I Know Everything Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Getting along.

Filming in China was different from the otherworld Hollywood as they were completely supported by their own studio and used their studio for nearly everything, it was really admirable.

China, even at their poorest, insisted on used real décor to film.

If they needed more people, they would just ask some people from the army to come.

Now that the market was open, they needed money to hire the extras now.

But it didn’t mean that they would pay hundreds of people a day’s worth of salary every time they wanted to shoot a scene with a crowd.

They would at least change their clothes ten times and take ten different shots and use the whole day to make the best of them.

As for how to shoot ten shots, it depended on the abilities of the assistant director and the filming director as they needed to take out those scenes from each story and shoot them separately.

Those scenes would be inserted in the timeline in the post-production montage.

The protagonist sometimes also had to take a dozen of those shots a day so they got it done and didn’t have to bother with it again.

However, a truly experienced director would avoid too many scenes with too many people.

The more people there are and the more extras and actors there are the greater chance a mistake happened.

Didn’t something funny happen last year?

It was a scene about royal progress and the camera captured the lively crowd on the road but there was a woman actually stared down at her phone.

That’s right.

It really passed through!

That scene became one of the top ten funniest clips of the year.

That was why many TV series and films when the main characters appear or those more exciting moments, it was mostly only a dozen people and showed only half a street.

It was also why most scenes were indoor or in the mountain and places that didn’t have many people in.

Martial arts movies were even simpler as there were many professionals in it and many would be on standby so it would be easier to shoot.

‘Young Di Renjie’ plots were about solving mysteries so showing the steps of investigating and unveiling the truth was very important so those big scenes with a big crowd were unnecessary.

‘The Golden Hairpin Case’ was about a bizarre case Di Renjie had in his hometown in Bingzhou. The people’s style there was based on the rough west.

The shops, people and customs were naturally different from the people in Jiangnan.

But there were a lot of places like that in Hengdian so they could rent one at any time and start filming.

As for the indoor scenes, there were many small or big houses in Hengdian as well as those three story mansion etc… there were thousands of them so they could pick any one.

On the first day of filming, Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi would take the lead as they would shoot the scene they rehearsed yesterday and the subsequent conflicts and misunderstandings in the scene.

They were talented actors to begin with and with careful preparation as well as yesterday’s good start, the first day of filming naturally went smoothly.

There were strict requirements for casting the main leads so it was the same for the supporting roles.

The main supporting roles of ‘Young Di Renjie’ were real actors that signed a contract with them and not those actors from Hengdian that get paid by day.

It was June now and the weather was quite hot so Chen Huan felt a bit reluctant to wear those thick and heavy costumes. He was almost soaked in sweat but his performance was still meticulous.

The two of them were in the state of mind from the beginning and Zhou Pu sitting behind the camera monitor didn’t have to interrupt anything because of their performance.

Seeing the two acting so finely, those actors with years of experiences and hard work had their spirits roused up as they started to work with them earnestly.

But there was some mistake happening too.

In the morning, Zhou Pu and the other filming crew yelled “Cut!” seven times. It was from supporting actors, temporary actors and extras that made some mistake.

Maybe it was because they just started or maybe they weren’t used to working with each other but they were all a bit awkward in their performance as they always got something wrong. Zhou Pu was so angry he threw his cup or speakers twice.

If it was other lead casting, they would probably refuse to film this scene again.

Either they dealt with it during the montage post production or they dealt with the extras’ acting before the lead actor came again.

Otherwise, this big star would be interrupted again and again because of those few extras and supporting roles, this big star was acting well but had to stop and try again, what was that?

But Chen Huan didn’t say anything and Bu Yiyi didn’t mention anything either.

Why did Bu Yiyi have a good relationship with a lot of people in the film crew and had many contacts?

Wasn’t it because she would be conscientious and never complained no matter what film crew she was in?

No matter how hard the environment was, she would crawl if she was asked to, and no matter how tired she was, she would wash her face and immediately start acting when it was time to shoot.

It was hard for people to dislike a girl like that.

Zhou Pu knew her personality and that was why he wanted to cast her despite the high price.

Because as long as Bu Yiyi agreed, Zhou Pu knew she wouldn’t complain and would definitely finish the film.

Some actors weren’t like that.

They would be agreeable during the signing but once they joined the film crew, they either complained about the living conditions or was dissatisfied with the script or they would come up with other requirements.

Actors like that was just like inviting their own ancestors.

Zhou Pu wasn’t willing to have actors like that enter his film set.

This morning when mistakes kept happening, Zhou Pu was worried Chen Huan would get annoyed.

Even if he didn’t start to curse, he probably would ask other people to replace the actors.

However, the replacement would be the same as they didn’t have the time to adapt and would also make mistakes, they would maybe even be worse than what they currently had.

After all, Shanhai Streaming had invested a lot in this so Zhou Pu’s assistant chose quite a good batch of actors in Hengdian a month in advance.

But if Chen Huan really wanted to change the people, Zhou Pu definitely would give him face and change the people but it would disrupt the planning and be awkward.

Zhou Pu definitely wouldn’t be angry about it as even though Zhou Pu and Cui Zhong  knew each other for a long time, he knew what place Chen Huan had in the princess’ heart. He was a great TV series director but in the princess’ mind, he was far from Chen Huan.

So if there was an irreconcilable conflict between the two, guess which one between Chen Huan and Zhou Pu the princess would replace.

Zhou Pu didn’t dare to guess.

What was a first-class TV director in the eyes of the big princess of China?

However, while Zhou Pu was worrying, Chen Huan didn’t say a word about it and stopped when he was asked to stop. At most, he would just sit down and rest.

Even when resting, he would chat with Bu Yiyi and those costumes staff about the scenes.

This was the case once and the same thing twice…until it was noon and lunch time, Chen Huan didn’t complain a single time so Zhou Pu let out a sigh of relief.

“What is it? Were you nervous earlier?” Lan Xin, the screenwriter, slapped on Zhou Pu’s arm and said with a grin.

Lan Xin nans Zhou Pu worked together before and were friends so they weren’t restrained when talking together.

Everyone had their own circle during lunch but Chen Huan took the people he talked with previously to discuss about the script so only Lan Xin was with Zhou Pu.

“Shouldn’t I?” Zhou Pu drank his soup before he happily said, “Fortunately, Teacher Lu had a good temperament and didn’t have the young people’s rashness.”

“You’re wrong, how could he not have any rashness as a young genius?” Lan Xin sneered, “Did you see him play basketball for two months?”

“Just watch a little video online.”

“I went to see the final and that was what we call a dazzling young man! So how can a teenager that plays such a delightful basket be someone with a dull personality?” Lan Xin’s eyes lit up, “He really fits all the young heroes in my fantasies! When I write young heroes in the future, how can I even other people now? It would be only him!”

Zhou Pu just kept eating and didn’t say anything.

Yep, this was another fan of Sister Xiaofeng!

“That is why he is taking his work seriously. He giving you face, giving my face and most importantly, giving Shanhai Streaming face.” Lan Xin said, “That’s why I say, how can he be someone difficult to work with when he worked so well with Director Zhu Mei and not a single bad rumor about him was heard?”

“True, he’s the noblest Sister Xiaofeng after all, how could he be bad?” Zhou Pu said in agreement, “I heard two months ago from Old Du’s film crew that He Guangyuan, he isn’t even a first-tier male lead in terms of status, right? And yet when he came to Hengdian to shoot, all the other members of the film crew lived in a four stars hotel but he not only lived in a five stars hotel, he also took three connected suits for himself… and that’s only for the living!”

“However, look at our Teacher Lu, he only needs a small suite. And I heard from Old Qiu that Teacher Ren, who plays the prefect, felt inconvenienced due to his old age so Chen Huan gave him his suit, which was the best, and moved to the corner room!”

“There’s also lunch, the previous film crew I had, I won’t say it was everyone but those young male or female leading roles, would they just casually eat something? It was six dishes and one soup or at least four dishes, one soup, they even needed a whole table for themselves. They were completely different from him and Bu Yiyi who just grab a lunch box and eat it.”

“If that wasn’t the case, would he be able to achieve what he had at only 16 years old?” Lan Xin expressed her agreement, “Would those show off and arrogant people able to go far?”

“That’s why our film crew is lucky!” Zhou Pu laughed, “Look, Shanhai Streaming spent a lot of money this time but it was definitely worth it! Another great series will appear in the industry of Chinese TV series!”

Lan Xin couldn’t hide her smile when she heard this.

‘Young Di Renjie’ was her script and was like her baby.

It would live up to her work if a godly TV series came out of it!

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