I Know Everything Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Leader’s effect.

Before the exams’ in May, mid-June was the period the students were the most afraid of.

The high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination were equally as important. Both decided the student’s future school and could even decide their future.

After years of indoctrination by their parents, the students felt a lot of pressure from these two exams.

Chen Huan had long agreed with the principal that he had to leave school to go shooting.

As for the excuses, Principal Zhu Xiaoxi already found one for Chen Huan and it was that he had to participate in the IMO so he was directly exempted from the final exam.

With such straightforward reason, nobody could find fault in it.

Some of them would start preparing even earlier and even as soon as March or April. Those exams or studies weren’t as important as that.

Moreover, according to Chen Huan’s current achievements, he would be recruited by the mathematical department of those prestigious schools nine times out of ten so Virtuous Middle School didn’t have to worry that he would fail at all.

In fact, just after Virtuous Middle School won the high school basketball league in early May, the school put two posters reporting their win on their both gates with a close up of Chen Huan and the basketball team.

Chen Huan was obviously at the forefront and his heroic appearance made the girls scream.

At the beginning, all those posters were torn away and it was estimated they were all done by girls.

It wasn’t the girls from Virtuous Middle school but also girls from the nearby schools because security guards saw many girls with different school uniforms doing it.

When the security ran toward them to stop it, they screamed and dispersed but not before taking the torn posters away.

Zhu Xiaoxi was smart about it as he used those posters like propaganda as he made thousands of them and put it everywhere around the school.

So the past few days, the guards’ task was just to patrol around and replace any posters that had been taken.

So during their pause, those little girls could just openly take the posters and run away as they smiled.

With that, there was an endless stream of parents that came to the school to consult the admission requirements.

Most of them came because of Chen Huan.

Because the basketball game once proved the genius that was Chen Huan.

No matter what, Chen Huan achieved so many things as a student of Virtuous Middle School.

Those parents were willing to believe that Chen Huan was a genius and they were also willing to believe that the school had good teachers too.

People usually followed others blindly.

They would only see the first sheep going and ignore other things.

For example, they would point at Warren Buffett when trading stocks.

He had become one of the richest men by just speculating in stocks so they were thinking they could also do it but only to end up crying every night.

It was the same for studying.

Virtuous Middle School was the top brand as their genius surpassed both of those Second High and Senior High so Virtuous Middle School obviously held a higher status in the mind of the parents.

They didn’t dare to say Virtuous Middle School surpassed the three prestigious schools but it was at least comparable.

They could admit that they had less money and not as smart as the other but they would never admit that their child was worse than others!

So they wanted their children to enroll in Virtuous Middle School because they thought they would become the second Chen Huan.

Even if they couldn’t become Chen Huan, they would be satisfied if they could become a genius who was a little worse than Chen Huan under the guidance of the teachers of Virtuous Middle School.

So they came in droves.

In just one month, the number of students interested in applying for the exam reached more than 2000 and many of them came from other cities.

Principal Zhu Xiaoxi was a bit overwhelmed.

The high school had 9 classes per grade and each class had 45 students for a total of only 405 students.

200 people would be selected by drawing but the rest was via enrollment.

Of course, many of the students that were in the lottery last years were unwilling to come as they preferred to go to the prestigious schools or in the top ten or twenty schools in Lin’an.

High school that barely reached the top 30 like Virtuous Middle School couldn’t be said to be bad but they were just average.

Now it was said that many students that were in the lottery this year wanted to try to get into Virtuous Middle School so the remaining 205 spots would be given to the 2000 candidates, which meant the admission rate would be very low.

Zhu Xiaoxi originally planned to hang up the banner “Our second year student Chen Huan is the captain of our Chinese IMO team and will lead the team to compete in the IMO, let’s wish them success!” after the college entrance examination.

After seeing this situation, Zhu Xiaoxi felt frustrated and wondered if there would be too many people and they wouldn’t be able to handle it.

So when Chen Huan went to him to ask for a leave, Zhu Xiaoxi consulted Chen Huan about this matter.

Chen Huan answer was, “Are you afraid of big eaters when you open a restaurant? We can use this to optimize our resources for the students and take in better students!”

When Zhu Xiaoxi heard that, he thought, a genius is really a genius as he immediately got the point.

What did a school hope for?

Wasn’t it good students?

Now they had 2000 students to choose from and even more in the future, couldn’t they just pick the good ones?

With better students, he would allocate more resources to the teachers so he could get better ones and then in a few years, wouldn’t Virtuous Middle School better and emerge as one of the best?

Thinking of this, Zhu Xiaoxi excitedly started to prepare for the promotion in July.

As for the college entrance exam in June…

That was secondary.

For Zhu Xiaoxi, the college entrance exam in June wasn’t important but for Chen Huan, it was something he cared about.

The two third years School Flowers, Li Miao and Di Xiaoling, were very close to him and had also helped him any times before.

Although they would go their separate way from next month onward just like the previous year’s School Flowers and he didn’t know whether he would meet them in the future, he still appreciated the feeling they had for him.

So in March, Chen Huan helped them with their math and successfully taught them some knowledge.

He took the last decade college entrance exams in Zhejiang and sorted the elements in the paper in just one day.

With Chen Huan’s mathematics skills, his tutoring for high school students was surprisingly quite effective.

In May, Li Miao and Di Xiaoling’s math improved a lot as they tried the math exams from other provinces and improved fifteen to twenty points.

Those amount of points shouldn’t be underestimated as a single point could fail hundreds of people in the exams, let alone so many points.

It wasn’t just Chen Huan as he also had ‘Advanced Physic (Beginner)’ and ‘Advanced English (Beginner) so in his spare time, he would also impart some knowledge to them in these areas.

However, the two girls took liberal arts so physics was useless to them but English was very useful.

Chen Huan’s may be only at Beginner level but it was advanced one so it had already reached the level of college graduates. Even if it couldn’t give the two girls full confidence like mathematics, it would still benefit them greatly.

Chen Huan already did as much as he could, the rest depended on God’s will.

But this also inspired Chen Huan.

He could have a meeting with the School Flowers after he came back from shooting and tutor them.

This way of advance preparation would have better effect than cramming it at the last moment.

It was certainly not because he wanted to cultivate a deeper relation with them so he could take them home.

He just wanted to repay them the help they gave!

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