I Know Everything Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Shocking the spectators right at the gate!

Chen Huan was from Lin’an and Zhejiang but he had never been to Hengdian.

Well, not exactly right.

Chen Huan had been to Hengdian in his previous life. He stood on the street and took many pictures of celebrities as well as saw many filming shoots. It was very enjoyable.

In Hengdian, you would feel a bit that what happened in those movies and TV series were real and was completely different from watching it from the comfort of home.

This time, Chen Huan went there to shoot in a movie himself so the feeling was completely different.

It was noisy and people busying themselves everywhere.

Many actors ate like they were in a war as they needed to do things quickly so they could go into the next set.

There weren’t any free people even after arriving at the hotel as those that came in and out were mostly film crew.

It would be normal to see people go out at 11 or 12 pm to film.

Even if Shanhai Streaming had money and could book an entire hotel so that ‘Young Di Renjie’ crew could rest and prepare it in comfort, the hotels in Hengdian were full all year round and it was the case even for high class five stars hotels.

No hotel could help them even with that much money.

The person in charge of the accommodation had no choice but to go to the periphery of where they needed to film and book three stories of a four stars hotel for the actors and film crews to live.

Coming to Hengdian for Chen Huan was quite good.

There were too many celebrities here so when someone met Chen Huan here, they would just politely greet him ‘Teacher Lu’.

There were more fans crowded around Bu Yiyi than Chen Huan.

But if he went to the cities where students were, Chen Huan would be surrounded and unable to walk out anymore.

However, Chen Huan status was still quite high in the film crew.

Director Zhou Pu knew who was the main lead in the film crew and knew what was the main selling point of ‘Young Di Renjie’.

‘Young Di Renjie’ was a detective show and it was composed of short plots.

As long as the first story was filmed smoothly and after they gained more familiarity with everyone and more experience in this, the rest would be easier to do and they could proceed with the rest of the filming methodically.

In orders to give the actors more time to prepare, they sent the script as early as March.

When the crew just went together, Zhou Pu was worried that Chen Huan’s acting wasn’t good enough as he didn’t keep acting so his ability wasn’t good enough.

He was prepared to help Chen Huan improve his skill right at the beginning so he could perform great.

Then, Chen Huan still had the basis for starring in ‘Love Letter’.

Zhou Pu believed that Chen Huan who had starred in a literary movie like ‘Love Letter’ would be well received by the public and become a good actor.

However, when everyone had the meeting for the first time and discussed the plot, Chen Huan showed everyone a bit of his skills.

Chen Huan had memorized all the lines of the first story, ‘The Golden Hairpin Case’.

It wasn’t only his lines as he also memorized Bu Yiyi’s and the other characters’ line without missing a word.

Everyone present was stunned.

Zhou Pu took off his glasses and wiped them clean again and again but he didn’t come back to sense.

The screenwriter Lan Xin’s eyes lit up as she glanced at the script and then Chen Huan repeatedly. She couldn’t hide how excited and satisfied she was.

Bu Yiyi humphed.

She was from Huajin Opera and obviously how important it was to remember the lines.

She also attached a great importance to her lines as she memorized all her lines before coming here and gave quite a good performance.

Her attitude was very serious as Bu Yiyi always worked hard, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to become a Small Flower Dan in her teens just because she was a child star.

But it was a far cry compared to Chen Huan!

In Bu Yiyi’s memories, even the Heavenly Kings and Queens didn’t remember their lines to this point!

Maybe they would remember the lines of their partners and understand the characters but they would never clearly remember the lines of the supporting roles.

Chen Huan did so and remembered them clearly so he must have put a lot of effort in it.

As an actress in the industry, she knew this wasn’t something useless.

Every point would count as long as you worked hard.

Through such recitation, Chen Huan knew what he should say, do and also what his mood should be. It was also the same for his scene partner. He knew everything clearly.

All the details on how a scene should happen were played in his mind.

With this, he would be able to perform his role well and know how to adapt to the plot and cooperate with his partner of the scene when the filming started.

What else could go wrong with such an actor?

He would probably be the one that would make the least mistake in the entire casting!

So unique!

Bu Yiyi couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

How much had Chen Huan done since the Gala?

He didn’t only have to attend classes and study but also wrote songs for Han Dong’er, practice for basketball games and prepare for the IMO in July.

However, he was able to memorize all the actors’ lines for ‘The Golden Hairpin Case’ while being so busy.

She really couldn’t compare in terms of hard work.

“Chen Huan, did you memorize only the first story or did you memorize everything?” Lan Xin asked expectedly.

“I was quite busy recently so I only had time to memorize the first one.” Chen Huan said, “But since I’ve already started, it shouldn’t be a problem for the rest.”

The people looked at each other.

Only then they knew what a top student meant.

The top student used his ability to memorize and crush this bunch of school drags.


Zhou Pu slapped the table as he said, “With Teacher Lu’s ability and energy, this TV series is already guaranteed!”

There was a big smile as he spoke.

Although Chen Huan was Zhou Pu’s first choice for the male lead, what Zhou Pu really wanted was Chen Huan’s fame and his most handsome teenager’s face.

As long as he had those two aspects and even if ‘Young Di Renjie’ had to depend on the spectators under 22 years old, it could still crush other TV shows in terms of rating.

But Zhou Pu had greater ambition now.

‘Young Di Renjie’ not only had to be cool and overwhelm their same time slot rivals in ratings but also had to stun people with their acting!

Only this way he could show people he progressed after filming ‘Water Margin’.

This would be a TV series that would leave his mark in the history of TV series.

Chen Huan was also very satisfied with his own performance.

The Good Lord didn’t specifically enhance his memory but the ability it gave him helped with his memory.

For example, it was necessary to memorize a lot of words and common sentences in English, which required a good memory so ‘Advanced English (Beginner)’ enhanced Chen Huan’s memory.

Then Chen Huan also had ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’.

Mathematics was a subject that used logic and it had nothing to do with memory at first glance.

But if one looked deeper, the rigorous logical mind and inference of mathematics could help arrange the messy script lines and content so it would be easier to memorize it.

If the two were added together, Chen Huan was able to memorize the first story that contained tens thousands of words.

Of course, there would be errors if it was longer and it wouldn’t be as smooth as what he just did.

But this thing wasn’t as hard as people imagined.

In his original world, Rong Momo did the same when she rehearsed her lines.

If an elderly in her 60 or 70 could do it, what was so strange about Chen Huan doing it?

It depended on the man.

It was whether they were willing to put in the work!

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