I Know Everything chapter 265

Chapter 265: Relieving some anger.

In a hospital in Hengdian, Bao Xinwen was wrapped up like a rice dumpling as he stared at the ceiling in daze.

The three of them were sent to the hospital after they called 120 in that BBQ restaurant yesterday night but before they were even treated, his boss called him and scolded him.

His boss said that he had provoked a big figure and the beating was a lesson for him. If he still dared to mess around, they would completely suppress him.

Although the one that came forward was Zhou Pu, the one backing them was the famous entertainment upstart Shanhai Streaming.

People all over the world knew how cruelly Zheng Rongrong treated her enemy.

Her father had hundreds of billions in assets and he owned an industry worth hundreds of million, let alone a mere Bao Xinwen, even though his boss wasn’t worth her father’s little finger.

So Bao Xinwen immediately cowered and accepted the 10k settlement.

But his injury was treated now and there was no major problem. However, it was very painful and that made Bao Xinwen try to figure who was the culprit.

An uncertain amount of time passed and Bao Xinwen heard a yell.

Then a bald person appeared in front of him.

“Xinwen, what is this?” The bald man sneered and scolded him, “Mom and dad were almost frightened to death when they called! Whatever if you’re committing a sin yourself but if you drag our parents down, I’ll personally send you to hell!”

The bald man spoke roughly and viciously, however tears started to flow the moment Bao Xinwen saw him.

“Brother….” Bao Xinwen with a wronged expression said, “I’ve been beaten and threatened…. I’ve suffered a lot…”

“Stop crying!” The bald man snorted, “You didn’t study when you were young and dallied with women when you grew up, it is that weird you got beat!? Was it weird to be beat by someone even fiercer than you!?”


Bao Xinwen didn’t dare to speak anymore and just looked at him pitifully.

The bald man cursed for a while before he got tired and sat by the bed.


Bao Xinwen chose that moment to scream pitifully.

“Alright, stop screaming around, you’re not dead yet!” The bald man glared at him and impatiently said, “Speak, what happened?”

“Last night…”

Bao Xinwen didn’t dare to hide anything from his brother so he told everything.

“You’re really not afraid of embarrassment, can’t even deal with a woman!” The bald man straight up slapped Bao Xinwen’s head and made him yell in pain.

After his yell, Bao Xinwen said aggrievedly, “Brother, if it wasn’t for the two noisy guys, I would have already succeeded, how could I suffer like this then?”

“Then what do you want? You want to bring that woman to sleep with you again?” The bald man said nonchalantly. From these words, it could be seen that he wasn’t an honest member of the society.

“Forget it, there are many women, who cares about her?” Bao Xinwen said bitterly, “The thing I hate the most is those two nosy people and they even beat me so hard! Brother, you must help me take revenge!”

“Aren’t you unaware of who it was? How can I help you get revenge? Do you want to catch a random member of their film crew and take revenge?” The bald man angrily said.

“Although I don’t know who beat me up, it must be someone related to Zhou Pu’s film crew!” Bao Xinwen eagerly said, “There are a few martial artists in their TV series. Brother you can go exchange some pointers and send them to bed for half a month, it would be enough as revenge for me!”

The bald man frowned and said, “Are you stupid? There’s still exchanging pointers in our time?”

“But these martial artists like to drink and they think they are awesome when they drink. You just have to provoke them a bit during that time and let them make a move first, wouldn’t that do it?” Bao Xinwen said sinisterly.

“Not a bad idea” The bald man nodded.

“I’ll get someone to take you there tonight and help you identify them.” Bao Xinwen said, “Brother, you must give them a good lesson! You must make an example of them!”

“You’ll be satisfied with just that?” The bald man asked in doubt.

“What else can I do even if I’m not satisfied?” Bao Xinwen said bitterly, “Can I beat up their lead actors and director? It would just cause trouble to us!”

“You still have some brain at least, we really can’t afford to offend those wealthy people and big directors! In our time, knowing how to fight isn’t that big of a deal anymore.” The bald man said in resignation.

Bao Xinwen didn’t tell the complete truth to the bald man.

He in fact already guessed who hit him.

After all, When Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi entered the restaurant, he glanced at them a few times.

A young man and woman that was in ‘Young Di Renjie’ film crew and could immediately dispatch Zhou Pu and Shanhai Streaming to put pressure on them…

Wasn’t their identity clear enough that way?

Except the lead roles, who had so much influence?

But what if he knew?

Could he take revenge on them?

He wasn’t that stupid!

He was a little fish that could eat dried shrimp but they were killer whales!

One of them was a famous songwriter and also a world class mathematician. He possessed an absolute advantage in front of the officials.

The other was a Small Flower Dan and also was a child star. She had numerous good friends in the industry. Many big names regarded her as their little sister.

Any of them could crush him in the entertainment industry and prevent him from getting involved in the industry.

However, he had been in this industry for more than ten years and had accumulated quite some qualification so how could he give it up and find a job in another industry?

It was worse than killing him.

So Bao Xinwen could only choose to take revenge in a roundabout way.

Even if it was just disgusting them a bit, giving a bit of trouble to their film crew and making them have a headache over it, it would make him happy.

It happened that his brother Bao Liangkong was a martial artist master in a boxing gym and was pretty good so he was suited for this.

He could get revenge while not getting the matter out of hands or getting his brother into trouble.

Otherwise, did you want him to ask his brother to have a go at Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi?

The police would immediately go into a manhunt and catch him in a few days!

Things also developed as Bao Xinwen thought.

He received the news during the evening.

The five martial artists hired by ‘Young Di Renjie’ film crew were beaten up after they got into a fight when drinking and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

But the mysterious man disappeared during the commotion and couldn’t be found.

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