I Know Everything chapter 264

Chapter 264: Unexpected boon.

The aftermath of the matter wasn’t that complicated but it wasn’t that good either.

Because of how mysterious Director Bao was beaten, trouble would be coming their way if they called the police.

Although Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi weren’t afraid of it, it would be good for their reputation if this matter blows off.

Young actors nowadays were more prone to impulsiveness and often did rash things which hurtled their reputation and more importantly, hurt their future.

So many young actors had fallen off the radar due to their carelessness.

So after hearing Chen Huan’s account of the events, Wang Xi stopped midway and went to make a few phone calls before she continued to drive.

At the door of the hotel, two female film crew members came over and took Xiaoqing with them. They would accompany her to sleep tonight and wait until she wakes up from her drunkenness tomorrow.

The dirty Volkswagen would obviously be cleaned by the staff.

On the other hand, Chen Huan also went into a guest room to shower and change his clothes before going into the company car to go back to their initial hotel they were staying at.

“The matter is settled.” Wang Xi said to Chen Huan after the car drove off, “That Director Bao is just a small casting director from a small company. Director Zhou had already got someone to go warn him and also compensated him 10k yuan so this is considered solved.”

“Humph, why would you give him money? I mean he deserves the beating!”

Bu Yiyi knew about it already but she was still very unhappy.

If she was a character in a story book, she would be a female heroine that loved to fight against injustice and also punish the wicked while not leaving any room for the wicked to retreat.

“Punishing him by hitting him is the limit we can do, or do you want to completely destroy his life?” Chen Huan patted her shoulder, “People like him will never disappear, if it’s not Director Bao, it would be Director Wang, Director Zhu, Director Ma etc… can we get them all?”

“What are you trying to say? Are we supposed to sit here and ignore it?” Bu Yiyi glared at him with a look that was prepared to bite him if he said something she didn’t like.

“We are just some actors and not some big shot. People in the past said, preserve your dignity and better yourself while you’re poor and help the other and better the world if you’re rich, if you want to do something, you should wait until you’re in position to make change.” Chen Huan said.

Bu Yiyi wasn’t someone naïve and knew that this kind of thing was inevitable in any country at any era when she calmed down.

Both parties had their own needs and had something they could sell so it was easy to arrive at a transaction.

There were many cases where they sold their bodies for roles so there was no way to prevent it.

Even on some occasions, those women would find it noisy if you get involved and say you destroyed all the work she accumulated and damaged her chances to climb higher.

But this time, Chen Huan could only show his stance against this matter and he in fact disliked those kinds of things deeply otherwise he wouldn’t go help Bu Yiyi to rescue that girl.

“You have some conscience at least.” Bu Yiyi’s eyes were less sharp after seeing Chen Huan’s clear cut attitude.

Bu Yiyi naturally took a step back after a way was shown to her.

Seeing that Chen Huan calmed down Bu Yiyi, Wang Xi let out of a sigh of relief and asked quietly, “How are we… going to handle that Xiaoqing tomorrow?”

“When she wakes up tomorrow and still wants to act, please ask the casting director to give her a good role in our film crew.” Chen Huan said, “Give her a chance and if she still fails, then she should give up.”

“What if she doesn’t give up and wants to make a compromise?” Bu Yiyi hesitated before asking through gritted teeth.

“Her life is in her own hands and it’s not arranged by someone else.” Chen Huan said, “If that is the case, then we can only let her do what she wants, we can’t decide whether someone is going to succeed or fail, let alone go take away other people’s hope.”

Bu Yiyi sighed and didn’t say anything else.

She was still a proud and righteous girl just a moment ago but she felt sad now because she couldn’t make this industry a clear and transparent place.

“You shouldn’t care about what other people do but instead focus on what you should do.” Chen Huan thought for a bit he said to her, “We should better ourselves and set a good example for the other people to follow so more people follow in our steps instead of compromising with those dirty rules… like that, wouldn’t the world become a better place?”


Bu Yiyi lowered her head for a moment before she lifted it up with a smile on it.

She slapped Chen Huan’s chest repeatedly before she grandly said, “Chen Huan, you’re really not bad! That’s right! This lady has to rely on herself to change this damned stinky and dirty rule!”

Wang Xi let out a sigh of relief when she saw Bu Yiyi regain her spirit.

She was really worried that Bu Yiyi would go overboard.

From past experiences, Bu Yiyi definitely would be reluctant to back off and make a lot of noise out of it.

As far as Wang Xi was concerned, it would be good as long as Bu Yiyi developed smoothly and she couldn’t care about other people or other things.

If it was Wang Xi instead of Chen Huan that accompanied Bu Yiyi today, she would at most stop Director Bao on the spot before taking Xiaoqing away.

There definitely wouldn’t be any violent beating of three people.

Who knew what the reporters would write once it was spread out.

These two were quite violent as they had beaten Director Bao until he was admitted to the hospital while the two others were quite injured too, it was unbelievable.

Fortunately, Zhou Pu was quite influential and Shanhai Streaming was rich and powerful otherwise it would be difficult for the three to take it down just like that.

But then again.

They wouldn’t do such things if they were upright people.

Since they weren’t upright, how could they fight against that much influence and power?

Moreover, they didn’t even know who hit them and only Zhou Pu and Shanhai Streaming came forward but their stance was very tough so they didn’t even dare to investigate further.

“Ding Dong!”

A familiar sound was heard as the car drove.

“In view of the usually indifferent host, the system was deeply satisfied that the host was able to cooperate with the hot blooded girl Bu Yiyi to fight against injustice!”

“So the host would be specially rewarded with ‘Big Grappler Hand (Intermediate)’. The system hopes that the host can live up to the expectation and continue to work hard toward becoming a superman.”



Chen Huan was overjoyed.

Chen Huan didn’t think he would receive any benefit when he went to beat those guys and only felt that Director Bao was an embarrassment for man.

There were also those two dogshits that made him furious and difficult to calm himself unless he hit them.

It was purely the ordinary reaction of an ordinary guy like Chen Huan when he encountered such a nasty business.

But even if it wasn’t some big deal and didn’t cause any sensation, the system actually considered it as upholding justice and gave out a reward, it was a really good thing.

Good Master, seriously?

You should have told me sooner!

Today’s type of incident happened all the time in Hengdian.

I have decided, from now I’ll stay in Hengdian!

Please call this lord the Protector of Hengdian!

Chen Huan almost laughed out loud.

Just think about it.

I donated 100 million and only got five rewards.

Today, he went to beat up three people and saved a girl.

If he upheld justice two times a day…

Even once a day, he would receive 30 rewards per month!

365 rewards in a year!

It was really ‘365 sunrise a year and the Good Lord bless me 365 times…. Hey! Hey! Hey!’ (He’s quoting a song I believe)

“Ding Dong!”

“The naïve host is thinking about an unrealistic situation again. This smart system can warn the host that these kinds of rewards could only be triggered coincidental encounters and sincere feelings with non-benefit oriented mindset, you would receive nothing in the other cases. Even if the same situation repeats now, the system won’t reward you anything.”

“However, the words the host used to coax Bu Yiyi was in line with the value that should be spread but the system feels that it should not place its hope on a utilitarian person like the host. Bu Yiyi should be the one that carries the hope of society so the system will issue the following mission.”

“If Bu Yiyi can win a top international-level award and become a giant in the Chinese film industry within three years, the host would give out great rewards!”

Chen Huan: “Uh…”

Good Lord, whose system you are?!

I am obviously your owner but why are you valuing Bu Yiyi instead?

Is this because I’m so upright that you can’t see it?

No way!

This is weird!

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