I Know Everything chapter 266

Chapter 266: Fight a round against me.

At night, in a small meeting room, Zhou Pu complained to the logistic director.

“Old Gu, how are you managing people? I won’t mention how five people went to drink, however those five people caused trouble and were beaten back by a single person, and got beaten so badly that they have to spend a dozen of days in hospital?”

The logistic director took the scolding and responded with a bitter smile, “Brother Pu, how can I control them after work? And isn’t it quite normal for them to go drink? It’s just that we encountered bad luck this time and something bad happened.”

“You still have excuses huh!?” Zhou Pu angrily said.

“I don’t, I don’t.” The logistics director had been working with for many years so he wasn’t afraid of him, “Should I go get other people to replace them?”

“It is so easy to find? The actors just got used to them but something happened!” Zhou Pu said as he felt a headache coming, “Who knows how many days we’ll be delayed! Chen Huan is about to go to the US in a week or two! That is another delay!”

“There is always a way.” The logistic director said, “Fortunately, Chen Huan doesn’t need to practice or need any martial art guidance. We can shoot those scenes later and add them during post production.”

“If there’s no other way, we can only do this.” Zhou Pu sighed.


The logistic director’s rang at that moment.

“Hello, I am… What!?” His face immediately became very emotive as he started to curse, “A bunch of retards!”

Zhou Pu suddenly felt anxious.

The logistic director hung up the phone and said with a grim face, “Brother Pu, Du Jun and Xu Run clashed with other people in a bar too and the two of them were also sent to the hospital.”

“How are their injuries?” Zhou Pu’s heart dropped.

In the past, Di Renjie had two bodyguards, one was called Ma Rong while the other was called Qiao Tai.

They were martial arts masters that protected Di Renjie from many dangers.

Lan Xin’s script had also included these two but advanced the time of their encounters by ten years so they met Di Renjie when he was just a boy.

Du Jun and Xu Run were the actors for the two bodyguards and were well known actors for their martial prowess in the TV series circle.

Zhou Pu casted them to act in ‘Water Margin’ before and called them once again for ‘Young Di Renjie’ as he preferred to use people he worked with before.

But he didn’t expect them to have a problem tonight on top of those martial artists.

“The situation isn’t good. One of Du Jun’s arms is broken and Xu Run is even in a more miserable state, one of his legs was folded and the bones were completely crushed.” The logistic director said with a teary face.


Zhou Pu couldn’t help but curse out.

But he felt something was wrong the next moment, “That’s not right! The two of them aren’t reckless so how could they suddenly stir up trouble? And what kinds of parties where people get beaten up like that? Where all this hatred comes from?”

“There’s also the five martial artists, no matter how their conflict was, it shouldn’t be that vicious!” The more and more Zhou Pu thought about it, the more something was going, “Go ask if they have offended anybody recently…”

“Alright, I’ll go take a look.”

Old Gu knew the situation wasn’t favorable so he quickly went to do it.

Wang Xi happened to run into him in the elevator while he was going down. She saw his anxious appearance so she asked about it.

Wang Xi was also shocked when she heard the weird things Old Gu mentioned so she mentioned to Bu Yiyi when returned back.

Bu Yiyi was quite smart and immediately thought of what happened last night.

The first thing she did was to dial Chen Huan’s number and relay the news to him.

“Chen Huan, do you think it’s related to what happened last night?” Bu Yiyi asked in worry.

“It should be normal.” Chen Huan said, “If Director Bao has this kind of power, why would he bow down so quickly? Exact revenge after bowing down, does he think that Shanhai Streaming is paper tiger?”

Bu Yiyi thought he had a point when she thought about it.

Everyone knew a company as big as Shanhai Streaming especially when Shanhai Group was behind them.

Zheng Qian should even have direct contact with the top brass of the country.

What was a casting director from a small company compared to such a person?

“We don’t have to worry about this matter.” Chen Huan said, “Without those actors, Director Zhou will get worried and Shanhai Streaming will get even more worried… than it would be the time to show the might of Shanhai Streaming.”


Bu Yiyi nodded.

Zheng Rongrong who received the news was indeed furious.

She directly called the prefecture of the city and fully expressed her fury.

She was the formidable daughter of the richest person in China and a CEO with hundreds billion in assets. She came into their city to film but seven of their people were hurt at one go. How were they managing it?

Did they want her to advertise how bad the security was there?


The effect of anger was different depending on the person.

Zheng Rongrong was a big businesswoman to begin with and often invited the top brass of the province for dinner so when she became so angry, those police in Hengdian immediately started to get more active.

In less than two hours, they discovered who the suspect was.

Although the suspect disguised himself each time when he went to beat people, he couldn’t hide his appearance under those HD cameras.

Obtaining his pictures and comparing it to his disguised face, they instantly learned of his personal information.

The suspect was called Bao Liangkong and had a younger brother called Bao Xinwen. His first stop at Hengdian was to visit the injured Bao Xinwen before he went to cause trouble to the two groups of people.

Next, the person that led the way for Bao Xinwen was arrested and it proved that the actions were premeditated.

However, they couldn’t find Bao Liangkong as he didn’t return to the hotel at all and there weren’t any records of him buying any transport tickets at all.

When Shen Huan and Buyiyi rushed to the hospital late at night, they saw Bao Xinwen crying with tears and snot flying everywhere.

“Teacher Lu, Miss Bu, please help me! I really didn’t ask him to go beat Du Ju and Xu Run!” Bao Xinwen was lying halfway on the bed as he cried, “I just wanted him to cause a little bit of trouble to your film crew and have him hit a bit those martial artists! You can easily replace those martial artists and isn’t a big deal at all! I didn’t expect things to develop like this…”

Bao Xinwen was surrounded by those police officers who obviously weren’t polite with him so Bao Xinwen was terrified.

What he was thinking now wasn’t how to keep his job but not to end up in prison for a few years and he’ll thank god for that.

Bao Xinwen was as weak as an ant so Zhou Pu didn’t even bother to come and only Old Gu came to link up with the police.

Old Guy had already scared just a moment ago by saying that Shanhai had already prepared their lawyers and he was destined to be prosecuted for instigation, intentional injury, accomplice to a crime etc… getting imprisoned for three or five years was just the start as it could go up to ten years.

Bao Xinwen was obviously so scared he might pee on himself.

Chen Huan ignored his begging and asked, “Why do you think he would do this?”

Bao Xinwen said, “How would I know?… hum, I guess maybe he wanted to warn you guys a bit? And let you know I’m not easy to bully?”

Both of them didn’t mention the reasons but they knew why this happened.

“If you’re sent to jail, wouldn’t he retaliate like crazy then?” Chen Huan asked.

“Hum… maybe…” Bao Xinwen’s eyes flashed with slyness, “But don’t worry, as long as I don’t go to jail, I definitely will prevent him from further doing bad things!”

His words meant that something would happen if he was imprisoned.

“Bullshit! How about you tell him to do it? Then he’ll get shot!” Old Gu loudly scolded.

The police didn’t say anything and just did their things.

Chen Huan laughed, “How about this, he thinks he’s good at combat , right? Tell him to fight a round with me and if he wins, we won’t pursue the matter and you can keep your job but if he loses, you two just obediently go reform yourselves in the prison!”

“You?” Bao Xinwen glanced at Chen Huan and felt excited, “Really?”

“Teacher Lu, you can’t!” Old Gu instant trembled in fright, “That is an unscrupulous criminal! And you’re fighting him? Wouldn’t President Zheng skin us alive if you get injured?”

The nearby police captain was also shocked, “He’s right, Teacher Lu, you’re a cultivated person, you can’t fight such a lawless guy!”

Most people liked to listen to music and those police officers liked Chen Huan’s songs so they were obviously more polite and respectful toward him.

“You guys don’t have to worry. You’ll be watching from the sideline at that moment and I’ll just withdraw if I can’t win.” Chen Huan said, “I’m also a martial artist and I’m not worse than him.”

Everyone glanced at Chen Huan and although his physic look alright, if martial arts was to happen, he would probably be knocked out by a single punch.

“You have to keep your word!” Bao Xinwen immediately interjected as he was afraid Chen Huan would back out.

Chen Huan’s words were very influential among this group of people.

If he won, he wouldn’t dare to say he wouldn’t receive any punishment but it would definitely be light.

“Of course.” Chen Huan answered.

Then he took a step back and said to the captain, “Officer, even if I can’t win, it would at least lure him out… and with you guys present, what else would he dare to do? So you guys don’t have to worry.”

The police captain nodded.

They still couldn’t find him now and it wouldn’t be bad if they could lure him out because of this.

And just as Chen Huan said, who dared to trash people’s arms or legs in front of the police?

Did they think that the thing on their waist was fake?

Bao Xinwen trembled in excitement when he saw the police agree.

But he didn’t lose his focus.

He had to warn his brother to go easy.

They would definitely end up sitting in prison if Chen Huan was injured.

It would be better if they exchanged more moves to please Chen Huan so Chen Huan thought it was hard to beat him. It would be the perfect event!

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