I Know Everything Chapter 259

Chapter 259: It was all for benefits.

As Zhou Pu thought it would, after a few days of working together, the actors of those main and ordinary supporting roles started to get more familiar with each other.

It included the extras as their leaders signed a good contract so the extras were carefully selected.

Because they starred in movies in their costumes all year long to the point that practice made perfect so although they weren’t some dazzling stars, they wouldn’t drag the team down.

The leaders were the ‘agents’ in Hengdian and they controlled more or less all the extras in Hengdian.

After the casting directors give out the role they required, those leaders would send out the people under them and collect the pay before distributing to their actors.

Those group of leaders were indispensable if they wanted to film in Hengdian.

Finding the right leaders would be of great benefit to their shooting.

TV series weren’t so meticulous unlike movies where every scene was carefully polished repeatedly where the mood and facial expression must be at the top.

It was more important for TV series to pay attention to coherence so that the episode didn’t conflict with each other.

When the main characters did their scenes, as long as it didn’t have major mistakes, they would finish the scenes in one or two takes.

If that was the case, the first arc ‘The Golden Hairpin Case’ that lasted 5 episodes, took them 12 days to complete it.

At this speed, they would need 4 months to finish the filming of the originally planned ten arcs.

They planned 2 months for the preliminary preparation, 4 months for the shooting and 3 months for the post production for a total of 9 months.

Since the big expansion in the TV series industry, it hadn’t taken such a long time to produce an ancient time TV series so far except those large scale TV series that were adapting ancient classics.

It was especially for a director like Zhou Pu to be so inefficient.

In fact, ‘The Golden Hairpin Case’ took 12 days because everyone was just getting familiar.

With that already done, the second arc ‘Stone Status Gate’ would be faster.

The further they were, the faster they became.

Besides, they took scenes at the same time.

Chen Huan’s scene had his own camera crew, Bu Yiyi’s scene also had her own camera crew and scenes that had only the supporting characters also had their camera crew so it was impossible to not be fast after this division of effort.

Zhou Pu had calculated 80 days of shooting for 50 episodes.

In the industry of TV series, this wasn’t the slowest but it was certainly not the fastest either.

Chen Huan wasn’t that great at acting either so he must spend a lot of time and efforst every day to improve his acting just so he could keep up with Bu Yiyi.

In terms of actors, Chen Huan wasn’t some superstar.

But if you switched it to the music industry, Chen Huan was the person to have contact with.

Many singers came to visit Chen Huan during their filming.

Especially those young beautiful and energetic female singers that couldn’t wait to swallow Chen Huan.

They would always try to invite Chen Huan to a bar to relax after the day’s work was done.

The bar in Hengdian was quite busy and chaotic. It was basically lonely men and women drinking together and as they drank, they would enter the hotel nearby.

Those female singers wouldn’t give Chen Huan the opportunity to get them drunk as they would the one to get Chen Huan drunk.

It would be a great achievement as long as they could put Chen Huan to sleep. They wouldn’t claim that they would be able to rely on Chen Huan in the future but it would be easy to get a few songs from him.

Moreover, Chen Huan just turned 17 and all of them were around 18 to 19 so turning Chen Huan into an adult would be a great achievement for them. Even the more conservative singers would feel a sense of accomplishment if they did that.

Of course Chen Huan wasn’t so easily fooled.

When someone paid him a visit after work, he would greet them politely and thank them but would even decline a dinner, let alone going to a bar.

He didn’t like places like bars to begin with.

Moreover, they were unfamiliar people so Chen Huan didn’t feel like socializing with them.

He also knew the reason why so many people came to him was because of Han Dong’er.

A few days ago, Yanhuang Music announced that they signed Han Dong’er to their label.

It also caused a sensation to the music industry when certain clauses of the contract were known to the public.

Yanhuang Music signed Han Dong’er for five years and the signing fee was as high as 20 million.

Yanhuang Music also had to produce 3 albums for Han Dong’er within three years and the production cost for each album wouldn’t be less than 30 million and the advertising budget wouldn’t be lower than 20 million.

This amount was sky high.

They would take a loss just with the production cost if Han Dong’er results didn’t improve on the next album.

For example, her last album ‘Red Bean’ had 7.5 million online sales and 250k hard copies sold in two month times for a total of 43.75 million yuan earned.

No matter how strong ‘Red Bean’ was, it couldn’t reach 100 million.

If it didn’t reach 100 million, with the production cost, the singer’s dividend, the sales dividend etc… Yanhuang Music’s minimum expenditure would be around 70 million.

In other words, Yanhuang Music would definitely lose money if Han Dong’er next album was at the level of ‘Red Bean’ but they would see if it was 10 or 20 million.

Of course, Yanhuang Music definitely wouldn’t do money losing business.

First of all, Han Dong’er’s music could be licensed to other singers or TV shows/films so it would be a nice income for years to come.

Then Yanhuang also prepared no less than 10 concerts per year for Han Dong’er during the five years.

If Han Dong’er maintained her current popularity, a 50k capacity concert would sell 20 million yuan in tickets and Yanhuang would earn at least 5 million in profit from it.

It would be a huge income in shares after five years and dozens of concerts.

In addition, Han Dong’er current agent was with Yanhuang Music now so with Han Dong’er’s voice, appearance and fame, it wouldn’t be problem for her to find some world class endorsement.

It was another way of income for them.

So as a whole, Yanhuang Music could make a lot of money of Han Dong’er.

The prerequisite was that Han Dong’er must continue to improve and at least not regress.

But would Han Dong’er regress?

Don’t forget the man standing behind her!

With Teacher Lu writings songs for her, she would make progress even if she didn’t want to!

Witnessing Han Dong’er fame and her path toward gold, how could the other not envy her?

Who didn’t want to become the second Han Dong’er?

So it was reasonable that so many singers came to visit Chen Huan.

All the hustle and bustle in the world is only for money and interest.

People’s behavior had been the same for thousands of years.

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