I Know Everything Chapter 250

Chapter 250: The great mathematician forging ahead.

When Chen Huan said he was addicted to studies, it wasn’t really an excuse.

He had been studying his English and physics a lot recently.

After obtaining ‘Advanced Physics (Beginner)’ and ‘Advanced English (Beginner)’, he still needed to read a lot of books and do a lot of exercise in order to meet the needs of the college entrance exams.

The college entrance exams in China were a bit weird.

For example, people from Britain, USA or other countries that had English as their mother tongue came here to do the exams but most of them couldn’t get the full marks.

It had a lot of vocabulary and other knowledge points but there was also smoothing else. The English test in China was very Chinese like and was fundamentally different from the English test abroad.

Although it was very possible for Chen Huan to be admitted directly into the three prestigious schools, Chen Huan still felt he must improve.

Learning English wasn’t only useful to communicate with foreigners but also very useful in many situations in China.

Knowledge wasn’t something that would weigh down on a body but instead give more ability to one body.

Having said that, they couldn’t enroll Chen Huan just because he was a great mathematician but there was an opportunity.

That was the IMO held in Los Angeles.

If he won the competition, the prestigious schools would have sufficient reasons to directly enroll him as it was recognized by the highest educational system.

It was early May and the IMO would begin in two months.

According to the previous years, the six members in the national team would go to Huajin for a final preparation and training but Chen Huan already told them he would only come when it was time to depart.

The director in charge of this IMO’s team felt some headache over this but Chang Guangcheng and Yu Dingbian, two big mathematicians, both agreed with Chen Huan’s decision so the director could only let it go.

If they thought about it, Chen Huan placed at the first place for 14 days consecutively so should be able to secure a full score for them.

The most important thing now wasn’t to make the strong contestant stronger but to better those that were lacking so their weakest member could get a few more points.

They were confident to increase those weak chicken points by three to five but could they improve Chen Huan who was already a full mark contestant? Could even improve him by 0.1 point?

Besides, Chen Huan was a world renowned mathematician and was highly praised by world-class mathematicians abroad. If he failed in a small thing like the IMO, wouldn’t it be a joke?

Chen Huan didn’t want some preferential treatment but he promised to film ‘Young Di Renjie’ once he was on vacation.

The princess gave him 50 million to have him act in the movie so he should take it seriously no matter what, right?

Otherwise, the next time he inexplicably offended the Good Lord, who was he going to look for 50 or 100 million?

He needed a super tycoon in critical time!

So Chen Huan had to give his best for this TV show.

He had been watching Di Renjie’s biography, books about him, TV reportage on his various judgments.

Of course, he also recalled the TV shows ‘Amazing Detective Di Renjie’ and ‘Young Justice Bao’ he saw before as precisely as possible.

Although he couldn’t recall the plot precisely, he still could use those famous scenes for reference.

For example, Shui Qianyu recently saw Chen Huan walking around the backyard while wearing ancient costume chanting poems from time to time and talking to himself.

Shui Qianyu felt weird even though she knew he was preparing for shooting. She feared Chen Huan would get too deep into the character.

Of course, Chen Huan wouldn’t get too deep into the role as he had the experience of traveling alternate worlds and also the logical mind he got from the mathematical ability he received from the Good Lord so he was always clear minded.

This also destined Chen Huan to not be a great actor. Fortunately, Chen Huan was young and could gain the love of the audience by the virtue of his appearance.

For a seventeen- eighteen years old protagonist, it was impossible for the audience to ask him to have the acting skills of the likes of Sun Dahe, Jin Weijie or Ma Xing.

It would be enough as long as his acting skills were decent and looked good enough.

Anyway, this kind of young TV series didn’t attract the attention of those middle aged people.

Back to studying.

Chen Huan increased the frequencies of the emails he exchanged with Professor Devries and the others.

The mathematical scene felt greatly encouraged after ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ was proved.

Everyone felt that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ had reached a critical juncture after that ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ was proved.

At this moment, Chen Huan proposed ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ which was ‘elliptic curves in the field of rational numbers are all modular curves’.

This kind of abstract conjecture wasn’t understood by most mathematicians.

But Chen Huan wanted them to be confused, otherwise how was he going to show the proof of his progress?

He began to quote a lot of data, began to explain the reason for this conjecture and then put forward one very inspiring argumentation point after another.

Under his guidance, more and more mathematicians entered this subject and studied this conjecture with Chen Huan.

They realized that as long as ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ could be proven, a floodgate would be open.

In a way, all Chen Huan’s ideas proposed was directed at ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

However, it was too difficult to prove the conjecture.

Just mentioned before, many mathematicians didn’t understand it so how were they going to prove it?

Chen Huan was also aware of that.

The mathematicians from his original world all stood on the shoulders of their predecessors before building the pyramid step by step before Professor Wiles finally proved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

There was no ‘Frege’s Proposition’ or ‘Taniyama-Shimura Theorem’.

The key to solving the ‘Taniyama-Shimura Theorem’, the Euler System also didn’t exist.

But Chen Huan possessed the most complete proof of ‘Fermat’s Theorrem’ so he could use the Euler System.

In the past two months, Chen Huan mainly taught it to Devries and the rest about his ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ and epileptic curve. (Chen Huan’s Algorithm = Euler System)

The Euler System was an algorithm that had long been proven to be a key point in his past world so after a dozen emails exchanged, video conference and dozens of calls, everyone started to accept ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ and began their effort to prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’.

Of course, it was impossible for them to prove it yet.

Because there was another important theory Chen Huan didn’t reveal.

It was the famous ‘Iwasaki Theory’.

(Please visit the Wikipedia page of the theory if you want to know more because I ain’t translating all that math explanation about Iwasaki Theory and how Wiles used it to prove the Taniyama-Shimura Theorem, which is around two hundreds words about it)

Operating in a reasonable time, Chen Huan planned to take out ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ which was ‘Iwasaki Theory’ at the second half of this year to further expand the people’s thought on it.

Otherwise, wouldn’t people start to have some doubts if he popped conjecture and theory one after another?

Only now where everyone discussed and worked on it that it would seem less abrupt when Chen Huan pushed forward the theory and algorithm.

He could give out the excuse that he was inspired by the other mathematicians and people would be more willing to believe it because dozens of mathematicians participated in it and would be quite upset if they learned they didn’t contribute anything.

Moving forward step by step was the most important thing for Chen Huan to prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ without any problem.

But in the eyes of Professor Devries and others, Chen Huan progressed at a very fast pace as the frequency Chen Huan’s inspiration was stimulated was very impressive.

For a young man like that, except the word genius to describe him, they didn’t know which other word to use.

Many mathematicians sent emails to Chen Huan in hope that Chen Huan would come to their university after finishing high school.

They would provide him with the best scholarship and the best facilities so he could study ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ with peace of mind.

They understood with Chen Huan’s talent and youth, they didn’t dare to say three or five but they were quite certain that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would be proved in eight to ten years.

The honor was quite different if the scientist that proved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ came from their university.

Who wouldn’t love to study in their university at that time?

It would certainly add more luster to their names.

But Chen Huan didn’t agree to their invitation.

It wasn’t because Chang Guangcheng and Yu Dingbian always told Chen Huan that studying at home was better than studying abroad but because Chen Huan didn’t intend to prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ in university.

He would reveal ‘Iwasaki theory’ in the second half of this year and prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ at the end of this year. Then, he will prove the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ next year’s March or April.

Aunty Zhang once said that it was better to become famous as soon as possible.

High school student completing ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was definitely more shocking than a university student.

Doesn’t the Good Lord like this kind of thing?

The genius it wants to nurture should be like that!

Maybe I will get more rewards for doing so!

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