I Know Everything Chapter 251

Chapter 251: A Heavenly King in a supporting role!

There are people in a world, where people are, there are disputes, with dispute, there are grievances.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ started their preparation in March.

Because the prison they wanted to build was much bigger than the one expected, Zhu Mei requested Shanhai Streaming to speed up the process and try to complete it before April.

The main body of the prison was three buildings of three floors that weren’t connected to each other. It was made to accommodate 1.000 people so they must take into account some things such as workspace, canteen or workout etc…

With this, the entire prison may cover 50 acres and take two months to complete. The manpower and material would cost a lot.

Generally, it would cost three times more than doing it in half a month.

But Zheng Rongrong didn’t care about this as she only cared about the quality of ‘Miracle in cell No.7’.

The more real Zhu Mei made the prison, the more people would feel the realness from the movie and the more people would praise ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Although Zhu Mei told Zheng Rongrong that the movie would definitely make a profit, Zheng Rongrong didn’t care whether she made a profit from it or not.

What she wanted was the fame and the honor so her Shanhai Streaming could break the shackles of a video streaming website away and truly become an entertainment company in front of the public.

Zhu Mei already told her of her plans. ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’strived to go to VeniceFilm Festival in August, to the Busan Film Festival in September and to the Edo International Film Festival in October.

They expected to get the best awards in at least two film festivals and maybe in all three.

Zhu Mei was so confident not because of arrogance but based on her own ability.

It also suited the tastes of the judges etc… so ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ wouldn’t lag behind other no matter what angles.

If that really happened, Shanhai Streaming would be super nutty!

They just distributed ‘Love Letter’ as the copyright was owned by Zhu Mei and the others but ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was something they invested in and produced so all the honor belonged to them.

Such a result would rank them as the number one of the country and even the achievements of the literary film made by Hao He weren’t that great.

Hao He’s work won a Golden Lion Award in Venice Film Festival but when was it?

How old was Zhu Mei now? The two couldn’t be compared?

Not to mention that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was more suitable for today’s people and for the audience, it was also much more suitable than Hao He’s films.

Now they made a name, with an unlimited amount of money at hand and also the support of the theater chain. Would they still have to worry that actors wouldn’t come to star in their movies?

It was a no brainer!

However, Zheng Rongrong knew it was impossible for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ to not make any profit.

Those publishers in Japan and Korea already came to talk to her and this time agreed to give 35% share to Shanhai Streaming which was higher than ‘Love Letter’.

Generally speaking, getting 30% in a foreign market was already very kind.

Before 2012, Hollywood blockbuster movies only got 25% in China.

But it depended on what movie.

Movies like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ had the support of those book fans. It was sure that the box-office and reviews would be great so unless they came up with good conditions, why would the producers give you the right to distribute and make money?

So those publishers from Japan and Korea gave 5% more to Shanhai Streaming to reassure them.

Of course, the box office shares of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in Japan and Korea had risen to 40% now.


It had risen to 40% before it even started to shoot.

The reason lied in the casting choice of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Zhu Mei was willing to listen to Chen Huan’s suggestion, especially good ones.

Such as when Chen Huan asked her to choose actors from Japan and Korea which allowed better actors and also increased the box office. Zhu Mei listened to it.

So before she chose the protagonist of the movie, she let out some news to the Japanese and Korean media.

“Although it’s not possible to choose actors from Japan/Korea for the role of protagonist in the Chinese version of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it was still possible to cast them for the five supporting roles.”

As soon as she said this, she received positive responses from the actors of those countries.

In particular, Korea’s National Treasure Jiang Shiyu, who told her last year that he was willing to take any role, was the first who called her.

Fortunately, Zhu Mei knew English or they wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other.

Jiang Shiyu was very sincere as he didn’t care about the pay as long as they took care of his accommodation but he wanted guarantee he would play one of the five big supporting roles as it would be meaningless to play the other due to the few scenes.

In return, he actively would promote ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in Korea and swore to not disappoint the director’s trust in him as he would give his best acting performance.

How could Zhu Mei hesitate in front of such a generous offer?

Director Zhu, who had already considered him before, notified Jiang Shiyu if he wanted the role of the hard surface but tender heart gang leader.

Jiang Shiyu agreed and then in the afternoon, he posted the book cover of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ on his social media to announce his casting of this role.

Jiang Shiyu had more than 5 million fans in Korea.

Everyone was excited when they heard the news and said they would watch his performance on it.

They wanted to see how Jiang Shiyu was going to portrait a criminal and outperform the other actors.

Jiang Shiyu was the first big actor to be announced in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

But long after, the 64 years old national treasure of Korea He Kangxian as he posted on his social media his grinning expression as he showed the signed book of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ accompanied with a shot text.

“Hello everyone, I’ll be Director Zhang Minhuan!”

The fans from Korea got even more excited.

Two of them!

There were actually two Korea actors participating in the adaptation of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it was great!

“Chu Liuxiang Oppa must love Korea a lot, right? Is he a Korean Native in China? Why would the first he do is to choose two actors from Korea?”

“Hehe, you still say that? Don’t you know which country it was first released?”

“After this decision by Chu Liuxiang Oppa, I’ll definitely watch it three times and post the proof online!”

“I’ll do it five times! I can’t get enough of He Kangxin and Jiang Shiyu!”

“I was thinking that wouldn’t it be hilarious if the actors from China and Japan were suppressed by our two Heavenly King?”

“Hahaha, you’re right, I’ll definitely go watch it!”


Seeing the Korea people happily discussing it, the other actors were getting anxious, especially the Japanese actors.

What’s going!?

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ sold well in Korea but it sold even better in Japan!

We claimed 100 million of those book fans!

How come those actors from Korea had already been casted but no moves was made for their Japanese Heavenly Kings?

They have to get moving!

But they didn’t stay anxious for long.

On the next day, Japan’s Masato Naito, known as Steelman, posted a picture of himself with Zhu Mei.

“Thank you Director Zhu for your appreciation, I’ll be the pervert criminal Jiang Wanfan!”

The Japanese was stunned as they saw Masato’s smiling face.

What’s going on!?

Why did the Japan national treasure level actor Masato Naito take such a role?

It would be alright if he took the model prisoner, scammer or the aggressive prisoner!

Why did he take a role so different from his personality and usual role!?


But it didn’t matter that much. Masato was one of their best and it wouldn’t be a problem for him to beat the two actors from Korean and kick the Chinese actors.

How much honor would that be if they watched the movie and the best performing actors was their Masato?

Japanese fans couldn’t help but feel very happy at the news.

The publishers from Korea and Japan also saw such a strong casting and thought this would definitely attract the people from their country to go to the theater so they gave 40% shares.

Such cooperation was unprecedented.

At the same time, it put a huge pressure on Chinese actors!

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