I Know Everything Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Teacher Chen’s tutoring results.

Unconsciously, it was already June.

Chen Huan received a call from Di Xiaoling and Li Miao.

One of them got 638 points and the other got 655 points.

Both of their families were very happy when the results came out.

Virtuous Middle School wasn’t some top high school so Di Xiaoling and Li Miao never got more than 600 points.

At that time, the professor guessed that if the two of them did well, they would be in the first batch of admission in an ordinary university.

If they didn’t do well, they would be in the second batch.

The point was their hope to be in the first batch was very slim.

But unexpectedly, the two of them over performed and both got more than 630 points!

The key point was that the passing point for Zhejiang was 540 for liberal arts and 540 for the other science themed.

Both girls studied liberal arts, their results were more than enough even for the best school in Zhejiang which was Zhejiang University.

No, it should be said they could even attend Fudan University this year.

Even if it wasn’t the best major, it was still Fudan University!

Students in the Jiangnan area generally didn’t go to Peking University or Tsinghua University because they were too far away so their first choice was Fudan University.

The two girls who didn’t even have much hope to be first batch students suddenly shot up to have enough points for Fudan University, how would this not make people refreshed?

Virtuous Middle School immediately started to produce posters of Li Miao and Di Xiaoling.

They weren’t even in the top ten amongst the students of Virtuous Middle School but they were School Flowers.

Beautiful girls like them who got more than 630 points and had enough points to qualify in Fudan University, how could they not show them off?

During a time, Li Miao and Di Xiaoling’s posters were posted in a radius of five kilometers around the school.

Then another wave of posters thieves happened which was normal now.

Of course, the secret on how they got such good scores were sought by those envious students from Virtuous Middle School.

There was no need for Di Xiaoling and Li Miao to talk about it as their parents happily revealed it.

“It’s because Chen Huan started to tutor my little girl since March!”

“Chen Huan is a mathematician and is very proficient in mathematics. Look, Little Miao got 145 points in math which is 30 points higher than her last exam! It’s a great improvement!”

“Chen Huan is really a genius, not only he made Xiaoling score 140 points in math but he also improved her physic as she score 148 points on it… in the two previous months, although Xiaoling’s English was good, it was still around 120 points but two of her subject improved and gave her more than 60 points in total so how could her score be bad?”

“Aiyo, too bad Chen Huan was busy playing basketball otherwise he would have started to tutor them right after the Spring Festival, if that was the case, wouldn’t they have enough points to get into Tsinghua or Peking?”

The last sentence was just flaunting and would draw people’s ire.

But the sentence also points out an important thing.

The third years already did their exams and it was already impossible to go back in time.

But the new third year students would have a year’s time to prepare.

If Chen Huan could give them tutoring… it would be such a great thing~~~~

So many parents went to look for Chen Huan.

But they couldn’t find him.

So the principal Zhu Xiaoxi was the one who was the most bothered by it.

He received calls all day long and people even personally paid him a visit so he was quite tense.

While he was in a trance, he wondered if he should ask Teacher Chen to give each class some tutoring each week.


Who is Teacher Chen…

While Li Miao and Di Xiaoling called, they had another intention aside from telling the good news.

“Chen Huan, which school do you wish us to attend?” The girls used the video conference option.

“You should choose Fudan!” Chen Huan said.

“Oh, are you preparing to go to Fudan next year?” Di Xiaoling said while pondering, “After all, Professor Yu Dingbian is your senior master and he’s also a professor of mathematics at Fudan University!”

“I don’t know.” Chen Huan honestly answered, “I’ll decide when it’s time.”

According to the system’s temper, only god knows what kind of weird choice he was going to make.

So Chen Huan didn’t know.

But one thing was certain, with ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and the heatedly debated ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’, it was a guarantee that all mathematic departments in the country would be happy to have Chen Huan.

“Ah… if that’s the case, we probably won’t be in the same city.” Li Miao said in disappointment.

Compared to the youth who was just the most handsome teenager, Chen Huan showed unparalleled talents this year and deeply conquered the hearts of those girls.

Why did the previous School Flowers that graduated last year slowly became estranged from Chen Huan after they moved to another environment?

Because Chen Huan previously was just a looker and those School Flowers would appreciate it greatly when they were near him but so far away, those feelings would gradually fade away.

When they were exposed to the bigger world and saw many great boys, they naturally had more choices.

If there were no unforeseen things happening, Di Xiaoling and Li Miao would be like those School Flowers and over time, they would get married and have children and reminiscence in their old ages about the most handsome teenager they met.

But it was different now!

Chen Huan was like a cheat code now!

Just after a short summer vacation, those people saw Chen Huan create one miracle after another.

Girls were easily attracted to talented and excellent prospects.

If his looks, IQ and ability were all the best, which girl would be able to resist?

Neither Li Miao nor Di Xiaoling could escape that.

Whether it was ‘Love Letter’ male Fang Shu, the genius songwriter shining brightly in ‘I Song My Song’, the fluttering teenager playing the flute in the Gala, the genius teenager praised by mathematicians around the world or recently the basketball prince, it was all one single person and that enamored the girls deeply.

It wasn’t only them as it was the same for the other six School Flowers.

So when they were about to leave high school for university next year, they couldn’t bear to separate with Chen Huan and hoped he would be in the same school or same city as them next year.

Chen Huan let out a sigh in his heart when he heard what Li Miao said.

This Lord was unparalleled in the world to begin with but he suddenly raked up so much debt, what should he do?

Wouldn’t it hurt their feelings if he just said it would depend on fate?

“I think if we really have chemistry, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the same city.” Chen Huan thought for a while before he said, “Communication is so developed now and moving around is also more convenient. If you want to see me, isn’t it just a matter of a few hours?”

This was the first time Chen Huan made a formal statement.

He wouldn’t talk about it before, even when the School Flowers hugged and kissed him, he would just passively accept it.

The two girls’ eyes lit up when they heard it.

What they worried the most was that Chen Huan didn’t say anything and just silently watched them go.

Now that Chen Huan said that, it meant that they wouldn’t drift away and there was hope for a future for them so they were obviously happy.

“You were the one who said it.” Di Xiaoling’s eyes were a bit red, “You can’t ignore us afterward.”

“I won’t.”

Chen Huan stated solemnly as he looked at the two.

Fortunately, there were many people who took multiple partners, otherwise how would he be able to live up to never disappoint those who love you?

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