I Know Everything chapter 263

Chapter 263: Let’s fight!

While Bu Yiyi happily poured more beer into Chen Huan’s cup, some loud noise was heard on a nearby table.

“Director Bao, I really can’t drink anymore, I’m feeling so dizzy that I might throw up…please spare me!” Said by a beautiful girl in her twenties with a flushed face.

Beside her were a woman and man while a fat man was sitting on her opposite.

The fat Director Bao laughed and said, “Xiaoqing, I know this is not your limit, just drink, Brother Bao will send you back to the hotel later and definitely wouldn’t leave you here!”

“Director Bao, I’m really at my limit, ugh…” Xiaoqing burped and frowned deeply.

But even like that with a flushed and uncomfortable face, she still looked attractive.

Director Bao winked at the two nearby people. The man immediately started to laugh and say, “Aiyo, Xiaoqing, come on! How can you refuse to give Director Bao some faces when you already came out to eat? Aren’t we here to have some fun? Do you want to make Director Bao unhappy?”

The woman also whispered to Xiaoqing, “Xiaoqing, didn’t you come because of that role? How can you get the role if you can’t even drink?”

“Sister Pan, I really can’t drink anymore, I will throw up if I drink again and even pass out!” Xiaoqing was obviously drunk and wanted to speak quietly but ended up saying it loudly, “Help me and send me back home! I’ m afraid of Director Bao…”

She didn’t say it directly but everyone knew what she meant.

“Xiaoqing, are you trying to insult me!?” Director Bao was furious, “Alright, remember from now on, don’t think of playing in any of my work!”

Xiaoqing panicked a bit when she saw Director Bao was angry and didn’t know what to do.

The man nearby poured another half glass of white wine and said, “Xiaoqing, look at what you’re saying? Quickly drink this glass and apologize to Director Bai, he’s a magnanimous person and won’t stay angry!”

That Sister Pan was also trying to persuade her, “Yes, Xiaoqing, just drink this glass… otherwise wouldn’t tonight’s hard work all thrown to waste?”

Xiaoqing was flustered but when they persuaded her like this again, she lost her own volition as she took the glass and said tremblingly, “Director Bao, I’m sorry, I was wrong!”

With that said, she downed down the cup of liquor.

Xiaoqing’s face changed immediately as she quickly covered her mouth and did her best to gulp down the liquor and handle the dizziness.

But her eyes became clouded and Sister Pan light pushed her two times but she was out of it and didn’t respond.


Director Bao was satisfied and winked at the man. The man immediately shouted, “Boss, we want to check out!”

When Sister Pan helped Xiaoqing up, Director Bao directly approached her and hugged her with a very pleased smile, “Xiaoqing, let’s go, Brother Bao will take you back to the hotel.”

“No, no…”

Xiaoqing suddenly sobered up for a moment and quickly said, “Director Bao, I’ll, I’ll take a taxi by myself….thank you, ugh…”

She wanted to push Director Bao away but she already ran out of strength.

How could such an experienced guy like Director Bao let the bird go when it was already in his hands?

He hugged Xiaoqing as he led her outside, “Xiaoqing, be obedient, Brother Bao will promise you a good role…”


Xiaoqing used her remaining strength to take two steps back and sit on the stool again as she shouted, “I don’t want to!”

Director Bao certainly didn’t give up as he tried to drag her to leave.

While they were doing that, there was no response from the nearby two tables and even the lady boss just glanced at it and proceeded to settle the bills.

There were too many of such occurrences happening in Hengdian and everyone grew numb to it.

Besides, if that girl wasn’t prepared for that to happen, why did she come out to drink?

That was what most of them thought.

But today would be a bit different.

Bu Yiyi, who was sitting at the back, frowned in fury.

Seeing that the fat dude finally dragged the girl outside, she couldn’t hold her anger anymore and was about to stand up before Chen Huan held her back.

“What?” Bu Yiyi glared at Chen Huan.

“I know what you’re thinking but don’t get excited.” Chen Huan handed her a stainless steel plate that was used to hold the BBQ before whispering to her, “I found out where the light switch is. Get the person you want to hit and hit him when I switch the light off. Then, we’ll take the opportunity to take the girls and slip off, how about that?”

Bu Yiyi’s eyes lit up, “Nice one, you brat! So smart!”

Chen Huan gave a gentle smile as he stood up and took out a few large bills before he put them on the table and under the bottles. Then he walked toward the counter where the lady boss was.

Everyone was watching the situation so they didn’t notice Chen Huan.

When Chen Huan switched off multiple lights at lightning quick speed, it happened the moment when the lady boss took the man money and the man was about to turn around and follow after Director Bao.


The people shouted when the light abruptly turned off.

They thought it was a power outage and it was the same for the man and Director Bao as they stopped.

But Chen Huan didn’t stop as he directly punched the man’s head near the checkout counter.

With a ‘Bang’, the man’s head hit the counter before he fell down without letting a single sound.

At that moment, Director Bao also let out a painful cry.

“Which bastard… AH!”


The sound of steel hitting Director Bao was heard only a few times but Director Bao’s screams were very miserable.

Needless to say, it was because Chen Huan ran up behind him and kicked his knees twice to put Director Bao directly on his knees before falling to a side due to the pain.

Bu Yiyi felt that the guy fell to the ground so she stepped on his lower abdomen a few times, with a lot of force behind.

“Let’s leave!”

Chen Huan carried Xiao Qing with him and kicked the nearby trembling Sister Pan’s too while he was at it before pulling Bu Yiyi, who wanted to step on the guy a few more times, out of the BBQ restaurant.

Director Bao deserved a beating but those two people deserved it even more.

That Sister Pan was definitely Xiaoqing’s friend otherwise she wouldn’t have come with her. She was there to protect her friends.

However, that woman betrayed her friend unexpectedly and that was unforgivable.

The owner who was grilling his skewer outside was stunned when he saw the people rush out.

Everything happened in less than a minute. He saw the light go out and heard someone scream before seeing Chen Huan and the other run out.

His body couldn’t move, let alone try to stop them.

People that try to make a living away from home generally wouldn’t step out in this kind of situation.

The most important thing was their own safety.

Wang Xi was playing with her phone but she suddenly saw them rushing over and knocked on her window. Chen Huan even carried someone on his back.

“Sister Xi, come on! Quickly drive!”

Bu Yiyi, who took the passenger side, immediately yelled out in excitement after getting in.

Chen Huan put Xiaoqing in the car first before getting in it himself, only to see her throw up on him.

Both of them were in the back and the car wasn’t very big so half of it ended up on Chen Huan’s clothes.

An unpleasant liquor smell suddenly filled the car.

“Hahaha… Chen Huan, you’re so unlucky!”

Bu Yiyi ‘s head was near the open window and even laughed at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan was quite speechless.

But before he could speak, Xiaoqing felt the cold wind on her and threw up again.

Chen Huan noticed it in time and quickly dodged it. The result was most of it ended up on the seats and the car’s floor mat.

“My car!!!”

Wang Xi screamed in suffering as she drove.


Bu Yiyi ‘s magnetic laughter accompanied her scream of pain.

Chen Huan shook his head with a bitter smile as he looked at Xiaoqing who was still throwing up nearby him.

What a night!

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