I Know Everything chapter 261

Chapter 261: Barbecue.

Zhou Pu was indeed a great director.

It took originally 12 days to film ‘The Golden Hairpin Case’ at the beginning of June but by the end of the month, two more arcs were filmed as each arc took five episodes.

But the film crew was also exhausted by the time. Apart from Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi who were young and filled with energy, there were two middle aged actors that went to the hospital for infusion due to the hot weather and the high intensity shooting.

Zhou Pu could do nothing against that so he shot the scenes that the two actors weren’t in on one hand while he also gave the film crew the afternoon off to rest on the other hand.

Chen Huan took a rare nap in the afternoon and got up at night to take a shower before he started to write some emails to Professor Devries.

Chen Huan had been busy filming recently but he still maintained the frequency at which he wrote emails to Devries to once every two days and once every week for video conferences.

Bu Yiyi knocked on the door and came in with a grin but she saw Chen Huan’s laptop was filled with English’s words and incomprehensible math symbols.

“It seems I won’t have any affinity with the great subject of mathematics in this lifetime.” Bu Yiyi lamented as she sat beside Chen Huan, “You’re such a weird guy. If it was anyone else with your talents or your half of your looks, they would be cycling through a girlfriend in high school maybe even father a few kids by the time he graduated high school.”

“Then?” Chen Huan asked as he continued to type on his computer.

“What then?” Bu Yiyi was confused.

“Then he would be dragging along a bunch of wives and kids, and would have to desperately labor away in order to pay for the living expenses… he would either tire himself to death or give up in despair?” Chen Huan said, “Do you think that kind of life is good?”

“Why are you giving it so much thought!?” Bu Yiyi rolled her eyes at him, “I mean a guy that indulges in debauchery during high school, would that type of man take responsibility? Definitely not! He could continue his fast lifestyle even in college and rely on his face to earn his bread and later even become an old yuppie!”

“Eh, now that you mentioned it, it doesn’t seem to be that bad.” Chen Huan laughed, “If I could have such a life in my previous life, I’ll be extremely thankful.”

“You remember your past life?” Bu Yiyi also laughed.

“I remember. It’s those ordinary lives where you study and get 9 to 5 job.” Chen Huan said while typing, “That is why I have these talents in this life and that is also why I work hard in order to not waste the god given gifts I received! If I don’t work hard, do you think that god will still give you a third life?”

Bu Yiyi’s eyes widened for a few seconds before she punched Chen Huan’s back, “This guy, saying it with such an honest tone, you’re trying to mess with me?”

A smile appeared on the corner of Chen Huan’s mouth but Bu Yiyi didn’t see it.

To be honest, if he didn’t have the Good Lord and without all the great skill the Good Lord had given him, Chen Huan would have at most relied on the few things he could remember from his past life to make some money before investing it. Then he would become a rich man with a networth of 100 million yuan, comfortably marry two girls and enjoy the rest of his life.

Such a life for an ordinary person, they wouldn’t be willing to exchange it even if it meant becoming an emperor.

But now he had so many talents and skills and also the Good Master that was an extremely exigent system, Chen Huan really felt that he wouldn’t be able to live his life so simply and that he must make something to live up to his transmigration.

Did they think that Chen Huan didn’t know who Emperor Sui Yang and Genghis Khan were?

 (Those people were known to like sex.)

Give him a bunch of women and he could also birth his own clan!

Of course, this was related to how young Chen Huan was now and if he was in his thirties, no matter how ambitious he was, he would have to find a girlfriend first.

“I almost forgot.” Bu Yiyi thought Chen Huan was joking so she just ignored it, “You said last time you never went to a bar, right? Let’s go, this sister will take you to take a look today!”

“What’s there to see in a bar? I’m not going!” Chen Huan refused without hesitation.

“Come on, let’s go…” Bu Yiyi showed her temperament as she grabbed Chen Huan’s hands, “Don’t worry, with this sister protection, I will definitely not let you be swallowed by those wolves and tigers.”

“Are you not embarrassed to make someone at my age go to a bar?” Chen Huan was reluctant to go, “It’s already friendly enough to drink beer at home with you!”

Bu Yiyi was speechless.

This was a good point.

Chen Huan was less than 17 years old and although drinking beers and fruit wine wasn’t a problem, it wouldn’t be good for his health if he went to a bar to drink some cocktails.

Previously when Chen Huan drank with Tang Yuan, Su Mo and the others, he only drank a glass of beer and fruit wine as the others didn’t let him drink any more.

“We have a rare day off and you’re so boring.” Bu Yiyi muttered, “You can just order water when we go! Let’s go there, I want to talk something with you.”

Chen Huan just finished typing his documents and clicked the button send.

“What can’t be said right here?” He turned his head toward her and said, “It’s the dead of the night and there’s only us two here, I can’t call help even if I wanted to.”

Bu Yiyi didn’t like the joke at all.

The Small Flower Dan just slapped his thigh when she heard that and said, “Bastard! Just change your clothes so we can leave! Otherwise this lady will strip and go out of this room naked, let’s see what happens!”

Chen Huan just grinned and said, “Let’s not go to a bar, I’m hungry. How about we go to a BBQ restaurant and get something to eat?”

Since Bu Yiyi was so insistent, it must mean that she had something to say so Chen Huan definitely wouldn’t refuse her.


Bu Yiyi agreed after some thought.

Then he changed his clothes and left with Bu Yiyi to the underground parking lot, Wang Xi was already there waiting for them with a small Volkswagen.

Hengdian looked very ancient on TV and films but the city was very developed as they had many bars, hotels and other commercial districts comparable to a large city.

Wang Xi took them around the city before stopping at the side of the street.

There were a row of barbecue restaurants across the streets.

However, because of the strict rules, except a few BBQ stalls at the door, all the dinners were inside the shop.

It was also far from where the people filmed so there weren’t that many customers.

The restaurant where Bu Yiyi took him only had seven or eight tables but only four or five tables were taken.

He felt the air conditioning the moment he stepped into the restaurant and the heat he felt earlier dissipated.

Modern people really couldn’t do without air conditioning during summer.

The people saw a pair of young man and woman coming in with hats and sunglasses but gave up regretfully after they couldn’t recognize them.

“Twenty mutton skewers! Twenty beef skewers! Twenty streaky pork skewers! Twenty chicken wing skewers! One grilled fish, one eggplant dish, less spicy and ten cold beers, quickly!”

Bu Yiyi ordered the dishes quickly and smoothly before she said, “Look, just for you, I didn’t put spices. It’s an embarrassment for someone native of Yuzhou.”

Chen Huan didn’t dare to retort otherwise he wouldn’t be able to walk after eating those Yuzhou spices later.

However, he also didn’t believe that Bu Yiyi was willing to eat much spice as celebrities tended to be careful with their diet.

Only a girl with good metabolism like Bu Yiyi would dare to eat so much BBQ.

If she dared to eat spicy things on top, skin allergies and acne might appear on her faces and people may even not recognize who she was anymore.

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