I Know Everything Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Extremely Popular Theater Piece!

It was mid-May.

The film version of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ started to officially shoot in May.

However, the theater version already started open and it was half a month earlier than expected.

The reason was that progress was very fast once the actors were committed.

This kind of story was very appealing to begin with and the actors were more likely to immerse in it after the adaptation and regard themselves as the character of the book.

The substitution model was the norm in theater so their actors could give much better performance than their usual counterpart in TV or movie.

There were three halls in Beihua and they would use the biggest of them all for the performance venue as it could accommodate one thousand people. This showed the importance they attached to ‘Miracle in cell No.7’.

One should know that it was only the everlasting best plays that were usually played in the main hall.

Those new plays would generally be tested out on the small halls at the right and left. Only by testing it they would know if it was good or not and decide the fate of it.

However, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ wasn’t tested in them and directly made its way to the main hall.

The first performance of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was packed full and the cheapest seat that cost 180 yuan was priced at 580 by resellers!

During the two hours performance, sobbing sounds started to be heard in the main hall and the sounds never stopped until the end.

When the audience came, there was no one who didn’t have red eyes and it was the case even for elderly, they all cried regardless of their status in society.

After three days of performance, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was rated as highly as 9.5/10 by the audience. It was the most popular and the highest rated play amongst the new plays created in the last two decades!

It was a very high honor as many excellent and sensational plays were created in the last two decades.

The fact that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ could gain such a reputation in such a short time, it meant it was just that good!

They were going to try it for 10 days at first but seeing the popularity of it, the director of Beihua decided they would play it for 30 days straight!

But they didn’t expect that as soon as the news came out, their phone line would be blown up.

Those that called weren’t thanking them in excitement but they were dissatisfied people who called to scold them.

They were all fans of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ from other cities.

Why do you keep performing in Huajin and not come to our places!?

Are you looking down on us people and don’t want our money?!


Because there were too many angry people and started to make noise online, the people from Beihua started to have a meeting to make a decision.

They would perform in Huajin for ten days like they planned originally before going to Jingwei, then go south to Quancheng, Jiangye, Huhai, Lin’an and other first or two tier cities.

Three performances were scheduled for each city.

But their theater also had a B-lineup, which were the substitutes.

When the A lineup goes on the road to perform, the B lineup would take their places and continue to perform ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in the left hall of Beihua Theater. This was the small hall with 600 seats. They would try out their acting before deciding whether they would perform in the main hall.

If the performance of B lineup was also up to part, they would perform another 10 days in Huajin before also going on the road.

In that way, it would take them almost three months to tour all the second-tier cities.

This was the most they could do.

After they announced their plans, most fans were satisfied by it.

As for third-tier cities, there was no way for them to go as the cities didn’t even have a theater so they couldn’t do their job well.

Then Chen Huan received a call from Fan Dan, the vice president of Beihua, she excitedly told Chen Huan that I continued to do well, they would plan another tour at the end of the year and the total box office for all the performances would reach 50 million!

It was a very rare sum in the history of Beihua.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ should be the number one in box office for Beihua if they didn’t take inflation into account of inflation.

If they could lay a good foundation for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it would be like the other classic theater plays as they would take it out to play every two years.

From then on, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ could contribute to the development of Beihua for the next decades or hundred years.

It was an evergreen tree!

If that really happened, Fan Dan, as the one who obtained it, would definitely become the president after the appropriate time.

Chen Huan didn’t know about those complicated company matters but he was pleased that the theater piece was so popular.

He also learned that the tickets for the three performances in Lin’an were already sold out.

Had it been not for Fan Dan who left him 50 tickets in advance, he would have no way to watch, let alone take his relative or friends to it.

However, according to the date of the performance, Chen Huan would have left to film ‘Young Di Renjie’ when ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would be played in Lin’an.

Chen Huan didn’t go to watch the piece but Zhu Mei, who was shooting a movie version of it, took the cast and other members of the crew to watch all three performances.

According to their feedback, it was well done.

Whether it was the main characters or supporting ones, they all left a vivid image and expressed their emotion well.

Even He Kangxin, Jiang Shiyu and Masato Naito, who didn’t understand Chinese, felt emotion from it and took it seriously.

For almost all actors, the performance of those theater actors were a source of inspiration but also pressure.

Only two people felt completely different when watching it.

One of them was obviously Guo Hang as he was completely immersed into his role. He watching the performance in a daze and would sometime even do stupid thing.

This was nothing as he couldn’t take care of himself usually as he had the intelligence of a 6 years old child so he had forgotten to do many things.

This made both Zhu Mei happy and frightened. She was afraid that Guo Hang would have to go to a mental hospital after he was done filming.

The second one was Yang Shu.

She watched the three performances with a smile on her face without any hint of sadness. Even after seeing the separation between the father and daughter and seeing the grown up Li Yiyuan vindicating her father, her emotion didn’t fluctuate at all.

This was also abnormal.

Zhu Mei was a little worried so she told Chen Huan that she wanted Yang Shu’s mother, who was accompanying the film crew, to take her to a psychiatrist to see if the little girl had any mental illness.

Chen Huan agreed with Zhu Mei caution but the results showed that she was fine and didn’t have any problem.

Chen Huan felt it was quite interesting.

These results may be showing two probabilities.

The first was that Yang Shu didn’t take the roles seriously at all and took this as a game.

The second was Yang Shu was deeply into it, her way wasn’t the usual immersion but the emotion control and that she would let it all out when it was the time.

Chen Huan hoped it was the second one.

In that case, they would probably see the birth of a heavenly queen in another twenty years.

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