I Know Everything chapter 267

Chapter 267: Critical hit!

Bao Liangkong was completely stunned when received the message from his little brother.

He didn’t use this phone usually or answered calls on it and only used it to collect information sometime.

Had it not been for the secret code used by his younger brother on the text message, he would have thought it was someone who impersonated Bao Xinwen and asked him to throw himself into the net.

So Bao Liangkong pickpocketed someone’s phone and used it to call his brother

In the end, it was indeed real and that the male lead of the TV series wanted to exchange some moves with him.

Bao Xinwen was crying over the phone and begged his brother to come help him and stop hesitating.

Bao Liangkong felt this was funny but he internally agreed with this solution.

Whether these people kept their or not, Bao Liangkong didn’t consider it.

He was someone ruthless to begin with so if they didn’t keep their words, they better not blame him when he caused troubles for those bastards when he came out.

He was just random nobody anyway so he was pretty whatever about it and he also didn’t believe that the golden star would insist on making it hard for him.

Bao Liangkong was a bold person to begin with so he didn’t feel nervous at all after making the decision and went to eat before resting.

When it was time, he went to the agreed dojo.

There were very few dojos in big cities but there were many in Hengdian and there were 20 or 30 of them that were quite renowned.

Because film crews here had to recruit a large number of martial artists and those martial artists also needed a place to train so those dojos came into being.

There dozens of small and big dojos in Hengdian and the biggest of them had hundreds of martial artists in them.

The place Chen Huan chose was where the 5 martial artists they hired came from. It was cleared tonight and only the master of the dojo Bai Ning and a few other big martial artists of the place remained.

They would probably not lend the dojo if it wasn’t for being told that they were using this place to catch the expert that injured five of their members.

The fighting platform was made of tatami mats so the ground wasn’t that hard and people wouldn’t be that easily injured when they trained and competed.

Another advantage of tatami was it wasn’t as soft as a leather cushion so people could better exert their strength.

Bai Ning and the others’ faces darkened when they saw the teenager standing one meter high fighting platform.

“What the hell, master, this is just a joke! I wouldn’t have come if I knew this!” One of the martial artists angrily said.

“Exactly, they are clearly just pleasing a star’s whim and that’s why they made this but what’s the point?” Another martial artist said, “People with money really do what they want!”

“Isn’t that the case?” Bai Ning sighed, “Even the police are playing along, why are there so much difference between humans?”

They were looking at the police officers as they discussed.

There were seven or eight police officers around the room with a wary look on their face.

Compared to them, the film crew from ‘Young Di Renjie’, especially Bu Yiyi, had a nervous expression on their faces.

But on the other side, a bandaged fat man on a wheelchair who was alone looked very happy.

After a while, a bald martial artist walked in.

The bald man looked at the fighting platform first, then looked at the police around him before he snorted and stopped.

“What is this? Is this a trap to catch me?” The bald man coldly said.

“This is just in case.” Chen Huan haughtily on the fighting platform, “Quickly come up and fight! We’ll be able to film in peace after sending you to jail!”

Bao Liangkong was stunned when he saw Chen Huan in casual wear and looked like a student.

Such a weak young guy, he would probably die if his big fist smashed at him at full power, right?

No, no, he had to throw a lighter punch later.

It was one thing to injure someone but it would be a big deal if it became a murder.

He was getting so cautious in his mind that he forgot to answer Chen Huan’s challenge.

Bu Yiyi nearby couldn’t hold it anymore and started scolding, “You’re crazy! Chen Huan, you’re an idiot! Retard! Don’t you know your own limit?”

She didn’t stop Chen Huan earlier because she thought with the police there, the guy wouldn’t dare to do anything.

But after seeing Bao Liangkong’s fierce appearance, she began to worry and Chen Huan even started to provoke others.

Did he have a dead wish?

In her nervousness, she even scolded him in her Yuzhou dialect and she didn’t care whether Chen Huan understood her or not.

“Yiyi, have some confidence in me, alright?” Chen Huan said helplessly. When they were in the car previously, Bu Yiyi had been nagging him non-stop like a middle aged aunty.

He knew that the silly girl was worried about him but he felt a headache with the lack of confidence she had for him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t beat him to death.” Boa Liangkong said as he went to the fighting platform.

“Go die!” Bu Yiyi viciously stared at him and said.

Bao Liangkong shrugged and looked at Chen Huan who was two meters from him and couldn’t help but ask, “Young man, do you really want to fight?”

He really liked to fight as a martial artist but there was some exception.

At a glance, Chen Huan looked like those weaklings that could fly away with just one punch, how could it rouse any interest from it?

“You can make the first move.” Chen Huan didn’t make any small talk and just beckoned him.

He actually had his own plan.

Bao Liangkong was a very dangerous person. It was obvious Bao Xinwen only asked him to go fight those martial artists but Bao Liangkong took it further and beat two important actors in order to make it harder for the film crew.

If they didn’t stop him this time, who knew when he was going to go crazy again?

Before yesterday, Chen Huan would definitely call the police for help if he encountered such a situation.

But he received a great reward from the Good Lord yesterday!

Big Grappling Hand (Intermediate)!

He could beat up several thugs at the beginner level and dropped a fitness demon with just a move. Would he be afraid of a martial art master when he reached the intermediate level?

So Chen Huan was completely confident.

But it looked funny to Bao Liangkong.

He didn’t want to waste more time either as he wanted to knock down this young man that didn’t know how high the sky was. This grievance went far enough as it was.

Getting chased by the police every day by the police wasn’t something good either.

He grinned at Chen Huan and showed his teeth before he took a step forward and struck toward Chen Huan’s abdomen with a punch.

Bao LiangKong thought it through.

It wouldn’t be good to strike those little star’s faces as their faces were more important than anything since it was their money making tool. They definitely go crazy if he did that.

It was better for the abdomen. It would certainly hurt but it won’t hurt the internal organs.

It would be great if he just fainted so Bao Liangkong wins it.

Bao Liangkong was as fast as lightning in other people’s eyes as he went toward Chen Huan in a blink of an eye.


Bu Yiyi yelled.

Chen Huan remained motionless when the fist was 30 centimeters away from him.

Bao Liangkong thought he was too shocked so reduced the power of his fist in fear that Chen Huan couldn’t beat it.

But Chen Huan raised his hand at this moment and grabbed his wrist even faster.

Bao Liangkong was stunned.

But he couldn’t react as his punch was already launched straight forward.

Then tragedy happened for Bao Liangkong.

He only felt pain on his wrist and all of his power lost. Next, it was his elbow and shoulder as sharp pain quickly passed through his arm.

Then Bao Liangkong’s entire right hand was in pain.

He was someone tough as he resisted the fear and pain under this situation and stopped his move in hope of retreat.

But Bao Liangkong was horrified to find out that Chen Huan pressed his advantage as he attacked the left hand now.


After a few cracking sounds, the left hand was dislocated.

The legs were next.

All of Bao Liangkong’s limbs were twisted by the time he fell to the ground.

Chen Huan disliked that he hurt the innocent so he naturally was heavier handed during his moves and with ‘Big Grappling Hand (Intermediate)’, it was impossible for Bao Liangkong to avoid it.

Now, he couldn’t hold it anymore as he yelled in pain.

He could only move his head at this moment and couldn’t even hold his hands together, it was a miserable sight.

The people who watched the fight had their mouths and eyes widened at that.

What they saw was that Bao Liangkong and Chen Huan had a short clash and then Bao Liangkong weirdly fell to the ground.

Bu Yiyi had the closest view and saw Bao Liangkong distorted faces. She covered her mouth in fright at the horrible sight.

The police, the film crew and even the martial artists from the dojo all swarmed over.

They all thought they were seeing wrong.

But the fact was that Chen Huan was standing while Bao Liangkong was the one who was on the ground and screaming.

“Impossible!! Impossible!!”

Bao Xinwen tried to stand up and see it but he fell down to the wheelchair with a ‘puff’ and screamed in pain.

Now, the brothers’ scream resounded in the whole room.

“Is… is he alright?” One of the officers subconsciously asked, “Should we call an ambulance for him?”

“No need.”

Chen Huan smiled and saw that Bao Liangkong was about to faint with the pain. Then, he leaned down before stretching his hands and set Bao Liangkong’s limbs back in place in a blink of an eye. It all returned to normal.

The screams slowly stopped.

After a while, when the pain dissipated, Bao Liangkao lay on the ring as he took big breaths after big breaths.

Had it not been for the sweat on him, nobody would think that he was the one that was just screaming in pain.

“If you’re okay, just get up then!” Chen Huan stood near him and said as he had his hands behind him with a very master-like posture, “You count as a martial artist and should do what you agreed.”

Bao Liangkong stood up with great effort and moved his limbs around and found out there were no injuries. He couldn’t help but be shocked.

The strength he showed earlier was definitely at the master level.

But the ability to heal him back so effortlessly was even more terrifying.

It meant that he mastered his martial art to the point he could do whatever he wanted with it.

How could Bao Liangkong fight against such a person?

Moreover, although Bao Liangkong had a violent temper, he was a person that abided by his words. Otherwise what would become of him when it spread out?

He took in a breath before nodding and said, “I’m prepared to lose when I took the bet and you won!…. Come, cuff me up!”

Then he turned toward the police and held his hands up for them.

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