I Know Everything chapter 262

Chapter 262: Helping request a song.

Beer was always the first thing the BBQ restaurant served.

The ten bottles of beer were already on the table before a glimpse of dishes could be seen.

Bu Yiyi and Chen Huan sat at the innermost table and although the other guests knew they were celebrities, there were too many celebrities in Hengdian so they weren’t too surprised about it and wouldn’t try to uncover them since they were trying to hide it.

So the other people had their own meal and ignored Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi.

Bu Yiyi first poured a glass of beer for Chen Huan before clicking it and said, “Come, let’s toast to having a smooth shooting!”

Chen Huan drank a bit and Bu Yiyi toasted again.

Then she poured another cup but she wasn’t so eager to drink this time, “I was worried at the beginning but I feel relieved now. Old Zhou is quite good, I think he will film a few more big TV series and might enter the movie industry.”

The teenager nodded.

Although filming a TV series and a movie was different, some people could do both well.

For example, Boss Du or Fatty Wang from his past life all started with TV series before making popular movies.

“But if you want to develop well in the entertainment industry, you should do less TV series.” Bu Yiyi said, “If you film a lot of TV series, even if you’re really good, you won’t be able to make it to the next level… Just like the five TV series kings, which one of them aren’t good actors? But their fame and popularity is nowhere near those six from the film industry.”

“I don’t think you need to compare them.” Chen Huan shook his head, “The most important thing is still which industry suits your development best. You think that those five kings are sad that they aren’t happy at where they are?”

A flash of surprise passed over Bu Yiyi’s eyes as she thought about it, “Maybe my conclusion was too hasty.”

Bu Yiyi never experienced or thought about the crazy industry that was the TV series.

At their peak, a debuting star could amass 100 million in a year or two and those popular and bankable actresses could even receive 60 million for a single TV series.

They could make bank in the TV series industry and completely didn’t think about films.

But how could this world have such an exaggerated price?

If they didn’t get any box office shares, the heavenly kings like Chen Hao or Sun Dahe would only be paid around 10 to 30 million.

As the two continued their discussion, the pork skewer was brought to them.

Bu Yiyi gave it a taste and couldn’t help but nod before talking to the lady boss over the counter, “Lady boss, I must say it tastes like just how they make it in Yuzhou!”

She was speaking in Yuzhou dialect and the proprietress smiled when she heard it, “Of course, we’ve been here for ten years and we never changed, everything we make is 100% authentic Yuzhou foods!”

A smile appeared on Chen Huan’s face as he drank and ate.

Turning her head back, Bu Yiyi saw him smile so she questioned, “What? Is our Yuzhou dialect funny?”

“No.” Chen Huan shook his head and said, “I just feel that the Yuzhou dialect has a strong boldness to it and it’s a sharp contrast to your group of charming girls. It’s like straightforward and chivalrous girls but only hard outside and soft inside, and yet very determined and never admits defeat.”

“Oh, you know our Yuzhou girls quite well.” Bu Yiyi said and suddenly patted his head, “That’s right, you even wrote a Yuzhou version of ‘Thank You For Your Love’, you already knew what Yuzhou people were made of!”

Then the waiter brought the eggplant and mutton skewer.

Bu Yiyi intimately gave Chen Huan a bunch of lamb skewers, “Here, although it isn’t from my Yuzhou, it’s been very popular dish recently and it’s very good.”

“It tastes good.” Chen Huan praised as he ate.

Yuzhou or more broadly the entire Shuchuan BBQ were famous for their pronounced and heavy taste but it was more attractive for people’s taste buds than the lighter and natural flavor of the coastal cities.

“Chen Huan,” Bu Yiyi filled his cup with beer again, “The song you gave me, ‘Thank You For Your Love’, did you sell the Cantonese and Mandarin version yet?”

“No, I haven’t found someone suitable yet.” Chen Huan calmly responded, “Why are you asking? You want to have it again?”

She mentioned it before when they talked over the phone and now he thought that she wanted to obtain the song.

“It’s not me, I don’t like to sing that much because my voice isn’t that good.” Bu Yiyi denied, “What do you think of Fei Qingyang? Is he suitable?”

Fei Qingyang?

Chen Huan was taken aback for a moment.

Previously when Tang Yuan and Su Mo invited him to dinner, Fei Qingyang also came.

The superstar was very humble, polite and genuine.

After their encounter, Chen Huan felt he was a nice guy.

“If Teacher Fei wants this song….” Chen Huan sighed, “Why didn’t he tell me?”

“Do you think you two are great friends? You guys just had dinner together so how could he ask?” Bu Yiyi said, “His relationship with you isn’t like with Tang Yuan so wouldn’t it be embarrassing for him if he didn’t find a suitable middleman and you refused him?”

“Makes sense.”

Chen Huan nodded.

Fei Qingyang was known in the industry to help people if he could and he never had any scandal.

Some people teasingly said that the big reason Fei Qingyang became a heavenly king and one of the six superstars was actually because he was liked by everybody and not because his acting was good.

This argument had some points.

Even the comedy king Song Yang, who was a few months younger than him, surpassed him in acting skills.

Li Yingzhi, a popular young actor that would rather go get a master degree than act in a bad movie, had many people claim his acting skills had surpassed those of Fei Qingyang.

“It’s not impossible for me to give it to Teacher Fei.” Chen Huan said, “But his singing seems to be …. A bit lacking.”

“You don’t have to worry about this, just remember who his good friends are?” Bu Yiyi said, “With Su Mo and Tang Yuan, are you afraid that he can’t make adjustments? I think you should stop underestimating him, he’s someone that released a few albums!”

Releasing albums doesn’t mean he could sing.

Chen Huan complained in his mind but he wasn’t completely against it.

‘Thank You For Your Love’ wasn’t a complicated song to sing to begin with but if it was ‘Braggart’, Chen Huan wouldn’t give it to him no matter how much Fei Qingyang begged.

(Braggart is a pretty good song yo,浮夸)

If Fei Qingyong sang ‘Thank You For Your Love’ a dozen or hundred times, his practice was bound to make it perfect.


Chen Huan thought about it before he agreed, “I’ll send him the song after we go back.”


Bu Yiyi was overjoyed, “Teacher Lu, you’re so friendly….here, let me pour a cup for you~~~”

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