him had an ugly expression and did a perfectly executed pinch at him.


Chen Huan was awakened from his thoughts and subconsciously tried to push the enemy’s attack away in order to avoid a worse fate.

However, the hand that was stretched out could not be retracted so he could put his hand on Bu Yiyi’s shoulder.

In the end, the two people sat in a way to face each other.

Bu Yiyi glared at him and said, “You bastard, you were quite happy showing off how powerful you were just now, right? You felt you were really cool, right? And didn’t care about the people who worried about you, right?”

“Yiyi, I remember saying it many times that I can do it and not to worry, did you forget?” Chen Huan said aggrievedly.

“I didn’t hear it! Even if I heard it, it was definitely some empty words so how can I trust you?” Bu Yiyi said unreasonably.



You are beautiful and very reasonable.

Chen Huan could only hug and said, “Alright, Yiyi, I know you care about me… I was wrong this time and there would definitely not be a next time!”

Bu Yiyi didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so presumptuous so she stepped on his foot in retaliation.

Chen Huan wasn’t in pain but after seeing Bu Yiyi’s furious stare, he screamed in pain and released her.

“Let me tell you something, you bastard!” Bu Yiyi grabbed his T-shirt and yelled at him, “Do you think this lady is an easy girl? Do you think I’ll be like your Han Dong’er, Shui Qianyu or School Flowers and all become your wives!? In your dream!”

“Would you believe me if I say this was just a friendly hug?”

“Fuck off!”

Bu Yiyi’s face almost touched Chen Huan’s face as she said, “If you want to chase this lady, you must show some worth! Don’t think because you know how to write songs, know mathematics, and know how to play basketball that you’re awesome… right, are you Chu Liuxiang?”

“Yiyi, I also know how to cook!” Chen Huan realized he had another specialty and said, “I know how to cook your Yuzhou’s dishes…let’s go, when we go back, I’ll make a hotpot fish, maoxuewang and spicy chicken for you!”

“Don’t lie to me, how could you, a Lin’an native, cook Shuchuang’s dishes?” Bu Yiyi obviously didn’t believe it.

“It might be fate now that we talk about it.” Chen Huan seriously said, “Maybe it was God who hinted to me that a beautiful girl will come to me in the future and that she likes Yuzhou’s cuisine…”

“Alright, alright, stop bragging or I’ll really let you do it and get yourself embarrassed.” Bu Yiyi waved her hands, “Go away and let me calm down, it was a rollercoaster of feeling earlier.”


Chen Huan went to the car’s window seat.

Wang Xi, who sat in front of him and never spoke during this, saw Bu Yiyi close her eyes and get some rest so she gave a thumb up to Chen Huan to tell him he was impressed to be able to calm down the Small Flower Dan.

Chen Huan gave her a proud glare.

In this era, wouldn’t he stay as a single dog if he didn’t have a sweet mouth?

He had enough of this kind of pain during his past life so he must change it this life!

It was already late at night.

There were three people in a car and they were the Shui Family of three.

They were rushing to a nearby Lin’an county town as Shui Qingshan drove very fast.

“Honey, slow down, slow down, our daughter is in the car!” Xia He was frightened and kept warning him.

Shui Qingshan’s face was pale and didn’t say anything but he slightly stepped on the brake when he heard it.

“Dad, Uncle Xuan and the other are auspicious people, they’ll be fine so don’t be too worried.” Shui Qianyu reassured him at the back, “Uncle Xuan has no other relative and you are his relative. You should be calm in a situation like this, what should they do if something happened on your side? Who else can the family of three rely on in their hard time?”

Shui Qingshan nodded and took two deep breaths to calm himself.

The county was 50km away from Lin’an and it would take an hour in the car to reach the county’s hospital.

They were led by a nurse to quickly meet with the doctor in the emergency hall.

“Their condition is very bad. The father’s cerebral hemorrhage is the most critical. The mother’s had a severe blood loss from her wound on the back and the broken glasses injured her spine, which isn’t much better. Only the on year old child due to being protected by the mother, was only frightened and fainted so not much of a problem.” The doctor described the condition solemnly.

Shui Qingshan’s legs softened as he staggered.

Fortunately, Xia He got him and pulled him aside.

The emergency doctor continued, “You’re Lei Daxuan’s brother, right? Hurry up and try to get him to Lin’an as soon as possible…if you don’t have the right relationship then, we can only send him to the Provincial Third Hospital that is affiliated with us.”

“Yes, I can decide for him.” Shui Qingshan’s stomach was turning but his voice was unusually calm, “Can they withstand the travel?”

“No problem, there are first-aid measures during transport.” The emergency doctor said, “Now, we’re doing the final hemostasis and bandaging to keep them as stable as possible.”


Shui Qingshan agreed and turned his head toward Shui Qianyu, “Darling, call Chen Huan. I remember that the last time the Grandpa’s wife was admitted to the Provincial First Hospital, it was due to some connection?”

“Yeah, that’s right!” Shui Qianyu also remembered, “They went to look for the vice president of the Provincial First Hospital, he is a good friend of Big Bro Tang Yuan.”

“That’s great!” The emergency doctor exclaimed, “The Provincial First Hospital has excellent expertise toward those two problems and they’ll be lucky if they can have the top doctors help them!”

A look of joy appeared on Shui Qianyu’s face and dialed Chen Huan’s number, “Hello, Chen Huan…”

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